7 Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin in 2022

Having sensitive skin is great, but then you have to also choose equipment for grooming as per your skin. Shaving is an integral part of every man and it is something which makes a man feel complete. In this post, we have dived deep and asked men in our staff to recommend all the things that matter when it comes to choosing the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. We tried and tested all the products mentioned here and are fully confident that you will finally find the shaver that perfectly shaves your sensitive skin. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

Purchasing any electronic product requires patience and understanding of one’s own needs. Especially if it has to be used on an almost daily basis. An electric shaver is such that it requires a great deal of planning because buying an electric shaver is like deciding your best friend for a long period of time. One must keep in mind the following things while purchasing an electric shaver.

1. Survey the market

The market is brimming with a variety of products for you to choose from. One must never give into the traps of salesmen thinking that they know the best. Do your research beforehand and go prepared knowing your preference and requirement.

 You can also ask your friends or colleagues for their opinions. However you must not blindly follow them for everyone has their own requirement and yours may not match with him at all. In that case purchasing the one he uses will only end up being a bad investment.

2. Know your skin

First gauge if you have sensitive, normal or insensitive skin and likewise make the purchase. For example, if you have sensitive skin, go for a shaver that comes with a feature which can adjust to the sensitivity of the skin. You must also consider your skin complexion. Darker skin tends to be more sensitive than fair. Thus they require special care. 

3. Rotary or foil

Although fundamentally both will yield the same results, rotary blades will give a slight smoother finish than foil. So if you are generally in a hurry while you shave, you must opt for rotatory as it requires being less careful. 

4. The cost

Electric shavers come in a wide range of prices. So you must decide your budget before you start looking for one. Although it is generally believed that expensive electronics are always better than less expensive ones, one can always find a middle ground and get a first class product at an affordable price.

 You must regulate your expense and jot down the features you need for yourself and likewise choose a product that serves your needs and nothing more. For example, if you do not have sensitive skin you may look at the products without any special feature for sensitive skins. Planning in this way will regulate your expense.

5. Know your needs

Be aware of your needs and lifestyle. You must consider your lifestyle, job and style when you buy an electric shaver. For example if you are always on the move, a traveler or have a job that requires you to pack and leave at any moment you must look for a travel friendly shaver which is lightweight, has great battery power and also preferably one which comes with a charging unit.

6. The maintenance 

Maintaining a shaver is of utmost need. It is an investment and must be looked after at. If you are someone who does not have enough time to clean the shaver manually, you must select one that comes with a self- cleaning unit. Although it may burn a hole in your pocket, you must still be on the lookout of this prospective while buying a shaver. And if you have enough patience to regularly detach blades and clean them, go for one that allows this facility. 

One should never go to a shop and buy the first shaver he lays eyes upon. Keeping in mind the above points will make your purchase easier. Besides knowing the market, one must be very attentive and aware of one’s self to make an effective decision that would not be regretted later. After all electric shavers don’t come so cheap and thus must not be bought impulsively. A satisfactory purchase always yields good results and value for money. 

Top 7 Men’s Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

1. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

This shaver is the best for sensitive skins which are prone to acne, rashes or just irritation. It is designed with a foil shaver head to minimize the friction and subsequent rashes on the skin. The angle settles on the skin comfortably at a 30 degree that gives a close shave.

Metal can sometimes cause extreme irritation to some people’s skin. They have a hard time finding metal products that allow them a comfortable shave. Often, contact with metal triggers allergies and irritations. Using metal shavers on the skin increases the chances of permanent skin damage. 

Skins which are allergic to any metal must also opt for this product as it provides a hypoallergenic shave. The nanotech blades are dexterously designed in coherence with the latest technology.

It has a three blade system, the best arrangement one can ask for a perfect shave. The model comes with a powerful motor. It doesn’t lag in smooth performance or doesn’t tug at the hair. 

Tugging at the hair sometimes causes an incomplete removal of the hair. The hair that remains attached to the skin looks odd and in worse cases develop into a painful boil. It gives a smooth shave. It also leaves a smooth after effect on the skin. 

The product has the facility of both wet and dry shaves. Its pop up trimmer defines the sideburns and the battery is decent too. However it doesn’t come with a charging base which could be problematic for long journeys or similar occasions. Also, it is tedious to do the cleaning of the device as it doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature.


  • Decent battery life
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Good bargain
  • Comes with a travel pouch


  • No cleaning facility
  • No independent charging unit

2. Philips Norelco OneBlade FFPQP2520/90

Philips Norelco OneBlade FFPQP2520/90

Unabashedly lacking the fancy elegant appearance of its contemporaries, this product of Philips stands apart in terms of performance. It has a simple get up, much like the firsts of electric shavers. Yet its finish will astound you. The OneBlade is no less than any razor it competes with.

It has a single blade but do not worry because it functions in several ways. It shaves as well as it trims. The style of trimmer head is a manufacturing genius with its cross hatch design. This removes the chances of cuts during a shave. 

The comb is another fascinating feature of the model. It ensures a further smooth shave. One cannot overlook the exceptional yet simple qualities of the OneBlade. It has three attachments to facilitate shaving. They work on stubbles of different lengths and helps achieve different styles. One can modify the lengths of his beard according to his wish. In fact, it performs the function of a trimmer with stupendous skill. One may be compelled to say even better than shaving. 

This product is the best example of demonstrating even the most appearances can provide the most competent output. This shaver is the most recommendable for beginners. Though the OneBlade passes almost all the tests, it lags behind in the battery test. Whereas other shavers in this range have fairly better battery life, this one here falls short of it. It is difficult to carry it anywhere without a charger.


  • The comb teeth
  • Additional units
  • Exceptional trimming
  • Smooth shave 


  • Not sufficient battery life

3. Braun 5190cc

Braun 5190cc

This shaver has a unique quality that many people out there will find to be a boon. Its blades are especially suited for tough beard. Many men have experienced discomfort, pain and even under grown beard because they have tougher facial hair. They did not have the right kind of shaver but now Braun 5190cc comes with a special blade for those men.

It has a sensory feature which regulates the amount of pressure it exerts on your skin. It doesn’t let the unit harm your skin. The quick charge facility is another great feature. When you are in a hurry you can just quickly charge it for a single shave and you are good to go. The digital screen shows the battery level like almost every latest model. It also has a cleaning facility which we find lacking in many devices.

It has its own cleaning base which is not a primary feature of every shaver out in the market. The cleaning device is alcohol based. It saves one the tedious task of sieving every hair from the shaver. This feature paired with quick battery charge makes it the best option for travelers.

Now primarily delving into the blades, the Braun 5190cc is designed with a pair of foil blades and an Actlift middle trimmer. It captures the smallest hairs and provides a clean shave. This enables people who like to be clean shaved not to wait for a visible growth before shaving again. 

The blades can function both dry and wet shave. Its eight directional flexing again makes it an amazing product as it is easy to handle. One can be casual while handling this unit. One may observe this product is designed to not only give a clean shave but also in accordance with the hustle of modern life. With all its amazing qualities it has but one drawback. It weighs a tad bit more than its competitors. But one can forego this on account of its other salient features.


  • Senses beard density
  • Unique flexing shaving head with angle adaptability
  • Actlift trimmer


  • Weighty

4. Braun Electric shaver, series 3040cc

 Braun Electric shaver, series 3040cc

Although this product is more lavish on the pocket, it is worth it. It is one of the best that the 7 series offers. The packaging is suave and compact. It comes with a renewing and cleaning station. The blade too comes in a unique packed feature that we shall discuss in detail.

The Active Lift Technology enables to uproot hard and ingrown hairs in one single smooth stroke without giving razor bumps. It does not require you to struggle with the shave ending up with cuts or unsuccessful attempts. 

The shaver adapts to the sensitivity of the skin. It has a regulatory system where one can adjust the modes to suit the skin. There are three such personalized modes to choose from. 

The duo of the vibrant black and silver color gives it a dainty elegant look. It comes with a handy travel case along with its charger. The head of the shaver is built very intricately with minute details which makes it stand out the range of shavers. 

One can totally understand the justification of its price tag. The cleaning unit alone is its usp. However, because of its higher price one may not be willing to take risk. It is also difficult to look up for parts in case of replacement.


  • Sensitivity adaptability
  • Cleaning unit
  • Active Lift Technology


  • Expensive

5. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

This shaver comes with rotating blades. These blades are safer to use. They also glide over your face very easily leaving a smooth tender skin. The three shaving heads work in unison for best results. Each of these can move in different directions to suit the angle of your face. Since no two facial structures are the same, this guarantees to give an equally fine shave to every kind. 

The V-Track precision blades come for trimming and gives the best groomed beard. This precision trimmer unlike other models does not come attached to the main device. It is detachable and can be used at your convenience. This precision trimmer works its way like a pro for every skin type. The exclusive feature of getting a customized shave transform the episode of shaving into a complete experience. One may not be able switch to other shavers after using Philips Norelco shaver.

Shaving is generally in a great hurry. Some people may find it inconvenient to change the blades for trimming every time they are up for a shave. Thus the detachable trimmer may not suit everybody or every time. Except this, it is an arduous task for anyone to find substantial flaws or drawbacks in this electric shaver. 

The look of this device is very bold and stylish. Though it is little on the heavier side, this has enough features to cover for it. It comes with cleaning devices and tools. One does not have to go through the entire process of manual cleaning which in all of our experiences is an exasperating activity to undertake. 


  • Rotating blades
  • Sensitivity adapter
  • Cleaning device 


  • Weighty
  • Separate trimmer

6. Panasonic Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver

Good razors for women are rare gems and when one finds it, one must never lose it. The beauty and grooming sector feeds upon the myth that shaving increases the growth of hair on the body. It is not true. Many women opt for shaving for several reasons like for a lack of time, less expensive than laser or waxing and requires no professional. So owning a good electric shaver is very important.

Panasonic’s electric shaver is ideal for the skin. It has four shaving elements and facilitates both dry and wet shaving. This model can be used to groom almost the whole body like the arms, legs, underarms and even sensitive areas like the bikini area. Its hypo-allergic blades prevents irritation and rashes. It glides smoothly on the skin and adjusts angle according to the body. 

The model has a pretty pink color. The sleek and feminine design makes it look very attractive besides being an amazing product. 

However, it does not come with a carrying case and must be carried in a different case. But you really want to coordinate your product with the case you may buy one online separately. Also it is not really light weight but definitely handy.


  • Attractive design
  • Hypo-allergic blades


  • Comes without a carrying case 

7. RENPHO Men’s Electric Shaver

RENPHO Men’s Electric Shaver

This budget friendly and bi-functional product is the talk of the market. It has features of the expensive shavers in the market with a price that is light on your pocket. It is just like any other rotary shaver with three floating shaving elements. You can alter its function from shaving to trimming as per your convenience. 

It gives a rather astoundingly clean shave compared to other products available at this rate. It allows both wet and dry shave and is waterproof. You can clean the device yourself for the entire body is washable. One just has to detach the blades and rinse them under water. This maintains the blade of the unit and makes up for the lack of an in-built cleaning unit. 

The blades are specifically and individually designed to give a perfect shave. It works favorably with both short and longer hair. However, after a customer survey it has been revealed by some customers that this model does not serve well for a very long time. The blades tend to become blunt after sometime. But indeed an electric shaver at this price with such amazing features is worth giving a try and since it packs so many things at such a price, we recommend as the best cheap electric shaver for sensitive skin.


  • Very light-weight
  • Affordable
  • Detachable unit for cleaning


  • Comes without a case
  • Questionable longevity

How To Use An Electric Razor To Avoid Skin Irritation?

How To Use An Electric Razor To Avoid Skin Irritation

Skin irritation and razor bumps are very common and most people go through this problem. But since shaving is an essential part one cannot avoid its consequences. However, some tips can ease out the irritation if not completely overcome it. 

1. Pre shave routine

First of all, know your shaver. If it says dry shaving, let your skin dry as much as possible. If you do not have enough time to sit and dry your face apply lotions or powder suitable for the purpose.

 Do not shy away from spending on such products alongside your electric shaver. If you opt for a wet shave, use lotions or gels or shaving foam. If you have very sensitive skin and shaving without foam or lotion causes irritation, go for the wet shave. It will be smoother on your skin. 

2. Shaving directions

Rub your face and try to look for the grain of your beard. The direction in which you feel most resistance is against the grain. Although shaving against the grain will give a cleaner shave, it also exposes one to the possibility of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are those hair roots which have been severed just below the skin level and begins to re grow inside the tissue causing irritation, itching and also infection in some cases. 

3. Using a good shaving cream

Investing on a good shaving cream is as important as investing on a shaver itself. 

4. Adjust the blades

Use the combination of blades if your shaver provides you with multiple blades. If you have a rotary shaver use it with back and forth strokes. This way it covers a larger area without leaving any place underdone or undone. Working on the areas undone also strains the skin and causes breakouts.

5. Take care of the blades

Maintain the blades in the best shape you can. Do not keep them dirty for long as it will make the blades go blunt and blunt blades are the enemy of the skin. It will make you exert more and more pressure on your skin causing it to tear. 

6. Warm and cold water treatment

Take a warm shower or splash hot water on your face before diving in with your electric shaver. Warm water opens the pores up and it becomes easier for your shaver to get you a clean shave. It makes the hair go a little soft and looser. Some shavers which are waterproof can also be used under the shower. This way is the best for your skin as the blade glides smoothly with the water.

Step By Step Guide For Using An Electric Shaver

  1. First of all, choose the right kind of electric shaver for yourself. Make sure you have blades to suit your criteria.
  2. Choose your pre shave routine according to the type of the shaver that you have. If it is a dry one, wait for your face to dry completely or as far as possible and if it’s a wet one, go on with the next step
  3. Apply the pre-shave lotion/gel/foam according to your wish. Here also choose products in accordance with your shaver and skin. Preferably use an alcohol based pre shave as it removes the dirt off your face and also the sebum to prepare your skin for a shave. You can also use products which are rich in vitamin E as that replenishes the skin.
  4. Now once you are done with the preliminary steps, ensure your blade is sharp and go     forward with the main step. There will be several buttons for different requirements and you need to pick and click on your preferred level. Now shaving includes multiple steps itself and thus we will go over them slowly and in intricate details. To begin with, always hold the shaver in your dominant hand, which is the hand you use for writing and eating. Use your non dominant hand to stretch the skin to avoid cuts and nicks
  5. To shave with or against the grain is your call. Once you have decided with that, start shaving from the side of your cheeks and face. After that shave the sideburns and measure the length of your sideburns with your finger to achieve equal lengths. 
  6.  Next move to shaving your moustache and below the lips. Go slow around your lips to prevent injury. Best way to go about this area is to suck the lip in. it tightens the area around it which makes it easier to shave and also conceals the lips ensuring no injury.
  7. The last part is the neck area and beneath the jaw which requires a heightened caution. While you shave your neck try to keep it as taut as possible and do not allow any movement of the Adam’s apple. The area around Adam’s apple is thin and a cut their can be dangerous. In case of your jaw, you can try to move your jaw in a direction to allow the shaver to shave in its opposite direction. Since the jaws are stiff and has an angle, the blade adapts itself and glides in accordance.
  8. Now finally look into the mirror very carefully to spot a portion that you have missed out on and repeat it over there.
  9. Here shaving is basically done and you are good to give the finishing touch on your skin with after shave balm/ lotion/cream.
  10. Also you must never throw the shaver aside once you are done without properly cleaning it. Follow the instructions closely and wash your shaver manually or with the cleaning device. Brush off the disintegrated hairs from the blade or even wash it under water if it requires it to be. Do not forget to charge your device on a regular basis.
  11. Apart from shaving, an electric razor is also used for trimming. You can use it for trimming simply by adjusting its setting of the blade. This will help you to achieve a number of styles by combining the lengths you want to trim off your beard. 


You have sensitive skin and by now, you must have made a mind on your perfect shaver. Above, we have reviewed some of the top electric shavers for sensitive skin available to buy online. If you are still confused, consider this:

All-rounder choice : Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

Budget friendly choice : Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Gets job done choice : Panasonic Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver

We hope you take care of your sensitive skin and let us know if you have a better choice for us to recommend.