Report: hackers scraped data of 500M LinkedIn users and posted it for sale online; LinkedIn confirms the dataset includes publicly viewable info from its site

report 500m linkedincanalesinsider

Report 500m linkedincanalesinsider:

According to a report from Cyber News, data from 500 million LinkedIn members has been scraped and is available for purchase online. There is a file of publicly available data that was scraped from the LinkedIn site, a spokeswoman for the company told Insider.

An investigation into an allegedly for sale collection of LinkedIn data revealed that it was actually an amalgamation of information from several websites and businesses, a LinkedIn official told Insider. This was not a LinkedIn data breach, and none of the information we were able to analyse from LinkedIn contained any private member account information. However, it does contain publicly available member profile data that appears to have been scraped from LinkedIn.

According to its website, LinkedIn has 740 million members, therefore the claimed data scraping of 500 million users might have an impact on almost two-thirds of the platform’s user base.

Account IDs, complete names, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace specifics, genders, and links to other social network profiles are all included in the data.

According to CyberNews, it was advertised for sale on a hacker forum, and the poster also released a sample of 2 million data as proof-of-concept. According to the publication, the hacker is seeking to sell the vast amount of data for a 4-digit figure, maybe in the form of bitcoin.

Researchers from CyberNews verified that the information was scraped from LinkedIn users, although they pointed out that it’s possible that the information was obtained from the accounts in the past rather than lately.

According to Paul Prudhomme, an expert at security intelligence firm IntSights, the disclosed data is important because criminals might use it to attack businesses using the personal data of their employees.