The Best Way to Travel to Your Cruise Ship

Once you’ve booked your cruise, you’re bound to be excited. However, you’ll still need to plan the best  way to travel to your cruise ship. This will depend on where you’re located and which port your ship will be docked and waiting for your arrival.

Here is a look at your options for the best ways to get there. 

Flying Into the Port City

In some cases, taking an airplane is the only way to get to the port. You should always book flights to your embarkation city one to two days in advance of the cruise’s departure. The cruise ship will not wait for you if your flight has been delayed or you’ve missed your connections. It is imperative that you plan ahead, ideally spending a little extra time in this destination to avoid a hassle.

You can also arrange for ground transfers from your hotel directly to the cruise. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure you and all of your luggage gets to the port. It is a more expensive option, but if it’s done through the cruise line, they will make sure you get there on time. 

Drive There

If you live within a few hours of the cruise port, you may simply want to drive yourself. Some people drive even further to do this, though it will mean you’re more exhausted when you board the ship. This will make you more prone to illnesses or injuries on the ship if you don’t take care to drink enough water and get enough rest. 

Plenty of unexpected situations can arise on a long drive to your embarkation city. You may experience car troubles or get into an accident. However, if all goes as planned, you’ll simply need to set aside expenses for paying those hefty parking fees while you’re on the ship. 

Other Ways to Get to Your Cruise Ship

Flying or driving seem to be preferred though you aren’t limited to these travel modes to get to your cruise. You may also choose public transportation, though it will be difficult trying to manage your luggage, especially if you have to change buses, subway lines, or trains.

You could also choose to call for a taxi, though if you have many travel companions or lots of luggage, a standard cab won’t work. You can arrange for an airport shuttle service or even a rideshare if they have availability to haul you and your suitcases to the port. 

Stay Vigilant Before and After You Board

Taking a cruise ship vacation is an exciting time, though you shouldn’t let that excitement cloud your good judgment. When making your way to the port, watch for hidden dangers that may arise from accidents on the roadways to unscrupulous individuals who may try to take advantage of travelers.

Additionally, while you’re on board the vessel, it is wise to pay attention to your surroundings. It’s easy to get hurt, fall ill from improperly stored food, and have other issues on your ship. If that happens, contact a Houston cruise ship lawyer to discuss your legal options.