How Safe is Laser Hair Removal?

How Safe is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a very reliable and authentic way of removing hair; it is long-lasting and goes directly to the hair follicles.

We should note that every laser hair removal contains chemicals and these chemicals are released in form of toxins into the air and sometimes it is seen that when using laser hair removal it brings out this foul smelling black smoke, so generally, it is researched that laser hair removal is not particularly very harmful when used in the proper way. 

When seeking laser hair removal in Dallas, it’s crucial to select a reputable and regulated spa or salon for the procedure. Choosing an approved establishment with trained professionals ensures a safe and effective experience, minimizing the risk of any unfortunate incidents during the treatment. Laser hair removal is a highly technical method for removing unwanted hair, and prioritizing a certified facility guarantees peace of mind throughout the process.

It has also been researched that no serious health implications have been recorded. Serious illnesses such as cancer have not been documented, so for people who fear that the toxins released can lead to cancer or other serious health implications, they should rest assured that it is safe.

However, care should be taken for people with life threatening illnesses, for instance ailments such as asthma, heart diseases and eye defects should consult their physician before using this sort of hair removal. Some studies have shown that when an asthmatic person uses laser hair removal, some dust particles released into the air can be inhaled, which can irritate or disturb the airways.

Also, for people who have a form of skin disease, it may be advisable to seek the recommendation of a dermatologist before using laser hair removal. This form of hair removal method is a highly technical way of disposing unwanted hair in the body, so care must be taken when choosing a place to have your hair removed, such a place must be regulated and must be an approved spa or salon, it must be authorized and only those trained should carry out the procedure in order to avoid an unfortunate incidence.

As earlier said, during the laser procedure, the laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment into the hair, this energy is converted to heat so for a fact, the heat emitted might cause some side effects, skin irritations like discomfort, redness and swelling might occur after use. To be ready and know the consequences, you can go through our dedicated laser hair removal guide

Also, there might be a change in skin colour of the affected area, but it should be noted that this colour change can affect those who do not avoid exposure to sun and exposure to sunlight before using laser and after using laser can cause colour change. Worthy of note, there are some other side effects that should be mentioned, such as blistering, crusting, scarring which can occur as an after effect.

It is important to note that when using this procedure on your face, there are some off-limits such as the eyelids, eyebrows or areas around the eyes, they should be avoided to prevent injury. So to be safe, precautionary steps should be followed.

Is it Permanent?

There are two things involved in laser hair removal, hair loss becomes permanent when the hairs are actually destroyed but when it is damaged, there are tendencies of regrowth, so for permanence the hair must be destroyed and not just damaged.

The use of laser hair removal is a process that consistently removes unwanted hairs from the particular area it is applied upon, it must be used for a period of time to guarantee a permanent loss of hair. So at initial use, even though it is a long-lasting form of hair removal, the hair may regrow after a while, this can also depend on a person’s hairiness and hair growth cycle.

Most researchers found out that using laser hair removal for a period of 2 – 3 months – depending on the person’s skin and hair type – can produce a lasting hair removal. Some important points to note is that laser hair removal makes the hair that regrows become lighter and finer than before and in some cases you may not notice that any hair has regrown for a considerable long time. 

After using laser, the hair can cease to regrow for a few months before you notice any regrowth compared to other forms of hair removal. Some studies show that lighter skinned people benefit more from laser hair removal because the hairs are normally darker in contrast, enabling the laser to target the hair. 

It should be noted that for a permanent hair removal, the person using the laser must be able to target the hair and to know the right type of laser to be used. You can also check out our article for the best permanent hair removal options to try at home.