7 Best Titanium Flat Irons Reviewed For 2022 BUYING GUIDE INSIDE

When it comes to using a flat iron, we all look for options that help us get our hairs straight without much hassle. There are many different types of materials used in a flat iron but titanium stands out since it has higher negative ionic charge that allows it to emit more infrared heat when compared to ceramic hair straightener. We have personally reviewed the 7 best titanium flat irons and have also curated a guide on choosing a titanium flat iron.   

Best Titanium Flat Iron Reviews 2022

1. The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra

With BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra flat iron, you get world-class hair straightening in no time.

It is a thin and lightweight hair straightener and is quite easy to use. The 5″ extended titanium plates let you straighten wider hair sections at a single try. So, you can efficiently and quickly  style your hair. 

It has 50 heat settings reaching upto 450 °F. The smooth plates of this product resist corrosion, plus, it generates ultra-high heat.  The device is easy to hold, allowing you to manage the hair waves without being tired of holding it. 

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin hair straightener has a sleek design that promotes better control over the product and flexible hair styling. You can make pin-straight hair styles using this superfast flat iron.

While its high-heat capacity conducts better straightening, its Nano Titanium technology secures your hair quality from serious damage.

That’s why professional stylists generally recommend using this Nano Titanium flat iron for hair smoothening. Apart from straightening or smoothening, you can create twisted curls and beachy waves with your hair.  

The device’s nano titanium plates release maximum infrared heat and negative ions to conduct gentle and swift hair straightening without damage. The product simply glides through the curls without breaking or pulling any hair. 


  • Ultra-smooth and 5″ extended titanium plates resist corrosion and generate high heat.
  • Ceramic heaters promote faster  heating and recovery.
  • Super light device with slim design for convenient handling.
  • Safe touch is ensured by the ryton housing.
  • Has 50 heat set-ups


  • Not suitable to be applied on children’s hair due to its high-heating potential.

2. KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Titanium Flat Iron is another trending hair straightener with damage control technology. That means the product is fit to be used on  damaged Hair. 

It has an auto-shutdown facility, and you can press its switch key to increase or decrease the shutdown time by using “+” or “-” button, as and when required. 

Its ion emitting technology preserves the hair quality while straightening. After you switch on the flat iron, double-push the button to activate the ion technology. Then it will be displayed on the screen as “Ion”. 

Coming to temperature, it can manage to convert  between Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees. To do that, simply press “+” and “-” buttons at a time to do the temperature conversion. 


  • Gives you less frizzy and more shiny hair texture. The ion technology of this  professional salon hair straightener promotes gentle hair smoothening.
  • Device’s 3D floating plates prevent hair breakage or pulling during its application. It smoothly slides through the hair without making a mess.
  • It has the worldwide dual voltage of (100-240 V) and can auto-detect the voltage or adjust according to the user’s needs.
  • The ceramic materials heater promotes instant heat up with 30 seconds. So, it saves a lot of your time.
  • You can adjust the heater temperature between (170 to 450 ?) as per your hair texture.
  • The 360° swivel cord of the device extends upto 8.2 feet for freehand easy handling.


  • Not suitable for children. 

3. KIPOZI 1.75″ Pro

KIPOZI 1.75″ Pro is the concoction of dynamicity, luxury, and technology in a single tool. This leading-edge hair straightener is designed and developed by keeping account of the users’ comfort. 

It has an optimal, adjustable temperature range of 170 °F to 450 °F  that is fixed across its plates on either side. The two plates let facilitate better and personalized straightening results. Added to that, you get a digital LCD view to check the current device setting or mode.

Generate continuous heat, yet maintaining the heat exposure with each precision-melded plate. Both the plates allow smoother hair passage for snag-free hair dressing. It allows wider sections of hair volume for straightening.

The 1.75-inch titanium floating plates are properly aligned for better styling and producing shiny, long-lasting results. Its universal voltage lets you groom your hair even while traveling.  

The auto-shutdown option will switch off the straightener after 1 hour of non-usage. It has a safer, smarter temperature reducing property, and an 8 feet non-tangible swivel power cord for ease application.

Overall, the device has a special electronic circuit which auto-converts itself for global application. Simply, plug it into a local outlet and use it casually. The device will auto-adjust the local current flowing through it. Just make sure to keep a plug adapter with you to adapt to the electrical outlet of the place you visit.


  • Fit for all types of hair and of any length.
  • Dynamic hair grooming straightener for curling, smoothening, and  shaping with zero pulling.
  • Adjusts to even temperature.
  • Properly aligned plates giving you better control over styling.
  • Universal voltage for worldwide application.
  • 8 feet long swivel cord for free handling.
  • Clearer LCD screen with an easily readable display.  


  • Do not apply it on wet hair.
  • Keep away from water, children’s reach or pets.
  • Do not come in contact with the heated surface during usage.  
  • Immediately unplug the device and keep it in a safe place to cool down after use.

4. BaBylissPRO BABNT2095T Nano Titanium Digital Straightener

BaBylissPRO BABNT2095T Nano Titanium Digital Straightener is a one touch control device developed by considering maximum user comfort. This precision straightener has an inbuilt memory function to store the frequently used heat settings for later application. So, it indirectly saves your time and helps in faster hair styling. 

Temperature is controlled digitally with high precision control. It takes only a few seconds to reach 450 °F. Its advanced Nano Titanium technology gives you lustrous, velvety hair.  The 360° floating plates allow 100% hair contact for swift hair grooming. Simply, one stroke through the hair and it’s done. 


  • All-directional floating plates ensure 100% hair contact.
  • Just need fewer passes to get your hair done.  
  • Allows smoother gliding with zero tugging.
  • Had long lasting, sturdy titanium plates.
  • Prevents hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution.
  • Digital temperature management with precision.
  • Quick heating upto 450 °F.
  • Time saving memory function to store most used  heat settings.
  • Leaves you with silky, lustrous hair.


  • You need to have a converter while visiting places where the local electricity is at 220V.
  • Does not have an auto shut off option.

5. FURIDEN Hair Straightening And Curling Iron

FURIDEN Hair Straightening And Curling Iron is developed with human-friendly shape so it doesn’t cause arm fatigue while using. You can do hair styling flexibly. The mirror face titanium plate emits negative ions while getting heated to moisten the hair from frizzy to silky. The device is ideal for transforming your dull looking hair into an instant gorgeous sleek look.

This flat iron curler instant warms up within seconds, thereby saving your time and electricity. Its results are durable with overall straightening being no less perfect. 

The all-directional  swivel cord of the curler allows women to move around freely while using it. The curve-edged floating plates constantly adjust the angle of application to prevent hair snagging, and gives you more control over styling.

The good thing about this product is it comes with a 6 month warranty.


  • Its ergonomic design prevents you from getting heat burns during hair styling.
  • The digital screen displays the heater temperature when turned on. Plus, it lets you set the desired temperature limit as per your requirement.  
  • The long swivel cord resolves the length issues of the power cord. You can freely walk around with the curler while searching for a hair brush in your room.
  • Suitable for all hair textures and is a Get professional salon product with a  high-heat temperature range (265 ? to 450 ?).


  • Dual voltage switching option is not available 

6. KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener Nano-Titanium Flat Iron is a high technology ceramic heater with instant heating and recovery capacity in seconds.  It has an adjustable temperature range from 170 °F to 450 °F, perfect for all hair texture. 

The ultra-smooth titanium plates give you lustrous hair with minimal keratin damage. It prevents frizz which often causes due to high temperature heat. Rather, you get a beautifully, healthy look of your hair.

3D floating plates and its comfortable design makes it easy to hold and use with no hair pinching or tugging. This device is a 2 in 1 flat cum curling iron tool.  

It has a clear digital LCD display and has auto-shutdown feature which turns off the product after 30 -180 minutes of non-usage. The 360° 8 feet swivel cord with lock key enables free handling and safe storage.

100V-240V worldwide dual voltage feature is available in this product. Plus, you get a user manual followed by a lovely package with a soft pouch.


  • 3D floating plates ensures hassle free hair styling with zero hair pulling.  
  • The auto-shut off setting can. E controlled by the “+/-” buttons. Simply, hold the power button for one second, then select your desired time.
  • Hanging hook with its velvety pouch  ensures easy storage.
  • Shortcut buttons are available for 3 default temperatures.
  • 270 ? (for weak hair),  350 ? (for colored and damaged hair, and 410 ? (for healthy hair).


  • Sometimes hair gets frizzy due to improper usage and hair texture.

7. Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Professional Hair Straightener

Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Professional Hair Straightener is an advanced ceramic straightener. Its innovative anion function  ensures you with 80% less hair breakage and salon quality smooth, shiny hair texture at optimal styling temperature.

The two titanium plates of the device instantly deliver and uniformly heat up to a temperature of upto 450 ?. The shine-boosting technology  of these 3D plates auto-adjusts during use to avoid hair tangling or tugging. This 2-in-1 hair grooming iron suit is suitable for any hair texture irrespective of age. 

This pro hair straightener has 3 heat settings  that include: 270 ? (for damaged hair), 350 ? (for unhealthy hair), and  410 ? (for normal hair). This product can automatically accomodate to comply with the hair thickness in the best way possible. Plus, it will leave your hair with a refreshed, healthy outlook .

It has an auto-switch off heating function which deactivates the device after 90 minutes of non usage. The device handle is designed with finger grips for better hold of the iron wand.  This ergonomic design also facilitates safer handling while hair grooming and prevents damage.


  • Instant heat up within 28 seconds and takes just 5 minutes or less to reach 350 ? and give you silky hair.
  • Perfect for styling all hair types.
  • Has adjustable temperature range upto (170 to 450) °F
  • 2 in 1 flat cum curling iron.
  • Fit for taking long tours.
  • Humanized design and features for convenient usage.


  • Do not use it on extremely dry hair. Else, it may cause hair pinching and breakage.
  • Must apply good quality hair oil before using the flat iron. 

Things to consider before purchasing a professional Titanium Flat Iron for your hair: 

– Plate Sizes

Almost every flat iron contains two 1-inch plates. These plates are super dynamic but it depends on the hair type and style that you want to do. Smaller plates are perfect for short hair and also for making kinky curls with your hair.  

Similarly, large plates are recommended for thick and long hair. Just a single pass through the hair and you are done for the day. So, it is quite time saving and protects the hair from damage.  

– Settings of the temperature

Coming to iron heat setting, people think it is better to set the device at high-heat for styling. However, reality is something else. High-heat set up is responsible for hair breakage and damage followed by ruining the hair quality (if colored) when exposed to high temperature.

Temperature settings are pre-selected so that you can set up the device as required. Plus, you will get to know what level of heat is suitable for your hair texture. 

Higher heat settings are meant for thicker hair types allowing smoother passage through hair with least damage. Low heat setting is suitable for finer hair with one pass through hair.

– Plate Material

Choosing the correct tool for your hair depends on the differences in the materials by which the device is made. The titanium plated irons conduct quick heat transfer compared to other types of plated irons. That means you get many alternatives that comply with your requirement and hair texture. 

Titanium is developed from heavy duty iron and perfect for making wavy curls on thicker hair. So, even if you have coarse, rough hair, avail titanium plated flat irons. Titanium hair straighteners promote superfast heating compared to other straighteners. They can withhold high heat at a constant temperature. Titanium flat irons are generally lightweight and have ionic charge allowing quicker smoothening of hair. Plus, it is a one pass straightener that saves time. However, titanium plated irons are not for the ones with thin hair. However, it is not for people with fine hair as the high heat of the device can leave your hair parch dry. 

Check out the top Flat Irons for Fine Hair reviewed here!

– The Right Size

The straighteners are available in varied sizes and widths. Thin, handy straighteners are perfect hair care devices for both men as well as women. Note that it is not for long hairs. With it, you can style your hair with bangs and spikes. 

Wider, large flat irons are best for thick and long hair, and it covers wider sections at one pass.  

– Right Features

Hair styling tools are available with varied  characteristics. Generally, any flat iron device has inbuilt steaming functions and comb pins that can give relaxing massage to your scalp. Good quality jet styling straighteners are equally applicable for both men and women, and are cordless. 

Instant heat flat irons are perfect for the ones who have a busy daily schedule. Hair straighteners are quite convenient for untangling kinkyb, frizzy, and dull hair. 

The 3D floating plates are responsible for smoother heated straightening of hair strands with zero snag or pull. However, extreme heat has high chances of damaging your hair making it rough and dry. 

Therefore,  make sure to pick the best product that causes least or zero hair damage, giving a gorgeous look to your hair. Experts generally recommend using a heat protection solution like a spray or lotion so as to compensate with the heat damage from straightener.  

– Hair type

Always remember to consider your hair quality and texture before purchasing a straightener. Also, if it is about your clients, then it is justified to do some fair investment in getting a product that can accommodate any hair texture. 

It is always problematic to manage thick, curly hair types as they easily get messed up. In such cases, try availing a titanium plate flat iron for it’s the ultimate choice for hair types requiring high heat straightening. Normal to slightly wavy hair with medium thickness looks perfect with titanium plated flat iron styling. Plus, it is easier to groom your hair with any style. 

– Swivel cord

This is the last, yet notable factor to be considered. Short length swivel cord often limits your free hand usage of the product. So, make sure that your product has a fair length swivel cord for flexible handling. Also, the cord must be non-tangible to give you easy access. If you mostly spend your time traveling around, consider buying a cordless hair straightener.  


We girls love our look when we get our hairs straightened. It not only enhances our overall look but a gives us a sense of confidence. Titanium flat iron may be a bit more expensive than ceramic hair straighteners but they are worth the investment. In a way you will be investing in yourself. Make sure to check for factors such as durability of the flat iron and also feel free to compare certain add-on features.