10 Best Electric Razor For Women’s Facial Hair in 2022

Smooth and silky skin, especially on the face, is a non-negotiable for every woman. But no matter what men think, it doesn’t just happen naturally. You need a good electric razor in your arsenal to achieve that peach fuzz free skin. Electric razors are great not only because they’re much easier to use compared to manual razors, but they also work better with sensitive skin. Unlike manual razors, they do not cause irritation, bumps, or chicken skin.

Following is a list of the top 10 electric razors for women that will give you a smooth and comfortable shave every single time. Don’t forget to check out the buying guide at the end to find out how to get the most out of your purchase.

Best Electric Razor for Women’s Facial Hair

1. Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver

Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver

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The Panasonic electric shaver can be used wet as well as dry, because it uses a 3-blade system that glides smoothly along your skin with the help of independently floating blades. It also comes with a pop-up trimmer that you can use for shaving sensitive and delicate areas painlessly and efficiently.

Moreover, this is not just a water-resistant razor, but a fully submersible one. This means that if you are shaving during the shower or doing some trimming while taking a bath, you can use this tool without any issues. It also comes with a compact charger, a travel pouch, and a cleaning brush. Then fully charged, the shaver gives you 20 to 35 minutes of shaving time.

Having said that, the product does not give you as close a shave as disposable razors can give you. But it does offer the advantage of not irritating sensitive skin. It also takes a long time to charge – you’ll have it plugged in for hours before you can start working with it again. However, it does give you more maneuverability, because it’s completely cordless.


  • Wet and dry combination razor
  • Can be used fully submerged
  • Easy to use and compact


  • Takes several hours to charge
  • 25 to 30 minutes of shave time

2. Philips Satinelle Essential

Philips Satinelle Essential

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This product by Phillips comes with 21 rotating trimmers that remove hair from your face and keep it from coming back for several weeks. The tool is capable of removing very fine hair from the facial areas as well and although it will be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, eventually you’ll get used to it.

It also comes with an efficiency cap which ensures that the positioning of the head is correct. This also helps in pulling out as many hair strands as possible in a single stroke. There are two speed settings to choose from, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to reach even the most awkward areas of your face without any difficulties.

The product comes with a two-year warranty. It’s also the least painful hair removing tool in the market and quite easy to clean. You may have to go over a particular area more than once, but this is true even for very expensive products. It is a corded device, but the cord is quite long, so it does give you more flexibility.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Not very painful to use


  • Corded device, which limits maneuverability.

3. Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

 Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

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The facial trimmer by Panasonic has a smooth pivoting head which is perfect for gliding naturally and smoothly over the contours of your face, and removing any hair in its path. The blade of the trimmer is hypoallergenic and quite thin – plus it comes with a round trip which ensures that there is no irritation or cuts on your face.

The specially designed razor also comes with eyebrow shaper combs that you can just snap on the tool. The overall design of the trimmer is also quite slim and you can fit it easily into your makeup kit, making it very portable and ideal for travel. You’ll need a single AA size battery to power the shaver, and the lack of cord also increases its maneuverability and ability to reach any awkward angles on your face.

Having said that, the biggest drawback of this device is that if the blades get dull, you cannot buy replacement blades. You will have to pay full price for a completely new device.


  • Slim design
  • Hypoallergenic and thin blades
  • Cordless functioning makes it easy to use


  • Replacement blades not available

4. Leuxe Store Facial Hair Remover

Leuxe Store Facial Hair Remover

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The facial hair remover by Leuxe Store is a completely painless device that uses dual blades for removing fine as well as coarse hair from your cheeks, chin, and your neck. The product is gentle enough for your skin to handle even daily usage, because it uses hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that do not cause redness or irritation of the skin.

You can even use this device when you need to take out a small patch of hair when you are wearing make-up and almost out of the door. The device trims and cuts your hair from the root, leaving the skin and the makeup smooth and flawless. This means that you can use it for fixing things at the last minute. It also comes with an IPX 6 graded waterproof design, which makes it fully washable.

Having said that, it will not give you as close a shave as you would get from a regular razor blade or waxing. The device also comes with an LED light and a one-year warranty, it’s also very quiet and small enough to fit into your makeup bag.


  • Unique dual blades
  • Hypoallergenic stainless-steel design
  • Fully washable
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Does not give as close a shave as regular razors

5. Nivlan Electric Razor for Women

 Nivlan Electric Razor for Women

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The two in one electric razor by Nivlan is capable of removing unwanted hair not just from your face, but also from your body without leaving any residues. This one is the best women’s electric razor for coarse hair. It’s an electric foil type of shaver and it comes with two replacement heads – the large one is meant for the body, and the small one is meant for the face.

This is a completely smooth and easy to use electric razor and it comes with hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades, which do not irritate or redden the skin after usage. The electric foil also follows the natural contours of your face and body, giving you a quick and close shave with extreme comfort. It’s a wet and dry type of razor too.

It comes with fast charging technology, which allows you to get 60 minutes of shaving time with just 5 minutes of charging. The package contains 2 in 1 replacement heads, facial trimmer, body groomer, cleaning brush, charging cable, and a travel bag. It also comes with 18 months of manufacturer’s warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.


  • 2 in 1 electric razor
  • Hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin
  • Can be used for wet and dry shaving


  • Does not does not give as close a shave as normal razors.

6. Funstant Electric Facial Hair Remover for Women

 Funstant Electric Facial Hair Remover for Women

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Built for all skin types, safe and gentle Funstant facial hair remover comes with sharp and rounded tip blades. This tool not only allows you to remove unwanted hair, but also acts as the perfect trimmer for precise touch ups around the eyebrows. It has double sided blades – full sized ones for removing patches of hair, and small ones for detailed touch-ups.

On top of all this, it also has hypoallergenic blades which are extremely long lasting and very gentle on your skin. No more redness, irritation, pain, or pulling sensation when you remove facial hair. The device has a sleek and stylish wand-like design, which is very easy to use and follows the natural contours of your face with accuracy. You can fit it into a pouch or makeup bag quite easily.

The multi-functional tool comes with a precision snap on grooming comb as well. It’s a battery-operated device and is powered by AAA batteries which are easy to find. The product also comes with an 18-month unconditional refund and replacement guarantee.


  • Multi-functional tool
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Sleek design
  • Battery operated
  • 18-month warranty


  • Coarse hair removal is not that efficient

7. Finishing Touch Store Hair Remover for Women

 Finishing Touch Store Hair Remover for Women

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The 18K gold plated hair remover by The Finishing Touch Store is an extremely discrete and portable device which comes in a variety of beautiful colors. It is a battery-operated device, so you will need one single AA battery to get started with it. The lack of cord and the fact that you don’t need to charge it make it quite portable and maneuverable.

The device removes facial hair quite painlessly and instantly from cheeks, chin, and lips. It uses butterfly technology for microscopically paring down the hair with the help of a spinning head. It also works great for removing peach fuzz and for last minute fixups when you have your makeup on. It’s a hypoallergenic tool that is recommended by dermatologists, so you won’t have to worry about irritation or redness.

It also has an LED light that tells you when the unit is on.


  • Battery operated
  • Discrete design
  • LED light to tell you when it is on


  • Does not work well with coarse hair or hair longer than ¼ inches.

8. Tencoz Electric Razor

Tencoz Electric Razor

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With two replaceable heads this electric razor can be used on the body as well as on the face. The smaller head is meant for fine facial hair removal and the larger head is good for removing large patches of hair from the body.

The stainless-steel blades are hypoallergenic in nature and do not cause any stinging or painful feeling. It also comes with IPX 6 waterproof guarantee, which means that you can use it in the bathroom without any concerns. Although it is a corded device, it does come with a super long wire to increase maneuverability. 1.5 hours of charging gives you 60 minutes of shaving time, which is pretty great.

The device is quite easy to use. For longer hair removal, the straight blades should be placed at a 45-degree angle, for shorter hair, the floating foil is used for removal. It also comes with 180-day service, and 90 day money back guarantee.


  • Multi-functional body and facial hair remover
  • Stainless steel hypoallergenic blades
  • Waterproof guarantee
  • Short charging time


  • It does not give you as close a shave as manual razors.

9. VG Vogcrest Facial Hair Remover

VG Vogcrest Facial Hair Remover

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The two in one hair removal for women is good for daily usage, because it has hypoallergenic blades that do not cause any bumps or chicken skin after shaving. The razor is also good at preventing cuts, nicks, or irritation. This razor is easy to use and that is why it’s the best razor for women’s facial hair.

You can use this device on your chin, cheeks, nose, eyebrows, upper and lower lip, as well as on peach fuzz or fine hair. Not only that, it also works as a body shaver, nose trimmer, and eyebrow trimmer. The device also comes with a USB cable for recharging, 60 days free return policy, and a warranty for product defects for an entire lifetime. Since the product is waterproof, you will be able to clean it quite easily.

It is essentially an electric razor which cuts the hair close to the root, instead of pulling it. This results in minimal pain and irritation. The LED light built into the device illuminates every stroke and makes sure that you do not miss a single hair.


  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • LED light for illuminating the strokes
  • Does not irritate or redden the skin
  • Low vibration and low noise


  • Does not offer as close a shave as manual razors

10. Funstant Electric Hair Remover

 Funstant Electric Hair Remover

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Boasting a sleek and stylish wand design, the electric razor by Funstant features an efficient dual blade system with one moving blade and another fixed blade. Both of them work together to efficiently and gently remove hair from your face without pulling, nicking, or causing any pain.

It’s also dual sided, so you can use it for multi-functional purposes. The full-size trimmer is ideal for neckline and sideburns, along with eyebrows, whereas the detailed trimmer will take care of any fine lines or precise trimming. Another handy tool that comes with this device is the snap-on grooming comp with the two versatile trimming lengths. You can use it for trimming and shaping your eyebrows for a clean and smooth look.

In other words, this multi-functional device works for removing facial hair from all the areas on your face – from sideburns, cheeks, ears, to chin, upper lip, and the neck. It’s also a battery-operated device, which increases the maneuverability. The stylish and sleek design will fit into any makeup box and makes it extremely portable.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Multi-functional device
  • Cordless


  • Does not last very long

Buying Guide – Best Women’s Electric Razor for Facial Hair

Here are the most important factors worth considering when buying an electric razor for facial hair:

1. Corded or cordless

Depending on how often you are planning to use the device, and what areas you’re going to use it on, both corded and cordless devices have their own pros and cons. Corded devices do not need battery charge, but they do limit maneuverability. On the other hand, cordless devices are good for going over difficult to access areas, but it may be difficult to charge them again and again and they may also lose charge in the middle of shaving.

Moreover, if you are buying a corded device, you should also take care of the following factors:

A. Battery life

Depending on the device you buy, battery life may range between one hour and 12 hours. You want to get a device that gives you at least two or three shaves before you need to charge it. You should also try to get a device that allows you to do a quick 5-minute charge for getting one shaving session in.

B. Battery indicator

This feature reminds you when the battery is low and to plug in and charge your razor.

C. Automatic shut off

This feature stops charging the razor when your battery is at 100%. This ensures that there is no damage to the battery and it is not reduced unnecessarily.

2. Ease of cleaning

You should try to get a razor that comes with a cleaning brush to make sure that the whole process is a breeze. Many devices also come with waterproof technology and a self-cleaning system where you just need to rinse them to get all the gunk out.

3. Multifunctionality

There are some multipurpose razors that not only work as facial razors, but can also be used on the body by just popping on a different head.

4. Handle and design

You will want to buy a device that is easy to hold and does not cause fatigue even when you are shaving with wet hands. For this purpose, you should buy a razor that comes with wet and dry shaving features.

5. Case

If you travel a lot, you will want to take your razor with you. This is why you should opt for a device that comes with its own case so that it does not get damaged in your luggage.


All electric razors for women are not made equally, and not all of them have the same quality. Having said that, the products featured above are the best electric razor for women’s facial hair and come with a deluge of features to choose from. Depending on your personal preference, you should determine what works best for your skin before you place an order.