Is Quora safe? What you should know about it

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oQuora has been a fountain of user knowledge since its release in 2010. Ask Google a question and chances are you’ll find a Quora response on the first page of results. However, after a data breach in 2018, many users have called into question the safety of using the website’s services. Just how secure is Quora, and is it still safe to use?

Is Quora safe to use?

This question depends entirely on how someone uses the site. For a responsible adult who can discern fact from obvious fiction, Quora could be a useful knowledge and research tool. For impressionable teenagers, however, it could be as damaging as any other social media platform when used to excess.

Quora, as a widely-used knowledge-sharing platform, prioritizes user safety through a range of security measures.

1. Account Security

Quora employs robust account security features, including password encryption and two-factor authentication, ensuring the protection of user accounts from unauthorized access.

2. Content Moderation

To maintain a safe environment, Quora employs content moderation tools. These tools filter out inappropriate content, spam, and misinformation, contributing to a more secure user experience.

3. Privacy Controls

Quora provides users with granular privacy controls, allowing them to manage the visibility of their content and control who can interact with them, enhancing overall user privacy.

2018 Quora breach

When it comes to the safety of users, however, Quoora doesn’t have the best of records. In December of 2018, Quoora CEO Adam D’Angelo announced that 100 million users’ data had been compromised in a data breach. While user passwords were compromised, thankfully a lot of the data was already public knowledge.

The real controversy is with Quora’s seeming lack of care when it comes to its user data. Even though the user data compromised may not give hackers the tools to commit fraud, proper action still needs to be taken to protect users. It took Quoora several days after the breach was discovered to report it to users.


In conclusion, while no online platform is entirely without risk, Quora’s proactive security measures make it a relatively safe space for knowledge-sharing endeavors.