Top 5 Best Braun Epilators of 2022

Choosing the best is easier but having the top most is no cakewalk for the buyers. That is exactly the case with the best selling epilators from Braun series. One of the most popular and recommended Braun epilators needs no introduction and is clearly the best because of its superior build, performance and an endless array of options.

No wonder each and every Braun epilator comes with unique features and are like a must-have personal care gadget, but then there are factors to look for when you are shopping for the best of Braun. Each and every hair removal Braun epilator should match your taste with the desired results. From long lasting results, to being painless and having the largest number of tweezers, there are aspects that need to be looked at and taken care of. Here is a handy guide which could be like answers to your queries for buying the best of the lot. So, all you Braun epilator girls, here are the most effective ones to replace your old with the new Braun.

Things to look for when shopping your next Braun epilators

Braun epilators are impressive, multi-tasking and have compact build and high-quality tweezers. But then there are extra features and benefits with each launch and the latest models that might puzzle you. So, overall there are some advisable features that you must look into if you are buying Braun. These are a few of the features that actually give Braun some brownie points. Have a look:

  • Number of tweezers
  • Different speed setting modes for convenience
  • Smart light feature for thorough removal
  • Massage rollers for better stimulation
  • Pivoting head (Wide, narrow or normal)
  • Pain associated
  • Freebies
  • If it can be used on the required part of the body

So, basically buying a Braun epilator has to be about being worth the price and taste. The chosen one should meet your basic requirements first. ‘To each it’s own’ is what we can say when it comes to opting for the best Braun epilators for your personal skin care and hair removal needs. 

Different Types of Braun Epilators

Lots of innovations, new technology and the added benefits are enough to confuse you to buy the best epilator from Braun. Well, there are certain things that are consistent across all the variants of Braun. So, to make it easy, quick and fuss-free shopping for you, we recommend you the best out of the Braun bag. Let’s get started.

Our Top Rated Product

#1st Rated

Braun Epilator Series 9-890

Braun Epilator Series 9-890

 Sensitive guard action that lessens the pain and hurt issues is like a deal. The tweezes and advanced sensor deliver the right level of pressure for more effective hair removal. Overall, The device is worth every bit of the pain and money.


1. Braun Epilator Series 9-890

Braun Epilator Series 9-890

Braun Epilator Series 9-890 is like having an expert in your hand that understands your hair removal needs like a pro. The intelligent sensors guide you for the right amount of pressure to be used for extracting the hair out. The high-performance device is built for smooth and efficient epilation. World’s first Braun epilator with sensosmart technology removes hair as short as the grain of sand, that too with right regulation, guidance and indications. Also, you will fall in love with the long lasting smoothness of the handy hair removal device.

Product Highlights

  • Removes more hair in a single stroke
  • Rechargeable
  • Pivoting head adapts to difficult areas like underarms, knees etc.
  • Long-lasting smoothness
  • Smartlight to reveal the finest hair
  • Additional shaver head and trimmer attachment
  • Cordless Wet & Dry epilator
  • 40% wider epilator head
  • Gentle on sensitive areas
  • 7 accessories- Facial Cap, Skin Contact Cap, Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Pouch, Body And Face Trimmer

Braun 9-890 Vs. other Braun Epilators

You would love to add Braun 890 epilator to your cart as it works with less pressure for its smart and sensible signals. The epilator indicates you with a red light (in this version) for pushing hard and adjusting your handling. The epilator is designed to remove hair with zero discomfort and also equipped as an epilator for face. Plus, Braun Series 9-890 can bet over any hurt and skin irritation issues.

2. Braun Epilator Series 9-579

Braun Epilator Series 9-579

Revolutionary Braun Epilator Series 9-579 sets the new standard for excellence in epilation with pulsating active vibrations and 100 percent waterproof feature. With faster results and breakthrough tweezer technology, the epilator removes hair 4X shorter than wax does. The Braun 9-579 is not just a hair removal epilator but a complete beauty kit with facial brush to remove impurities from the deep skin pores.

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Product Highlights

  • Pivoting head to adapt to body contours
  • Smartlight for extra-through hair removal
  • For both wet and dry usage
  • Bonus facial brush for the clean-up
  • High frequency massage cap
  • Comes with 7 extras that includes shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap and a charging stand for an always charged device.

Braun 9-579 Vs. other Braun Epilators

If you weigh it for various factors and features, Braun 9-579 certainly stands the test of time and comes up as one of the best from the world of Braun. Wider, longer and deeper tweezers based on MicroGrip technology offers more comfortable epilation. Being 100 percent waterproof is truly a remarkable features to make the Braun 9-579 stand out. The product is also suggested for its Braun facial brush that offers 6 times better cleaning vs the manual. The brush helps refining and exfoliating skin with micro-oscillations. Braun 9-579 model also features a pulsating head, which might not be there in all other Braun epilators. The precision cap, for instance, works great on the bikini and underarm area.

3. Braun Epilator Series 7-880 – Smart Epilator

Braun Epilator Series 7-880

We will not shout it from the rooftop because in case of Braun Epilator Series 7-880, action speaks louder than words for. Yes, the performance is exceptional as compared to other Braun vibrating epilators. Braun Epilator Series 7-880 is the only option in the Braun Epil 7 range that has an inbuilt smartsensor technology for useful guidance and effective results. The sensor on epilating head detects the apt pressure and indicates, hence making it a popular option. The device looks stunning with high-quality finish and doesn’t make much noise.

Product Highlights

  • MicroGrip technology removes hair 4x shorter than wax 
  • SensoSmart™ technology to guide your epilation
  • Cordless Wet & Dry epilator
  • The sensitive cap, pouch comes along
  • 2 speed settings for comfortable usage
  • 7 extras – shaver and trimmer cap for sensitive areas, skin contact cap, facial cap and more

Braun 7-880 Vs. other Braun Epilators

When it comes to epilators, only a few brands can match Braun 7-880 in terms of quality and performance. It not only picks just about every hair for removal but is also a perfect personal care gadget for you. The model is slightly less painful than other models. Apart from that this is a breeze to use and gives a clean finish without missing hair. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Leaves no rash or irritation even straight after. Epilator is really handy, lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand. The product makes some noise when it comes to popularity.

4.Braun Epilator Series 5-280 

Braun Epilator Series 5-280

Braun Epilator Series 5-280 comes across as the best epilator brand for painless epilation in sensitive zones and is truly a boon for your hairy business. It does all the hard work for you with its amazing set of accessories and freebies.  The powerful and non-stop Braun 5-280 is just perfect for a smooth and silky hairless skin. The epilator never lets you down when it comes to epilating with perfection. Exfoliation technology and astonishing close-Grip 40 tweezer technologies also thrills the users.

Product Highlights

  • Specially designed to catch very short hair
  • Corded
  • The speed personalization helps select the right speed
  • High-frequency massage vibration and rollers
  • Smartlight for thorough pull-out of hair
  • Fully washable under running water
  • Uninterrupted use in dry conditions
  • Built in smartlight
  • Cannot be used wet
  • Shower head (for touch up)
  • Trimmer cap (to trim hair on sensitive areas
  • An efficiency cap (for bikini line)
  • Cooling gloves (to calm irritation or pain)
  • Pivoting head (to adjust to body shape and contours)

Braun 5-280 Vs. other Braun Epilators

The products lead other Braun epilators for its stainless steel tweezers. The Braun 5-280 is a gem that boasts of The SoftLift Tips® feature that effectively lifts even flat-lying hair guiding them to the tweezers for removal. A quick and efficient model comes as breather to trim your hair in just 15 minutes. Braun 5-280 is virtually painless and one of the fastest hair removal device. It comes equipped with large number of tweezer heads and works as a full performance electric shaver.

5. Braun Epilator Series 5-541

Braun Epilator Series 5-541

Meant for the hard-to-reach areas, Braun Epilator Series 5-541 is an extra soft wet and dry epilator. Wins heart with its smooth operation and pulls out hair as painlessly as it can. What makes it really different to use is that the head effectively moves back and forth, cupping the contours of your body as it goes. You might also be interested in knowing the best epilator for legs

Product Highlights

  • Choose your speed with different settings
  • Shaver head and trimmer turn device into full-performance electric shaver
  • Comfort of wet and dry use
  • Skin contact cap improves adaptation to all body areas
  • 4 extras- shaver head, trimmer cap, massage rollers and a skin contact cap
  • The MicroGrip tweezer technology to pluck hair from the roots
  • 28 tweezers remove hair 4x shorter than waxing
  • High-frequency massage  to maximize comfort while epilating