5 Best Permanent Hair Removal Options To Try At Home

Cosmetically speaking, hair is an essential part of beauty, but of course this statement mostly refers to essential hair like the one covering the scalp. Body hair on the other hand, isn’t quite as popular. Most women and some men prefer a nice, smooth, hairless skin. This is spawned by the visual aesthetics and the level of appeal it creates in the mind. Even though this may not apply to everyone, a smooth hairless skin is a gem and gives your skin that attractive luster that you crave.

Why Remove Hair?

There are a ton of reasons why we may want to do away with unwanted hair. Proper grooming begs that certain hair be well trimmed and sometimes completely absent. These include the underarm, legs, upper lip and chin in women, back, and some other unwanted patterns of hair. These reasons can be from social norm to personal belief. Either ways, the media has, on countless occasions advocated for the hairless body as a standard for the most appealing looks. This has great effect on how we feel and even affects self confidence in some cases.


Today, most people prefer a well shaved and groomed look. This is popular, not just for media or popular persons but for the average and stay-home sorts as well. Everyone wants a smooth hairless skin as this would give them an appealing skin and a glow that would radiate for miles. So the big question is what skin removal techniques are best? Let’s examine a few body hair removal options, perhaps you would find the one that works best for you.

Permanent Hair Removal Options

Razor Shaving

What could be easier and more convenient than picking up a shaving stick or an electric shaver, which is easy to use and gives your skin a silky smooth feel. All these can be done in the convenience of your home. It saves times and provides maximum results.


Razor Shaving

It is also very affordable compared to other hair removal options. Razor shaving is perhaps one of the best and most common options except for the risks of getting a razor cut, razor burn, and skin irritation especially for sensitive skin. It also increases the possibility on ingrowths which causes itchy shaving bumps. Razor shaving leaves the root of the hair intact, which allows hair to grow back in no time. So as effective as razor shaving is, it’s definitely not a permanent solution.

Hair Removal Cream (DEPILATORIES)

These are skin products weakens hair follicles when applied on the surface of the skin. They are scrapped off with hair after a period of time. This may not be suitable for all skin, as it may result to irritations if left on the skin for a longer time than necessary. The technique is very easy to do and can be done at home. Caution should be taken to ensure that cream is not applied to sensitive skin.


This is a very effective hair removal technique which also has a long lasting effect. It is mostly done by a professional. This process requires applying the wax or paste on specific areas and covered with a special paper or cloth, after a few minutes the paper or cloth is pulled off, uprooting hair, right from its roots. This is effective and produces maximum results.  Waxing can be done at home.

A more natural method of waxing is called “sugaring.” This technique involves the use of sugar in making the wax or paste. While this technique can be done at home, it also requires a professional touch for best results and this is often quite expensive.

Users may also experience pain, skin irritation, and redness especially because the process requires a bit of hair length in order to be thorough. This is painful when the paper is pulled off, but on the bright side you get a smooth hair-free skin. Hair wax can be used almost anywhere in the skin, from face to bikini area.

Laser Hair Removal

This revolutionary hair removal method is one of the most effective in terms of providing a permanent solution to removing unwanted hair. It must be carried out by a skin professional and therefore always requires an appointment with your skin technician.

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the user of laser technology to target hair follicle and completely disable hair regeneration. It has deep impact in the skin and provides permanent hair removal.  This treatment can be done on various parts of the body. One of the most popular laser hair removal device Tria Precision is a great example of such a device.

The process is mostly painless. And the best thing is you can even try out yourself by sitting at your home without having the need to go to the clinic. Laser treatment at a clinic is very expensive and some patients often experience varied irritation and discomfort, depending on skin type. To know which is the best machine for you read our review for the top hair removal devices.

Best results are witnessed on white and medium skin. Laser treatment is unsuitable for dark skin tones as dark skin is rich in melanin in comparison to lighter and medium skin. Laser treatments also take a lot of time to carry out. The timing ranges from days to months, depending on the scope of treatment.

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the newest innovation in hair removals. It can be done in the comfort of your home. The IPL is a simple device which radiates light pulses on the skin. These flashes go skin deep to ensure permanent skin removal. It comes with instructions for usage and is more effective on light and medium skin tones. Unlike the laser hair treatment, the IPL can be used at home and consists of multiple spectrums which have better tolerance for certain skin tones. It can be used on various parts of the body and is quite portable to travel with.

These permanent hair removal techniques are great and effective but if you seek a more natural method for removing unwanted hair without risks or possible blemishes, here are a few recipes to look up;

  • Papaya and Turmeric powder blend with Aloe Vera and Mustard Oil
  • Raw egg and flour mask
  • Lemon and sugar mix
  • Potato-lentil
  • Banana and oatmeal paste
  • Onion and basil treatment
  • Lemon extract and honey

These natural hair removal methods are found to be quite effective. The results may not be immediate as it is a slow but far safer and natural way to get rid of unwanted hair.