10 Best Flat Irons For Fine Hair in 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

Flat irons work great for people who have fine hair and it’s the way you see it. By the very nature of such hairs, they have less maintenance and you’re less likely to have a bad hair day compared to people who have thick hair. You can always try natural ways to keep them in shape but to get visually amazing results, you need to try a flat iron. 

There are several benefits of using a flat iron such as they protect your hair from any type of microorganisms and give your hair a very dynamic look. One important thing is to choose the correct flat iron as there are several factors which play a key role in the way your hair may look after you treat them with flat iron. We have compiled a list of Best flat irons for fine hair with a buying guide so you can buy the one that suits your hair. 

Best flat irons for fine hair in 2022

1. HSI Professional Digital Ceramic flat iron 

As you will see from the amazon reviews, HSI professional flat iron is one of the best flat irons which is fit for hairs of all type.

One of the reasons to choose HSI is because the plates of this iron heat upto 400F which is enough heat to treat your hairs. As a nice touch, you get a heat resistant glove for safety purpose. 

HSI digital ceramic flat iron comes with a 1 inch plate which makes it work for hair of any length and size. Specially for your fine hair, it will work like a charm. Inside the box, you also get argan oil which does the job of smoothening your hair post treatment with the flat iron. 

A feature that is missing in this flat iron is that you don’t get the auto-shutdown feature which means you will have to always be conscious of not leaving the machine on. Several reviews suggest that the product smells within a few days of purchase but it shouldn’t worry you as it’s not a flaw and shall go away soon. 


  • Digital LCD temperature control
  • 100% ceramic tourmaline plate
  • Advanced Infrared heat technology
  • Comes with free argan oil and heat resistant glove
  • Portable and comes with pouch


  • Doesn’t have the auto-shutdown feature

USP: Combined with the high quality ceramic plates, a digital display to know details and freebies such as argan oil and gloves make it the best flat iron for fine hair. 


2. Infinitipro By Conair

Nobody likes bad frizz and unruly hair. Infinitipro by conair is a flat iron that gives you choice of choosing the flat iron based on inches of the plate. You can choose from 1 inches till 1 ¾ inches whichever is the best one for your curls. The USP of Infinitepro is that it uses an infrared energy and tourmaline ceramic technology which can make your hair glow smooth and make them look very attractive. 

The argan oil also that comes with the product helps shine your curls. Another great addition to this flat iron is that it has the auto-shutdown feature so if you forget to shutdown the iron, it shall turn off automatically. The plates heat up to 455F and that too in just 15 seconds which is great. 

If you are a newbie, you may be confused regarding what temperature to set. With Infinitepro, you get 30 heat settings that will make it easy for any type of hair. You can get 70% less frizz and 5 times stronger hair with less breakage. 


  • Comes with auto shutdown feature
  • Has infrared energy and tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Plates heat up to 455F in just 15 seconds
  • Comes with 30 heat settings


  • Plates may not be that smooth as per certain reviews

USP: InfinitiPro by Conair has the tourmaline ceramic technology and works on infrared energy to make your hair look smooth. The plates also heat till 455F in just 15 seconds. This is a great machine for people with any hair type. 


3. Babylisspro Nano Titanium

You may be among the ones who are always travelling and so is looking for something which is portable and works everywhere. Babylisspro Nano is the perfect choice for you due to two main reasons: it comes with dual voltage and second that its lightweight. The very design of babylisspro is very thin making it easy to carry anywhere you go. 

You get to choose from two sizes: 1 inches and ½ inches. The plates heat up to 440F which is enough to make your hairs get a fine curl. If you have a small or medium fine hair then this can be a great choice for you. 

No matter what color, shape or size of hair you have, you can easily treat your hair with babylisspro as it comes with 50 heat settings allowing you to go with the setting that works out for you. A unique technology called Nano titanium works in this machine which makes heat to treat all parts of your fine hair equally. 


  • Comes with dual voltage
  • The iron is lightweight
  • Has a nano titanium technology
  • Plates heat up to 440F


  • Handle does get very hot at times

USP: With the nano titanium technology, this machine works great for hair of all types and most important its lightweight design is perfect for people who are on the go. 


4. Xtava Professional Infrared Hair

Xtava Professional infrared flat iron competes with the top position in this list since it’s so good. This can easily be the best flat iron for thin hair more so because of its features and practicality. In this flat iron, you get auto shut off feature that makes it suitable for anyone who forgets to shut down the machine. 

The machine has 2-inch wide, ceramic tourmaline floating plates which glide through your hair very smoothly which means even if you have coarse hairs, this will do the job very effortlessly. This flat iron has an LCD display that shows you the temperature from 265 degree to 445 degrees. For your ease, Choose between 265°F – 300°F for fine delicate hair, 300°F – 380°F for normal hair and 380°F – 445°F for thick or coarse hair. 

Wider plates always ensure the work gets done faster. You even get a heat resistant travel case with dual voltage plug making it a great machine for travellers. 


  • Infrared flat iron hair straightener
  • LCD display for temperature
  • Wide plates and travel friendly pouch
  • Auto shut off and lock feature
    2 year warranty


  • May appear too bulky compared to your previous flat irons

USP: The main USP of Xtava professional infrared hair straightener is the 2 inch wide ceramic plate that ensures the work gets done quicker. LCD display and dual voltage with temperature control for all hair types make it a great flat iron. 


5. Kipozi Flat Iron

One of the best options in the list for the best flat iron for fine hair is the Kipozi K137 Flat iron. This is also the only option in the list which has titanium plates. Compared to ceramic plates, titanium has great thermal conduction and transfer heat and retains well than other plate materials. 

Kipozi has two titanium plates so the heat delivers faster and also is retained double than other plates. This makes the machine quick and also the usage of titanium acts as an element against corrosion. Over the titanium plates which sometimes can get too hot, there is a ceramic layer over it to reduce hair damage. 

You can control the temperature of kipozi K137 up to 450F using an LCD display. You get all the standard features such as auto shutoff and safety lock along with a 360 degree 8-foot cord for proper flexibility and styling. Kipozi has also included a storage pouch and dual voltage of 100V-240V for worldwide usage. 


  • Titanium plates with PTC ceramic coating
  • Ultra fast heating compared to other materials
  • 80% less breakage than other machines and plates
  • Wide temperature settings
  • 8-foot swivel along with auto-shutoff
  • Travel pouch


  • Slight heavy than other flat irons

USP: The main USP of Kipozi K137 is the titanium plates which are known for a lot of heat conducting properties. Not only are they better than ceramic plates but also heat up quite quickly. If you always run low on time, this is the flat iron to consider. 


6.  Bio Ionic Onepass Iron

Bio Ionic Onepass straightening flat iron is not a cheap or a budget flat iron. It’s expensive and more so because of its feature that makes it so unique. It’s among the fastest flat iron you will find in this list. It can do the job in almost half the time compared to a traditional flat iron. The iron comes with a patented silicone speed stripes in the plates which allow user to straighten and style the hair easily. 

The plates are made from bioceramic ions and infrared energy which heats up the plate until 400 degrees with ease. Onepass iron plates emit negative ions which are responsible to break down 

Water clusters on the hair into small molecules which are then easy to penetrate inside your hair making them look smooth and shiny. 

The flat iron has multi-level heat control which means the user can adjust the heat of the iron as per her choice. It’s expensive but performs equally well. 


  • Patented silicone speed strips
  • 9 ft swivel cord
  • Multi level heat controller
  • Bioceramic Heaters


  • There are better options since its very expensive

USP: This is a great device considering the technology it comes with. You get everything necessary and even more but it does come at a price point. If you want speed and innovation, go for it. 


7. Remington S9950PP Pearl Pro

The Remington as a brand has been very popular among females for its high end products at affordable range.

The remington S9950PP is another great device which works very smooth for fine hair. 

It produces 450F salon high heat which is similar to the heat generated at salon flat iron.

The pearl pro ceramic technology has been made using real crushed pearls which ensure smooth glide through your hair. 

It has 1 inch floating plates that give you full freedom and control to glide your hairs with ease. It’s important for flat irons to heat up quickly. WIth Remington S9950PP, the plates heat up in just 30 seconds. Apart from the high grade salon performance, you get digital controls which is basically an LCD screen that displays the temperature and settings. 

You also get the auto shut off feature, temperature lock and a swivel cord which is important. So if you want a device which has multiple features and comes at a budget price, this is the device to go for. 


  • Pearl pro ceramic technology
  • Heats up to 450 degrees like salon flat irons
  • Comes with digital controls and auto shut off feature
  • Heats up quickly in 30 seconds


  • May not be suitable for all hair types

USP: A great feature about remington pearl pro is that they have used real crushed pearls on the plates which make them really stand out. At this price point, its a great but to get this machine. 


8. Homitt Hair Straightener

As soon as you see the design of Homitt hair straightener, you’re amazed by its unique barrel like design which plays an active role in how you handle the device. This flat iron operates in a 5 heat temperature settings which will up your game of hair straightening. You can see the temperature in the LCD display which prevents you from different temperatures that you might press by mistake. 

Homitt hair straightener works on a unique negative ion and constant temperature function which means there are 2 million negative ions released per cubic centimeter. The machine comes with a 360 degrees swivel long cord that prevents any type of entanglement. When it comes to ceramic plates, homitt has 3D floating tourmaline ceramic plates. 

The best part is the package that you get. It comes with a hair straightener, a safety heat resistant glove, salon comb and 1 salon hair clip. Also important to note is the dual voltage design which is great especially for anyone who travels more often. 


  • Negative Ion and Constant temperature function
  • 2 in 1 rounded hair straightener and curler
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Includes heat resistant gloves and dual voltage design


  • The plates my get too hot at times
  • Size may be too big for few users

USP: This is one of the best hair straighteners that ranks overall in almost every parameter. What sets this apart from others is the usability and how practical everything is from design to the way you use this. 


9. Voloom Hair Iron

People with fine hair have one major issue which is of holding them together. Since they are very thin, it can be troublesome to handle them. For such users, Voloom hair iron is a perfect choice. It comes with a patented checkered like beveled platform which is responsible for lifting your hairs thus giving them a natural glow. 

Since this comes with a coating of ceramic. It is responsible to capture heat which ensures your fine hairs are not exposed to high temperatures of heat.

You can control the temperature of the machine using the LED display which shows the accurate temperature ranging from 220F to 395F. 

Voloom hair iron also comes with the auto shut feature and one of the only issues will be the high end exterior which can be a little too much for ones who just care about the functionality of the machine. You also get a large 8-foot swivel cord which serves a great purpose when you are always on the go. 


  • Unique Patented plate design
  • Ceramic coated plates generate high amount of heat
  • LED display to view temperature range
  • 1 year product warranty
  • Auto shutoff, locking mechanism and 360 swivel cord


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Coated with ceramic and not actual ceramic

USP: It has a unique ceramic coated patented checkerboard design that ensure there is a smooth flow in your hairs and also lifts your hair from the scalp. This is a new and perfect for someone who wants to experiment a little. 


10. Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

Products from Conair like the conair double ceramic flat iron has been making products which focus on hair of every type. Your thin fine hair are taken good care whenever you use a conair product.

This version has a plate made from ceramic and the best part is that in this version the amount of ceramic has been doubled which enables optimum hair protection and styling control.

Whenever there is a high ceramic content in the plates, it means there will be less frizz, you will get long lasting styles and great shine in your hairs. You can even see the temperature through the digital LED 5 settings that ranges from 266F to 410F. 

Conair double ceramic flat iron has all the usual features such as auto shut down which is important especially if you often forget to turn off the machine or there is a power failure. The machine comes in rose gold and white color. This is a great budget friendly device. 


  • Even heat distribution across hairs
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Clean and minimal design
  • Budget friendly device
  • Elevated ceramic composition


  • Swivel cord is short
  • You don’t get any extra accessories 

USP: Conair has double ceramic plates which means there will be even heat distribution. This is a budget friendly device and definitely suitable for first time buyers. 


Material Inside Your Flat Iron

Material used in the plates play a very important role when it comes to a flat iron. It can play huge impact of heat and the way it treats your hair. Always check with the manufacturer regarding the right materials used in your flat iron. 

Since the point of contact of a flat iron is the plate used which is why you should pay attention like never buy anything that’s made of steel or any other type of harsh metal. Always look for a good quality flat iron. Below are materials you should be looking for:

  • Ceramic: One of the most widely used since its an affordable option. They are very good at distributing heat and great from a safety point of view protecting your hands. 
  • Tourmaline: This material is great considering it maintains heat consistently across the plates giving your hairs an even treatment. Another benefit of this element is that it can capture the moisture of your hair. This is great for fine hair as it ensures there is no damage caused. 
  • Titanium: This is the material which transfer heat the quickest. It’s better than ceramic and tourmaline since it heats fast and helps in efficient styling. Titanium as a metal is very durable and any flat iron coated with titanium has longer life compared to others.

Temperature Adjustment

You need to set a temperature depending on the type of your hair. Remember the list of flat irons for curly hair will be different from the list of best flat iron for fine hair. When you are treating fine hair which have thin consistency then you should be using a flat iron at low temperatures. Get yourself a flat iron where you can control the heat settings. At the end, you need to choose the right temperature of the plates.

We will advice to not treat your hairs suddenly with high temperature. Expose your hairs with the lowest temperature first and slowly increase the temperature. Start with just 200 degrees and move your way forward. 

Importance of Negative Ion Technology

You may have read a few products that we have recommended in the list have ionic technology which is a powerful technology that reduces any impact of heat on your hair. As per the technology there are negative ions which protect your follicles from the heat resistance thus ensuring the process remains smoother. Your hairs will have less frizz and there will be less damage so always look for a flat iron with ion technology. 

Choosing the right plate size

This is very subjective and depends highly on the thickness of your hair and the length. Once inch works for all but if you have long and thick hair then you should go with 1.5 or 2 inch plate. A wide flat iron has the benefit of doing the process quick while if you are new to using this device then go with 1 inch flat iron since you will take time figuring out the best way to treat your hair. 

Heat Protection

Safety is very important and we will recommend if you get a free heat resistant gloves with a flat iron, it will be better if you are someone who will be using the device for the first time. Although heat depends on the type of plate used and many other factors. It’s always important to ensure safety. 

Automatic shut off

This may be a handy feature and an important one if you are someone who is always in a hurry and on the go. You may leave the flat iron on more often and so the automatic shut off feature is a life saves. It will automatically shut down your machine after a set number of time when left unused. Almost all flat irons have this feature these days. 

Should warranty be kept in mind

It’s an add on and you should definitely go with a minimum of 1 year of warranty. As is with all electrical devices, they can get any type of issue mid way of using so its better to go with a device that gives product warranty. 

Difference between fine hair and thin hair

Thin hair simply means that you the density isn’t very thick and you can easily run your hands through the hair. It doesn’t mean that you have less hair, it’s just that the coarse hair has a bigger diameter for your hairs. Coarse hair are also slightly more difficult to manage and so you need to take care great care of fine hair. If you do have coarse thin hair then they are more sensitive to breakage or heat but not to worry since with proper care, you can sport anytype of hair. 

Advantages of Fine hair:

  • You need to use less shampoo and conditioner
  • Getting rid of that clutcher or detangling your hair gets fairly easy
  • There’s no need for you to try multiple styling products
  • Since you have thin hairs, they will dry very quickly
  • If you have just had a bath, straightening your hair can be a quick process

Preparing your hairs for flat iron

Step 1: based on your hair type, there are plenty of products in the market. Start with a proper headwash and conditioner and if possible choose the ones made just for straight hairs.

Step 2: Dry your wet hair using a towel. Simply use the towel to wrap around and not be rough.

Step 3: Unless your hair dries completely, use a thermal protection serum which is like a cream to protect your hair from excess heat. You can also use argon oil or coconut oil.

Step 4: Since your hairs are thin, don’t use a closely toothed comb, instead make use of a wide toothed comb.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair and go slow when you do this. Set your hairdryer to low and make sure every portion of your head is covered in the process.

How to straighten fine hair properly?

If you are someone who is straightening the hair for the first time then this section will be key to how you can get the best out of the process.

Preparation is a key element here. If you have fine hair, then you will be required to make sure extra safety as they are delicate and sensitive. When we say preparation, it means that you need to use all your hair related products like shampoos or special conditioners which make your hair feel healthy. Before you treat your hair with a flat iron, make sure your hairs are dry and also apply the heat spray if you have one.

Styling is another aspect. You would want to sport the best you have and so it gets important to have a good quality brush which you can use to style your hair. Start from the bottom layers of the hairs and pull it all the way to the top. 

How to use flat iron on fine hair?

Steps on how to use the flat iron:

Step 1: Plugin the flat ron and set the temperature, enough to begin treating your hairs, preferably below 350 degrees.

Step 2: Now make sure you hold the flat iron as close to your scalp as possible but not too close as it may result in burns.

Step 3: Clamp your iron around a particular area. Since you need to make your hair passes through the iron, you have to clamp the hair but not too tightly. Also don’t hold a certain area of hair for too long.

Step 4: The way you let your hairs pass through the flat iron is very important. You need to make sure that you move your flat iron in a very fluid way. Don’t wait at a certain block of hair for too long.

Step 5: Wherever you feel you need to repeat your action then do so but make sure you don’t overdo a section of your hair.

Step 6: Once you have finished a certain section, use the flat iron by clipping the already done part.

Step 7: If you have a very sensitive hair type then it would make sense to apply serum or use a hairspray.

Step 8: Once you have finished the straightening part, use a blow dryer to treat your hair so they get back to the natural shape and look straight.

Step 9: You can apply products like anti-frizz serum or a setting spray. 

Common mistakes while straightening fine hair

Never rely on what most people say should be the ideal temperature of your flat iron. Some may say to keep it below 350 degrees while some may say to keep it between 200-350. Always consult with an expert hair stylist before going ahead and treating your hair. 

  1. Always look for flat irons that have ionic technology which will most likely be present in elements like ceramic, tourmaline or titanium plates
  2. Always consult a hairstylist before setting up your flat iron to a certain styling setting or the temperature. Never assume anything on your own.
  3. Never ever use a flat iron on a damp hair. This can be dangerous and you can get your hairs burned. That’s when a sizzling sound comes.
  4. You may be convinced to buy a cheaper alternative but since these are your hair. We as girls know how important they are to us so always go with a high quality grooming product.
  5. Always allow your hair to cool down else you may not get the desired results.
  6. Don’t make multiple passes in just one section of your hair. Make sure there is fluidity in your movement when treating your fine hair.


Q; What is the best temperature range to be set for thin fine hair?

Always make sure to select the lowest heat settings because hair types are unique and you never know which setting may suit you the best. It can take several trials before you find the best setting for your hair type.

Q. What are some popular brands for flat irons?

When it comes to buying grooming products, never buy a cheap alternative. Always go with the premium options available like HSI and Remington.

Q. Can i use single flat iron for all hair lengths?

If your hair type is short then you can use the same flat iron. If you have long hair then it would make sense to use a flat iron that has more than 1 inches of plate size. 


We have compiled this guide from a lot of our personal experiences. We talked to a lot of girls who had different hair types. There could only be two kinds of people reading this guide, one who are newbies and others who are wanting to buy their next flat iron. This guide is for people who have thin or finer hair type. From our experiences, we think these are two flat irons that we will recommend to users who have fine hairs:

  • HSI Professional
  • Remington Flat iron

We hope this guide about the best flat irons for thin hair helps you in all the ways and if there’s anything you wish to recommend us or have questions, let us know in the comments.