Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System Review

Are you looking for an ideal solution for your unwanted hair?

You have gone through a lot of pain and have not been able to find the best solution to permanently, cheaply and without any side effects. We believe that The Remington Eye light Ultra is the ultimate solution to all your hair problems. It is a laser based hair removal device and which is why it’s also featured in our list of the Top 8 Best at home Laser hair removal devices.

What is Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body Epilator? 

Released by the FDA, Remington iLite Ultra is equipped with the latest IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) technology. In addition, this is the fastest and safest hair removal device. Remington iLight has significantly better operating speed that other devices and works of any hair density.

Regular use of it will make you hair-free.We believe it’s a very effective, inexpensive and very user-friendly hair removal system, with permanent results tailored to women and men.

Remington has a good reputation in the market and with continued success and many ladies loving their product, it’s now one of the most popular and trusted brands. In the UK and Europe, the iLight IPL 6780 has been on the market for some time and everyone is loving it so far in the reviews. There were multiple models launched in 2016 and all of them continue to thrive in the market.

The three models in the market are the iLite IPL 6500, IPL 6750 and IPL 6250.

The most effective options for Americans are a iLight Ultra and the classic iLight Pro and iLight Specialized Plus quartz models. While in Great Britain and Europe, people prefer IPLight IPL 6780, IPL 6750, intense pulsed light 6500 and IPL 6250. These devices are manufactured by Spectrum Brands, Inc. and marketed worldwide by Remington.

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Over the years, the design of the models has been similar and the life of the lamp has improved. Before making a purchase, testing and comparing alternatives will help you make the right choice.


Remington iLight Ultra has the most user-friendly design, something that as a user you’re going to love holding it running across your body. It also comes with a 1.7-meter thick wire that remains intact. Remington iLight Ultra has a study built base unit and fully supports and protects the top, making it easy to handle and store when on the go. The ergonomic rod is lightweight making it a breeze for you to handle and operate at any region of your body.

Who is this product for?

Which girl likes unwanted hairs on her body parts as it can leave us feeling restless and frustrated.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the showbiz industry or a simple woman working at home, as girls we love to look clean. This product works on every hair type and you can operate it on face and body hair as the title suggests. Don’t worry about the hair density as it can take it all.

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Remington iLight Ultra Home Remedy is nothing short of occupational therapy. Medical treatment is impossible for everyone, and hair removal devices like Remington iLight Ultra make your life easier and more wonderful.

Several incredible features and benefits which even earlier models like iLight Pro plus Quarto movement and iLight Pro have is a 2 cm flash window which makes it suitable for you to use on the neck down.

Another factor is that it’s not expensive and so there are different prices in different countries.

If you are in the UK and Europe, the IPL6250 would be the best choice. Additionally, the iLight IPL6780 and IPL 6750 are available in the UK, Europe, and Canada at similar costs. If you stay in the USA, the iLight Ultra is an ideal choice for you.

Benefits of using Remington iLight Ultra


Easy to use

As you can see, the design is made so that the handle fits very easily in your hands which means you can easily run the device across the contours of your body. With its inbuilt skin tone sensor and light indicator in place, you will have a better visibility of how the device operates. If you are a traveller, just wrap the wire around and store the device. It fits easily.


No Pain

As girls, we often don’t like hair removal devices that cause any form of pain. Since we use these devices at private parts as well, we love painless devices and for that matter, you will like the Remington iLight ultra for not only is it totally painless but its contact sensor will always help you know if you should or shouldn’t operate over a part. In case, you are hesitant then you can always control the intensity level of the flashes to lessen down on any pain.


Cord and Weight

This comes with a cord which means you can travel around and not worry about any battery discharge, just plug and use. The device weighs 4.8 pounds, which isn’t very heavy as you won’t need it quite often in weeks or even months.



It comes with a skin tone sensor which can be determined using a flash light. You can’t go ahead with the device unless the indicator bulb turns green which means the device won’t be rough but rather go smooth as it has already detected the area. This is a great feature since you will always know if the skin tone is suitable to be operated using the device.


For Men and Women

The device can be easily used by both men and women. Although it works best on medium and lighter skin tone with dark hairs. If you have light colored hairs then don’t expect great results. For ladies, you can use the device for underarms, bikini line (read our exclusive guide on 13  Best Bikini Trimmers), behind the neck area in just a minute. Though make sure, when operating on private areas, adjust the intensity level to what suits you.


Permanent Results

Yes, results are permanent! but to make them permanent, you need to treat your skin at least three to four times with the device. Since it works on IPL which is a light that actually penetrates the skin tone and heat the follicles, you need to operate a region a few times before you start to see a reduced growth.

As per proven results, after third treatment, you can expect 94% less hair. Also the best part is the window of its operating head is 50% larger which means better treatment. All the hairs in the treated region come off within 8-9 days.

Pros  of Remington iLight Ultra

  • Larger Head Size – Since the head size of the device is larger, around 3 cm. It means in one go, it can cover a large chunk of your skin area. If you were to use the device for your underarms, it will take just 10-12 pulse light which is massive when you compare with other competitors like Tria Laser Precision that takes 100 pulses for the same region. 

  • FDA Cleared Device – Safety is a high priority for us since we use the device across our body parts. Remington iLight Ultra has been cleared by the FDA that makes it safe for consumer use.

  • Extra Attachments – The device comes with the must needed attachments which allow you to use the device at your upper lips, chin, neck and cheek area. One if a body cap which has a 3 sq cm window and flashes every 3 second( suitable for underarms, bikini line and other areas), the other is a facial cap which has a 2 sq cm window and flashes every 4 seconds(suitable for cheeks, chin and upper lips).

  • Replaceable Cartridge – Since Remington iLight is an IPL device, it has a limited number of flashes that can be produced. Once over, you can easily buy a new cartridge. You can replace the default one with Quartz Bulb SP65B which will give you 65,000 flashes. Since it comes with a quartz bulb, it’s better than the old versions which would burn out with prolonged usage.

  • Less Pain – Although pain is a factor which is dependent on multiple factors, expect the pain to be less with the remington IPL ilight ultra. Pain is just a signal that your follicle is getting heated up which means the hair will come off.

Cons of Remington iLight Ultra

  • Heavy Device – The device weighs 4.8 pounds and appears to be bulky. Since it has two pieces, the handle and the machine itself. Expect it to be slightly heavy. If you are a frequent traveller then you may want to use it at your home before moving out. 

  • Not Suitable For Brown Skin Tone – If you are someone with fitzpatrick skin type IV then you may not find great results with the device. This doesn’t mean it won’t work, it’s just that you will need more number of treatment sessions to permanently remove hair. It won’t work very smoothly over light, grey and white hair skin types.

  • Won’t Work Over Tattoos – If you have a tattooed skin then the skin tone sensor won’t let you proceed with treatment of hair removal on that area.

  • Replacement Cartridge is Expensive – The replacement cartridge Quartz Bulb SP65B costs around 150$ which is very expensive.

Better alternatives to Remington iLight Ultra 

Though there are a few other alternatives in the market. You can select any device which gives you faster speed and multiple or more functional features than the remington.

The closest alternatives are:–


The Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 5 is a premium alternative readily available worldwide. It is available in the USA and Canada at a similar price but it is much more expensive in Australia. You can view an upgraded ergonomic hand-held layout and is mains-powered.

Among its features is the limited skin tone sensor which can help you prevent using it on regions where you shouldn’t . It’s quick and easy because it checks and determines the optimum intensity level of your skin before using. It’s also much faster than the ilight. You can finish removing hairs on a leg in under 10 minutes vs 15+ with the ilight. If it’s in your budget I strongly recommend the Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert.

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Smoothskin Bare is another alternative which is new in the market. It’s available in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK at the same price. It is lightweight, comes with unlimited flashes & does superfast treatment speed like it can remove hairs of a full leg in just 4 mins.

Though fairly new, speed is the USP of smoothskin bare which gives it an edge over Remington iLight. It’s ideal if you happen to be busy (or lazy) and want to get the work done in a flash. Also it comes with a 90-day money-back offer.