10 Best Shaver for Pubic Area Female 2022 (REVIEWED)

Are hairs in your pubic area irritating you, giving you that feeling of a thorn in a flowery garden? So you are in the right place for you have got not one, but ten solutions for it and guess what the choice is yours to pick whatever fits you right.

Keeping the public area clean is not a “BARON thing”. It’s part and parcel of hygiene and grooming. Though it’s not a part of your external appearance, it’s one of those internal factors which has a lot to do with your personality for a confident, fresh and healthy body speaks for itself.

Me being a girl knows your concern of finding a gentle and smooth bikini shaver or I would instead call it a saver, so let’s check this out:

Best Shaver for Pubic Area Female Reviews

1. Brori Electric Shaver Razor for Women

Brori Electric Shaver Razor for Women

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I know that you are too busy to go this extra mile, so we’ve got something better for you. Brori electric shaver razor for women comes on top of our list of women’s electric shavers. With this, you can shave while showering itself. This razor is water-resistant and washable. The grip in the razor is good enough even if you are wet. So there is no need to find extra time, cancel a call or especially plan a clean-up. This extremely low-noise producing shaver features sharp blades with a 3 in 1 shaving handle.The straight blade of this razor is designed for using on the arms and legs while the curved one suits well with the bikini and knees.

The built-in light in it never misses the thinnest and tiniest of hairs. It has a marvelous battery life and is a cordless device. You can run it for 60 minutes without recharging. In addition, Brori also includes a floating 3D foil which makes this one perfect for stubble trimming. The hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades coupled with the foil guarantees safe shave, allowing the maximum skin contact and minimal discomfort. Sounds cool. Isn’t it? Let’s get to know what are the few things that set it apart from another shaver-


  • The head of the razor is replaceable and reusable.
  •  Dual charging models
  •  You’ve got an extra blade!!!
  •  IPX7 (Ingress protection testing tests-7) level of waterproofing.
  •  It is hypoallergenic.
  • Money is precious so let me help you use it wisely.


  • Very comfortable and handy to use
  • Painless Process
  • 3 in 1 sharp and effective dual blades
  • Built-in LED light to enhance the perfection in the removal process.
  • Rechargeable


  • Frequent usage may cause irritation
  • Not multitasking in nature- Can’t be used on the face.
  • Heating issue after multiple usages

2. VITCHELO’s  Electric Bikini Trimmer for Women

VITCHELO's  Electric Bikini Trimmer for Women

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If you want a multi-tasking trimmer, then VITCHELO’s  Electric Bikini Trimmer for Women is undoubtedly a bundle of joy for you. It just doesn’t help out in hair removal in pubic areas but also in legs, arm-pits, bikini area, upper lips, face, legs, nose, side locks and almost anywhere on your body. When it comes to work, perfection is something that each one of us aspires. This 5-in-1 Electric trimmer certainly says bye-bye to painful and ineffective ways to remove the unwanted pubic hair. You can get a shave which is close to the manual-shaver without getting any burns or itchy skin.

The best part of using this trimmer is the micro-precision technology in it which makes your skin cleaner and shinier. I couldn’t have desired anything more as it seems like a cherry on a cake. The VITCHELO  trimmer is strong and quick unlike other cheap electric shavers which are sluggish & weak. It comes in a  stylish plastic bag that is water-resistant so that you can store it without any inconvenience. Lastly, you wouldn’t want to spend a couple of hours only in cleaning the hair remover, would you? Therefore, the company has provided a little brush for cleaning the blades and the device’s body. The key factors which bind us to the product are here –


  • Attractive design and latest technology
  • It is portable
  • Ergonomic in nature
  • Rechargeable
  • Cordless
  • Five extra replaceable heads


  • Safe to use – no side effects.
  •  Fast and powerful
  • Smooth and flawless skin on hair removal
  • No maintenance required
  • Discreet in use.
  • Portable – a handy device.


  • It’s difficult to clean the tiny gaps with this device.
  • Blades are the heart and soul of the device – if it is blunt, you have no choice but to change the device.
  • Sharper blades – Beware!!! it may hurt.

3.  Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansing Shaver

Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansing Shaver

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Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansing Shave is a 4 in 1 shaver model. With this product, you get three in one blade, an exact shaving blade, a sophisticated trimming blade and what’s more? A cleaning brush. It is multi-tasking as well. For all the girls who are fed up with facial hair, armpit hairs and hairs on legs and arms, this trimmer is a solution to all your issues, be it your bikini area or eyebrows. 

The best part of using this trimmer is it works all fine even in curvy parts. It gives you a deep pore cleansing on the face for its brush head is beneficial. This razor glides effortlessly over the contours of the skin to shave various parts of the body conveniently. It  has an water-proof body that easily removes your hair with the help of soap foam while you’re in the tub or shower. Also, supports dry and wet use for proper hair removal. Here are the key factors for endorsing it:


  • It is multi-functioning.
  • It works all fine be it dry use or wet use.
  • The ergonomic designs give the user a better experience.
  • A complete manicure set is provided along.


  • Shaving is fun with this product with a bonus of a smooth feeling.
  • Its design is user friendly.
  • Waterproof coating
  • Easy to use


  • Heating issues may occur as product usage increases.
  • Miserable battery life – you may have to charge it now and then.

4. Panasonic ES2216PC Electronic Attachment Operation

Panasonic ES2216PC Electronic Attachment Operation

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Panasonic ES2216PC Electronic Attachment Operation  is one of the best trimmers to experience a clean and comfortable shave so far. It has the best bikini attachment added on with a pop-up trimmer. It has a four-blade system of shaving so that not even the tiniest of hair is left over your skin. This electric shaver has a  pivoting head which glides very effortlessly in the arms and bikini regions. It helps in tracing the individual contours of the thighs and arms. There is also an in-built pop- up trimmer for legs and underarms. The adjustable-settings of the bikini attachment trims sensitive bikini area. Sounds great!!! 

The hypoallergenic stainless steel in the inner blade gives you an irritation-free experience which helps a lot, especially to sensitive skin. It has got a flexible pivoting head which makes the process of hair removal quite easy. This is not just a cordless and rechargeable female shaver but can also be used in wet or dry conditions. One full shaver charge will last you 20 minutes of shaving time.


  • Pivoting head, flexible
  • A very sharp shaving blade
  • Blades made up of hypoallergenic stainless steel.


  • It’s effortless to clean after use.
  • Increased reusability factor
  • A very comfortable way to shave.


  • Sharp foil head may hurt the skin.

5. DELUXIS Women’s Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer

 DELUXIS Women's Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer

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DELUXIS Women’s Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer trimmer will help you remove unwanted hair not only from your pubic area but all over your body. The USB charging system and one-hand wireless operation ensures a better battery life and is a promise to the long term deal. The blade of the trimmer is a T-shaped stainless steel hypoallergenic blade which can be used for all skin. It glides very smoothly on the contours of the body. In addition, the 200 times/sec high-frequency oscillation of this trimmer helps in achieving good results.

It is designed in such a way that you can have it in your purse while travelling. Now, this seems something worthy as travelling is an integral part of our personal and professional life. So grab on this opportunity. This DELUXIS Women’s Electric Shaver enables the wireless operation and has an in-built USB charging system. There is also an in-built large-capacity battery which can be used constantly for a maximum 60 minutes. This one is a compact hair shaver for your face and is portable. Also, this one uses the power bank, direct power, PC for getting charged.


  • It’s good to use for all ages.
  • USB rechargeable
  • Cordless and portable
  • Four trimming combs


  • Safe and efficient in use
  • Painless and operates quickly
  • Can be used anywhere.


  • Beware Sharp blades hurt

6. Remington WDF5030A Smooth Glide Shaver

Remington WDF5030A Smooth Glide Shaver

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If you want a shaver which takes care of your skin just like you- you’ve got a Remington WDF5030A Smooth Glide Shaver. From good quality blades to a long-lasting, reliable motor, Remington takes care of all that. With the smooth shave technology of the Remington Shaver you can get convenience and comfort while shaving.  The angled shaver head includes 4 blades for fast and smooth results due to its closeness to skin. 

The best part of using this shaver is that you may experience an irritation-free shaving. Shaving is something that women need now and then for grooming and hence a better experience is highly desirable. The head of the razor is slightly tilted at an optimal angle so that it reaches every nook and corner of the parts underuse. It has an almond oil strip to protect your skin. You will definitely fall in love with the versatility of this cordless and rechargeable shaver which can be used along with the shaving gel and that too in water. Moreover, the strip of moisturizing almond oil nurtures the skin for optimal comfort throughout shaving.


  • Waterproof Shaver
  • Perfectly sculptured head removing even the tiniest of all hair.
  • Shaving seems like a smooth sail for your body.
  • Almond oil strip to cherish your elegance
  • Multi-tasking shaver


  • It has got issues with recharging the battery.

7. Philips Bikini Perfect HP6378 pink/Opal Trimmer

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If you are the one with sensitive skin, then this Philips Bikini Perfect HP6378 pink/Opal Trimmer suits you the best. It has perfect blades and the best part of all- it won’t give you cuts or hurts like other trimmers. Once charged, the trimmer is all set to be used for 60 minutes. This trimmer is the best solution for reducing the ingrown hair and also lowers the discomfort. Using this Bikini Perfect trimmer for healthy trimming and epilating the hair down there. There are six attachments plus bonus which includes a pouch for storage, tweezers, and exfoliation gloves.

This one surely is the perfect grooming package for the beautiful and smooth bikinis lines that you will ever need. This can b e used in wet or dry conditions, be it under a shower or tub.  It guarantees long-lasting smoothness of the bikini area as this one removes the hair from the roots.  Gently scrubs the skin for removing the dead skin cells which uncovers the smooth skin. The hypo-allergenic foil helps in providing hyper-smooth skin.


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Cordless mode supported
  • Handy and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Boon for a sensitive skin


  • Attachments in the product are not up to desirability level.

8. Braun Silk – Epil bikini Trimmer FG1100

Braun Silk - Epil bikini Trimmer FG1100

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If variety is something which fascinates you, then the Braun Silk – Epil bikini Trimmer FG1100 can take care of all your desires. It is a very versatile shaver with a lot of attachment in it for facial hair, eyebrows and other areas. The two length setting allows you to choose a mode based on length and hair density. It has round tips which offer you less risk of cuts and irritation.

Braun’s pen-sized trimmer eliminates unnecessary hair from bikini lines, and many other sensitive areas. It is equipped with 2 long-lasting cutting heads out of which one is regular and other is precision. There are also two combs which are 5mm and 8 mm. These can cut hair quickly, leaving your skin smooth. The FG1100 is incredibly lightweight and washable, ensuring you can carry it with you. The whole package of tools and trimmer comes in a small cardboard box with a plastic protective shell. The comb and other handy accessories come in a cute bag along with the AAA battery.

Taking a keen and in-depth look at it, we got to tell you its pros and cons.


  • Two length setting
  • Lightweight
  • It can even be used for eyebrow shipping.


  • The shaver can hurt you when it pulls your hair.
  • Blades are sharp; it may hurt you.

9. Schick Hydro Silk Razor with a Bikini Trimmer

Schick Hydro Silk Razor with a Bikini Trimmer

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If price is one of your concerns, then Schick Hydro Silk Razor with a Bikini Trimmer product is a perfect option. It gives you a smooth shave without any irritation, cuts or pain. The razor is not all allergic and has perfect battery life. It contains one hydrated razor and a bikini trimmer. On combining with an advanced trimming technology, this Schick Hydro Silk razor shaves and trims with just a small turn of handle. 

This trimmer has an in-built trimmer which is ideal for easy bikini area maintenance, be it in or out of the tub. There is an adjustable comb with four settings which can help in achieving good results. Throughout the trimming process, the five curve-sensing blades with special skin guards smoothes the skin, helping to minimize friction while providing ultimate proximity. The water-activated hydra-boost serum formulation with shea butter is a hypoallergenic remedy and offers lasting hydration. Also, this has been added in after a  scientific confirmation.

So let’s check out its Pros and cons:


  • A combo pack of the adjustable comb
  • Hypoallergenic property
  • Multitasking
  • Fits your budget


  • Cleaning up trimmer is not so easy.

10. Panasonic ES246AC

Panasonic ES246AC

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Panasonic ES246AC is a budget-friendly branded trimmer. Four ounces of weight and 1.5″ width makes this model unique. It suits best for sensitive skin and has five adjustable lengths. The Panasonic five-setting bikini razor is light in weight and compact. It very easily removes the hair without any discomfort. The trimmer is cordless and is powered with 2 AA batteries. There is also a small brush available with it which helps in proper cleaning.

It can be kept in a bag and can be carried easily due to its small size. Two fully charged batteries are present in this bikini razor which make it suitable for operation up to 45 minutes.  Now with this trimmer, you can enjoy easy trimming and shaping of the bikini line. Due to the super-slim and high-performance, this one does a lot more than expected.  The blade is made up of stainless steel  and it can clear off the finest hair also. This razor blade bikini is hypoallergenic in order to reduce inflammation on sensitive skin.


  • Multiple adjustable lengths
  • Cordless
  • Long battery life
  • Sensitive Skin-friendly


  • Not waterproof
  • Supports dry shaving only.
  • It’s not a full-body shaving trimmer.

Things to consider while buying a shaver for pubic area female: Your Guide

Blades – 

Check out for blades, a trimmer is one of the most often used things, sharper and dull blades can hurt you and change every use into a horrible nightmare. So be cautious!!!

Waterproof blades – 

It has lesser chances to get rust or blunt. Trimmer costs quite a lot of pence, so why not invest it wisely.

Battery supported trimmer & Accessories-

Battery supported trimmer are long-lasting. We all want to make an investment which promises us excellent services for a longer time.

Also, check if your product comes with an accessory kit. A reliable shaver model would be rechargeable and will come with a USB  cable cum charger adapter already present inside the package. This will save the additional expense of buying a separate charger and cord.

Angled heads –

Just one head is not enough to correctly trim off all the hair, you must go with angled heads if you are one among those who don’t compromise with perfection.

Lightweight –

“Too tired, planning to go out- just for a change”, sounds like your voice. So you need a lightweight, easy to carry trimmer.

Should Ensure Decent Shave –

Not every electric shaver could guarantee precise shaving just like a cartridge razor does. However, the trusted brands might offer this feature of decent shaving close to the quality of a handheld razor. 

Skin-friendly –

How would you feel if every time you shave to look elegant you end up itching here and there or feel irritation all over? Trimmer is something which needs to be seriously kept in mind.

Your pubic zone is the most sensitive area of your body. Therefore, make sure to choose a shaver that is safe for sensitive skin. If it has a mild shaving effect on delicate skin texture, then it is certainly the best product for pubic trimming.  

Should Have Adjustable Combs –

An adjustable comb is the prime requirement in a shaver, typically for genital use. It helps in perfect hair trimming down there.

Must Follow the Body Contours –

The best quality shaver would smoothly glide along your body contours with least chances of cuts. Remember, your vajayjay zone is not a flat area. So, you need to make sure that your chosen shaver product easily glides delivering decent results with a closer shave.


We showed you the best shaver for pubic area female, and now it’s your turn to be picky about it. Choose what suits and comforts your skin. Women often doubt a lot before purchasing a trimmer for the side effects is something that horrifies them. Rest assured we came up with these conclusions after a lot of reviews, and now it’s time for your action.

To make the selection even easier, here are our top 3 recommendations:

1. Brori electric shaver razor for women

  • -Ensures very comfortable cum painless shaving 
  • -Rechargeable shaving model
  • -Easy to use and the inbuilt LED light makes shaving even safer and easier

2. Schick Hydro Silk Razor with a Bikini Trimmer

  • -Fits within budget and has multitasking features
  • -Includes a combo pack of adjustable combs for easier trimming 
  • -Hypoallergenic trimmer 

3. Panasonic ES246AC

  • -Mild on sensitive skin
  • -Cordless and rechargeable
  • -Long-lasting trimmer battery