Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision Review 2020

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Everyone wants to have a clean glowing face but not everyone can afford the cost of expensive treatments. That’s why laser hair removal devices are getting so popular with time. They are cost effective and can be done by anyone in the comfort of home. Tria precision is one of the most popular and best devices available, In this post we will be reviewing the available models in the market and help you in choosing the right one that suits your skin and hair.

You could be either of these: you have already made your mind to buy Tria precision or Tria 4x. You are tired and not satisfied with your last device and so looking for a new option. In both cases, Tria precision review is an appropriate choice. Everyone has given it high star rating on Amazon and many a times dermatologists themselves have suggested this device for people who wish to get rid of hair permanently. 

Tria Beauty Precision System

The latest version by Tria called the Tria Beauty precision was created keeping in mind that many people use the device at sensitive parts of their body. The earlier version Tria 4x was an instant hit among people which is why Tria has created the precision system that has great features and is also very compact yet ergonomic. 

We understand it doesn’t look good to have a mustache or hair across the chin. There are many who would love this device as now it can be used with ease over sensitive areas. 

Unboxing Tria Beauty Precision 

Once you unbox tria beauty precision from the box, you will notice the compact design which is very user friendly. You will hear a beep and that means it’s now active. To begin the process, you need to place the device over your skin so that it can sense the skin tone and adjust itself accordingly. This way it will unlock itself. This process enables safety and is one of the USPs of Tria Beauty Precision. 

You will see there are three settings of treatment represented by little dots. You can overlap areas wherever you see there are missing patches. In the chart below, you will be able to see the treatment setting for the particular skin color. 

Tria Precision for Face & Beauty

As we mentioned earlier, Tria precision has been made keeping in mind the application at sensitive areas. This is one of the reasons why the device has a small treatment area. The narrow treatment area also enables it to have a laser and flash of light which should be as close to the skin as possible. When using the device, make sure to wear safety glasses. 

Unlike the laser treatment where you have to devote a lot of your time to go out and get it done, Tria precision works quickly. 

Tria Hair Removal - Fast Results

If you opt for a proper hair removal treatment, it will cost you time and money. With Tria hair removal laser precision, you can do everything quickly. You can use the device once every two weeks and keep using it monthly as and when you see there is very slight difference visible. Usually, you will have to regularly use it for 3 months before getting to see major differences.

Specifications that matter in Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision

  1. 1
    Small treatment window
  2. 2
    Portable and lightweight
  3. 3
    Slim and ergonomic

What areas can you treat with Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision:-

  • Bikini region
  • Fingers and toes
  • Underarms
  • Sideburns
  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Lip area

Tria Beauty Precision laser Hair Removing with Calming Gel

Chances are that you will experience pain if it’s your first time using a laser hair removal. Since the laser works by penetrating and destroying the follicle which is deep in the skin. This pain can be thought of as a bee sting pain but you shouldn’t be afraid since the results are quite rewarding.

You can use the calming gel with Tria beauty precision laser hair removal device. The gel has been made so that you experience less pain the skin recovers fast. If you want to know the process and better alternatives to such devices then you can read more about laser hair removal here

Unisex Tria Beauty Hair Removal 

Tria precision comes in two colors: Dove and Blossom. The reason there are these two colors are because even Men use hair removal devices. Men may be comfortable using dove gray while women may be happy using blossom. 

Ergonomics plays an important role when using any device that comes in contact with our skin. One of the selling features of Tria Beauty Hair removal is that it has a very narrow head size enabling you to move it around the sensitive body parts very easily. If you used any cheap hair removal devices then you may have noticed how difficult it is to cover sensitive areas. 

Tria 4x Vs Tria Beauty Precision

The original tria 4x was designed keeping in mind the speed with which it use to operate. You can use it across legs, arms and back very quickly. You even had multiple color options and since it was a more intense device, it had 4x in the name. While Tria precision has been made for people who shall use it at more sensitive areas like face, bikini line and underarms. Tria precision has a very narrow treatment window and less color options.

Tria 4x had a battery life of 30 minutes on a single charge while Precision has a battery life of only 15 minutes. In terms of pain, every person has a different threshold for pain and thus it’s very subjective but since Tria precision works on sensitive areas, you may feel more pain compared to tria 4x. 


Q. How long should I charge the device?

A. Tria Precision takes 2 hours to charge completely and gives you 15 minutes of application time while Tria 4x takes 2 hours but works for 30 minutes on a full charge.

Q. Is using calming gel necessary?

A. It is not necessary but since using laser devices causes pain, it’s always recommended to use a calming gel to reduce the pain.

Q. How frequently can i use the device?

A. You can use it once every two weeks. You will be able to see massive changes 3 months after using it at a certain area.

Q. Is it good for my skin?

A. If you have a dark-brown or black skin tone then you may not find the device helpful but it does the best job of removing hairs from the root.

Q. Will I get a scar on my skin?

A. No, you are not going to get any scar over your skin. 


You may be still confused over both the options available and this you can simply make a decision based on the following:

  • What is your budget?
  • Where will you be using the hair removal device?

In terms of budget, Tria precision is cheaper but it works better for sensitive areas and also is compatible for travelling. For people who just want a general laser hair removal device, you can opt for Tria 4x which has better battery life and has the edge of speed. 

Overall Rating:

4.8 / 5





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