10 Best Safety Razors For Women in 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

You want that epic close shave for your legs, underarms, hands and facial areas and want none of the risks to come along. This calls for an amazing, effective and safe razor that gives you control, stability and enough room to shave closely and comfortably. So, if you are fed up of rugged stud, ingrown hair and time-taking waxing sessions; a high-quality safety razor is the need of the hour.

But while choosing the best of the razors, women would like to have the complete control over the aggressiveness, the angles, grip and a few other parameters. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Safety Razor Head- There are varying razor heads like adjustable and stable heads. You can adjust the gap and lock it as per your preference. So, you may choose your type accordingly.
  • Razor Handle- It’s crucial to go for the razor with ideal handle that fits and feels perfect on your hands.
  • Double-edged- With this variety, one can shave with both the sides.
  • The Razor Length- Go for the length that allows best grip and movement.
  • Weight- The right weight helps razor to glide perfectly on to your skin

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Well, practically it’s not easy to find the best suited safety razor, but we have compiled a list of Best Safety Razors For Women with deciding features that can well be a part of your grooming kit. Read on.

10 Best Safety Razors For Women in 2020

1. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge is a high quality certified women razor that has a unique look and impressive features to offer impeccable grooming. The razor gives users incomparable versatility thanks to high quality blades, grip, handle and material. The weight of this safety razor is also well distributed to have a perfect glide on to the legs, underarms, hands and even face areas. 

It’s an absolute favour and charmer for ladies who are looking to achieve an effortlessly smooth and close shave! The razor’s handle is also specifically longer to make it handy.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Key Features

One of the most aggressive double-edged razors in the market, Edwin Jagger is a go-to option and the most ideal tool with suitable blade angle. Smooth brass tubular handle and the perfect shaving angle offer the best shave that does not harm the skin. Flawlessly made, with high-quality material, it is one of the most recommended choices for sharp yet smooth shave.


  • Compatible with all double-edge safety razor blades
  • 5 easy-to-replace blades
  • Traditional wet shaving
  • Textured grip handle
  • Reduces in-growing hair
  • The tool is durable
  • Engineered caps for safety
  • Closed comb head
  • Rust-proof


  • Slightly short handle
  • Not very durable
  • Handles become slippery when wet

Why is it recommended?

Edwin Jagger Double-Edge Safety Razor has high manufacturing techniques and offers fine results as compared to what straight cut throat razor gives. Precision engineered device delivers a shaving angle that is gentle on the skin. The razor works well for sensitive areas like bikini and underarms.

2. Elkaline Women Razor

Elkaline Women Razor is a butterfly designed shaving kit for women and is reusable. The high-quality blade of the razor is positioned to prevent skin from getting into the blades and that means less irritation. The high quality build makes the overall process of shaving faster and smoother. Use the engineered device for soft silky smooth legs, hands and underarms. Elkaline is one of the best safety razors that stand for friction-free shaving.

Key Features

The reusable, compact and double-edged Elkaline razor will leave your skin butter-smooth after the use. The device is ideal to be packed even in travel bag and comes with a stand so that you don’t drop the razor. The effective razor tilts easily over the voluptuous areas like knees and elbows. It comes with 5 replacement blades and the handle is weighty and easy to grip. Elkaline safety razor is crafted from heavy duty and high-quality materials with which there is no skin irritation.

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  • Close and hassle-free shave
  • Easy to switch blades with a knob
  • Attractive and easy to clean
  • Kit is backed with a lifetime warranty
  • No cuts and razor burns
  • Durable and resilient
  • Rinse frees off hair easily


  • Pressing hard might cause nicks and cuts
  • Unbalanced weight is prone to injuries

Why is it recommended?

Elkaline Women razor is a masterpiece of grooming device for legs, hands, underarms, bikini and other sensitive areas and it picks hair in one single shave. It’s a premier safety razor that is built to last. You should opt for this excellent razor for its butterfly style as it makes switching between the blades much easier.

3. Parker 29L Women’s Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 29L Women’s Double Edge Safety Razor is an all inclusive shaving tool for those with sensitive and dry skin. Based on butterfly mechanism, the device makes the process of blade-changing easy.

Suitable for men and women, this safety razor follows everything that a traditional razor does. This razor is very convenient to use in the shower even if you have wet and soapy hands.

Parker 29L Women's Double Edge Safety Razor

Key Features

Long handle and excellent weight of the Parker 29L Safety Razor offers you beautiful short strokes for shaving off the hair. The non-aggressive safety razor has textured handle for the perfect grip and management. The sturdy shaving tool comes with a set of 5 blades for easy replacements. The razor is ideally heavy to offer easy cutting and passing through coarse hair.


  • Premium platinum blades
  • Easy blade changing- Twist the knob and drop in the new blade
  • Handmade parker razor
  • Advanced plating ensures a beautiful and durable finish
  • Solid brass frame for trouble free shaving
  • Glides smoothly and is easy to clean


  • Very sharp blades causes nicks and cuts
  • Not a good option for first timers
  • Can be too aggressive
  • Can become ineffective after one drop

Why is it recommended?

Parker 29L Double Edge Safety Razor is a champion with super blade set-up that give one of the smoothest shave and is the key feature to focus on. It solves many of the problems women face while shaving like cost of disposables, lousy shave, poor control on the blade and razor.

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4. Parker 63- Double Edge Women’s Safety Razor

You might not have experienced anything like this until you have unboxed the Parker 63- Double Edge Women’s Safety Razor. This rose gold coloured Parker 3-piece safety razor is famous for its ultra smooth shaving and superior grip.

It’s a double edged heavy weight safety razor with 5 parker blades and open comb head design for smooth shaving without any risk of injuries.

Parker 63- Double Edge Women’s Safety Razor

Key Features

The device disassembles into 3 separate pieces for perfect blade alignment. Easier cleaning, drying and blade replacement are the key features of the rose-gold chrome plated device. Open comb design gives you a full control for an extremely close shave. Solid brass frame makes it durable and ensures precision.


  • 3 3/4 inch long textured and knurled handle for a great grip
  • Heavy weight design
  • Easy to disassemble into three pieces
  • Engineered head to provide close shaving
  • Double edged blades for easy and both sided use
  • No aggression and irritation
  • Brass frame for durability


  • Risks of nicks and cuts
  • Dropping might damage the product

Why is it recommended?

Parker 29L is a perfect choice for all the ladies. Be it the blade, handle, grip or durability, the shaving tool offers quality in every detail. Open comb model stretches the skin for perfect shave. Exceptional quality fused with modern materials and technology sets the device apart.

5. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Odin

Vikings Blade Chieftain is a perfect and an all-rounder device for wet shaving that works with medium aggression. You will also be eager to know about the best shaving cream for wet electric shaver so that your wet shaving experience is enhanced. 

You will love this for its long handle (95 mm/3.75”) and gentle and mild profile. 

The device is quality-made and versatile to do almost anything.

Vikings Blade The Chieftain Odin

Key Features

Vikings Safety Razor can be one of the best items in your grooming kit. Built on special anti-misalignment mechanism, the device helps users not to miss-align the blades, hence no cuts. It comes with a complimentary pack of Swedish 13c26 blades and mirror case. Extra coating of shiny rose gold is a class in its own.


  • Made of premium and heavy duty material
  • 20 percent heavier
  • Fast and easy blade replacement
  • More balanced than similarly-styled razors
  • 5 blade change options
  • Artfully swift and precise in style
  • Smooth and close BBS shave


  • Towel-drying is required to prevent it from rust
  • Requires more number of strokes
  • Over-tightening will damage the screw and thread
  • Neutrally aggressive on skin

Why is it recommended?

Vikings Double Edge Safety Razor is scientifically designed to give you a smooth and close BBS shave without irritation. The body is well designed and have great balance to give you a shave which is almost impossible to achieve with conventional cartridge devices. The Vikings razor is an ancient combination of brass and bronze alloy with a really nice looking chrome finish. 

6. MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor

Lightweight long handled MERKUR Razor earns high marks because it works well on sensitive skin. This is one of the best selling devices hailing from the Merkur Classic Line.

There is plenty more and a wide array of benefits as to why you should go for this razor.

Made of world famous Solingen steel, it is an absolute upgrade to the normal razors. Iconic 3-piece design delivers a close irritation free shave to remove the dreaded stubble. 

MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor

Key Features

Merkur classic 3-piece razor is one of the most convincing shaving tools with amazing features. The straight cut design and a closed comb head that fits almost all double-edge razor blades are totally impressive. Chrome finish, great texture and grip design are a few remarkable features that we notice in Merkur Double Edge Razor. It’s light in weight and easy to manage. The grip is great and doesn’t slip in shower.


  • Eliminates ingrown hair
  • Double edge shaving head
  • Chrome plated construction
  • Knurled handle for enhanced grip
  • Replaceable blades
  • Traditional wet shaving method
  • Provides close and sharp shave
  • Nicely distributed weight


  • Screw sometimes loosen
  • Durability might be an issue in the long run

Why is it recommended?

MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Safety Razor is created to provide an easy transition to the traditional wet shaving style. The sample blade is included for a pre-test for beginners. Also, weight of the razor does all the work while you are just holding it.

7. Edwin Jagger Octagonal

It’s not very hard to figure out that Edwin Jagger Octagonal, 18 Karat Safety Razor is great to be used as regular shower razor. The handle and the blades of the double-edge safety razor give you the security of close and perfect shaving on areas like legs, arms, underarms and face. The Edwin Jagger 18 Karat Razor offers a close shave for its well-balanced handle that has a total weight of 2.3 ounces.

Key Features

It is exquisitely designed to work on sensitive areas and thick coarse hair. It feels easier than trimming with scissors and feels safer. The razor is made of finest materials, combined with a cutting edge manufacturing process and the blades cut and glide really well. This double-edge safety razor is also very cost efficient, as it’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime of shaving.


  • Smooth, close shaving experience
  • Not so aggressive
  • The right handle length- not too short not too long
  • Nice grip and handling


  • Handle can get slippery when wet
  • A drop may cause the razor to break

Why is it recommended?

Edwin Jagger Octagonal Razor is a must-have product for every woman as it works great on face area like chin, nose, cheeks and upperlips. The sharp and effective blades with precision construction ensure you an extremely gentle and clear shave on different parts of your body. You will swear by this supreme safety reasons for reasons more than one.

8. Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor

The safety razor blade stands true to its name-Godfather and feels just right and safe.

Vikings Safety Razor for women is a game changer with its classic design and finish which is patented and made only from high-quality material. Overall, Vikings Safety Razor is a reliable and reputable name in the world of shaving equipment. 

Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor

Key Features

Vikings Blade Razor made of heavy duty premium Swedish material boasts of innovative shaver head and platinum-coated blades. The device is coated with classic chrome material and is significantly heavier but more balanced than many other razors out there. It’s just right for sensitive skin and the variety of features allows users to fully customize the aggressiveness of the shave.


  • Luxury leatherette and suede case, along with a mirror
  • Effortless short strokes
  • No bumps and nicks to the skin
  • Close shave at a swift 30 angle degree
  • It has a nice weight that’s heavy enough
  • Comfortable handle
  • Complimentary pack of blades.


  • Not so ideal for the beginners
  • Tends to break
  • Extra care required

Why is it recommended?

We prefer this razor because it’s easier to use, suitable-length handle, more manoeuvrable and feels lighter in hands. Platinum-coated blades add to the safety, closeness and sharpness while shaving.

9. MERKUR Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

Flagship product from Merkur- Futur Double Edge Safety Razor is a great choice for women who want a larger, extra neat and close shave for their legs and hands. Razor with adjustable blade gaps features a unique snap on cap and an elegant matte chrome finish. 

Key Features

MERKUR Futur Adjustable Women Safety Razor is precision-engineered in Germany from Solingen steel, to exacting specifications. Made of world-famous steel, the razor is quite sturdy, well-balanced yet gentle on the skin. It holds an ideal weight of 4.4 ounces giving a close-to-skin shave. The device has a moderate length handle.

MERKUR Futur Adjustable Safety Razor


  • Unique snap cap
  • Adjustable close comb
  • Straight bar-head design
  • Heavy weight for smooth and close shave


  • Knurled handle is missing
  • Extra careful with blade settings
  • Slippery when wet

Why is it recommended?

MERKUR Futur Double Edge Safety Razor makes an ideal choice for premium shaving and for women who shave often. You have the option to easily fine-tune the aggressiveness of the razor, allowing for milder shaves. 

10. Gillette Venus Close And Clean Women’s Razor

No wonder Gillette Women’s Razor is touted as one of the best which is especially crafted for women. The weight of the device is balanced as to perfectly follow the contours of women’s curves. Gillette Venus can give you a close shave while moisturizing your skin at the same time.

Key Features

The shaving device has a uniquely designed handle and pivoting head to shave the voluptuous areas. The three blade technology gives a close-to- the-skin shave. Its lubricating strip has aloe that can protect your skin from the harshness of the shave.


  • Indicator strip- to tell when it’s time to change the blades
  • Nice handle providing good grip
  • Its blades last significantly longer compared to other razor blades
  • Soothes the skin during shaving


  • Requires a couple of passes to achieve a clear skin
  • Prone to bumps and razor burn
  • Prone to ingrown hair

Why is it recommended?

Gillette Women’s Razor offers you exceptional features like soothing and moisturizing your skin. Lubricating strips with Aloe Vera gel promises a comfortable and satisfying shaving experience. It leaves your skin nourished and hydrated.

Safety Razor Guide

There are a few concerns and queries related to shaving and finding the best razor that women are usually stuck with. We have put together a guide that will solve all your queries.

Find the Perfect Razor

  • Look for the right blades that safeguards your skin
  • The handle length and grip for better control
  • The razor that helps preserve moisture
  • Reliable blade cartridges

How To Shave With A Safety Razor?

Seeing exposed blades can be scary and make you bother about cuts. Try to use the razor and blades with a degree of caution and knowledge. Start with a super-mild setting if your device allows to and adjust the level of blade to suit your skin and hair growth. Shave worry free to eliminate the nicks and cuts. For the zero risk of messing up, try to read the user manual and information that comes along.

Why Switch To A Safety Razor?

The safety razors are designed to grip and cut the hair more evenly and gently so that there are lesser chances of getting nicks and cuts. You can control the aggression of the blade by using a safety razor. There are less chances of irritation with safety versions which are designed to cut through the hair at clean angles. Also, it gives you a fresh looking skin and prevents hair from growing back in the opposite direction.

Where to Buy Safety Razors?

You can seamlessly browse through a huge collection of razors online or else you can find the right safety razors at physical stores in your neighbour that sells cosmetics and medicines.


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We have seen that if used with maintenance, safety razors can be your best friend and best kept secrets. Safety razors are said to outperform the normal cartridge razors and reduces those annoying bumps and ingrown hair. Though we have compiled a list of 10 Best Safety Razors For Women, we would like to come with the boss of the razors. Here are the chosen ones.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor – This is a classic model with plenty of fans. The razor is long and light with balanced weight which makes it a good choice in the world of safety razors. The device is rust-proof and has an engineered safety cap.

Parker 63- Double Edge Women’s Safety Razor – This is a unique one with “butterfly” mechanism. The innovative head makes swapping in new blades quick and easy. Other safety razors have a straightforward screw-off top, but a butterfly-build razor’s head pops open and close with a simple twist of the knob.