7 Best Clippers For Line Up in 2022 [TESTED & REVIEWED!]

Crisp lines, suave facts and smooth fades – if these are all you desire, and then this blog is just right for you. I remember myself being so devastated when I get a wrong cut and I am damn sure, so are you. So let’s sort it out- your hair, your cut. In this fashion-driven world your hair is one of the many things which have a lot to do with the personality you portray, be it a cool buddy at the party time or a nerd in your class, or a mummy’s boy at home. 

Surprisingly, just a small cut can give you all a new look. On curling hairs from the corner of the front side of face, it gives a chic look in loose hair and a classy look in tied hair. So let’s explore a little more. Here we are landing in the fashion world where you’ve got a chance to choose the best hair clippers for a lineup that fits you just right.

7 Best Hair Clippers for Line Up 2022



It’s one of the best clippers to serve your purpose. It can function both as cordless or corded trimmer. It is a package of the trimmer, recharging stand, clean brush, three trimming comb guides, brush to be used before shaving and a red-blade guard. It is recommended by professionals. Not only these biggies, but commoners also recommend it as it has got five stars for its blade quality and versatility while 4.5 stars for motor power and monetary value. 

The trimmer has a T-wide blade so that it cuts precisely the way you desired.The lithium-ion powered battery in it helps it run 100 continuous minutes on every charge. So here is why you may find it just right for you or maybe a little hesitant on making a move.


  • Works both the way, corded or cordless
  • A set of accessories attached with it
  • The blade is very promising for getting the right cuts


  • More attachments could be given for the product.
  • The expert rating of this product is 5



If dry-shaving, fading and outlining is all that you are concerned about, this barbershop-quality clipper won’t disappoint you. Zero-gap and close cuts are something we wish every time we get a cut, the carbon steel T-blade in it just ensures that. The noiseless experience that the clipper gives is a bundle of joy for its users. It is a corded device but still convenient in use as it comes with a hanger loop and an eight foot-cord. 

Apart from the clippers, to keep your trimmer precise and smooth, you’ll get a blade oil. Though there are no attachments with it, still the quality of the trimmer compensates for that. So let’s get to know what it got to offer us all and what are the things we need to compensate.


  • T-blade made of carbon steel
  • You get a perfect zerogap lines and cuts
  • A Durable 8-foot cord 


  • You don’t get any attachments with this product



If the WAHL product mentioned above doesn’t fit your wallet, then we have got you this branded model. The Peanut Cordless is made up of A-grade material and is best in terms of sharpness and performance.

Though it is compact but still highly functional. Its sleek design is beautiful and has an aesthetic appeal. 

Aside from clippers, it gets you red blade guards, oil manual, two rechargeable batteries, four combing guides, and battery stand as an attachment. To practice line ups at home, this one is the best pick for you. It just weighs 4 ounces, so what are you worrying about, carry it on all your journeys.


  • Light-weight and highly compact
  • An accessory set is attached
  • Convenient to use
  • Cordless


  • A frequent recharge is needed



ANDIS Slimline Pro T-Blade Trimmer is a very gentle yet effective shimmering option. Not only it’s appearance gives you a beautiful view, but also it’s sophisticated design is convenient in use. It has both a corded and cordless option for use. Once the battery drains, the cord can be used for charging while a cordless mode can be used while trimming. 

It has a powerful rotary motor which improvises its delivery right from power, speed to delivery. Just 15 minutes of charging and you get its 2 hours non-stop service. It’s a single-button operation, and the contoured body sets it apart from its contemporary. Trimming with this device is so quick because it cuts 6000 strokes a minute. Now, that’s fast. Isn’t it?

Let’s see why this trimmer has got its edge-


  • Works both the way- corded and cordless
  • You get an accessory kit
  • Long-lasting rotary motor


  • Buzz created when in use is quite irritating.



If you are among those who are still a classic fan, then this trimmer is just what you should try. The name itself tells its story of it especially being made for classic cuts. It promises excellent performance for it has a single-speed universal motor with a detachable blade.

The design would remind you of barbershops back in the early ’70s. It does not break easily and is very durable. One of the issues with this device is it is a corded trimmer which works when the voltage is precisely 110. Fluctuation in voltage can ruin your mood while using the trimmer.

The package has a lot to offer like OSTER trimmer, blade guard, cleaning brush and lubricating oil. Looking at all the factors, it’s a great trimmer to be used at home. The stylish box in which you get the product can serve the purpose of gifting to family and friends.

It’s time to know the plus and minus of purchasing this product-


  • A maintenance kit is a long-lasting promise of this product
  • Very stylish and classy design
  • 9-foot long power cord


  • Not too handy to use
  • Conditioned working (110 volts)
  • Cannot be carried along



Though it’s a little pricey, it’s all worth the money. If you desire a pro-grade clipper then this model offers you a very flexible and versatile design which is  a ONE-STOP solution to a wide range of hairstyles one would wish. The sharpness stays even after several usages. It’s a good one-time investment.

If fades are something you crave for, it is the best clippers you can have. Its compelling tool helps you get a quality fade. So what are you waiting for, grab it?

Some of the other features of this model apart is its lightweight and incredible compactness. It is very comfortable in use. It gives you the flexibility to use either the corded or cordless model. It has a lithium-ion battery that ensures a 90-minute service once charged.


  • Lightweight and Compact 
  • Charge once to use 90-minute continuously
  • Out of box accessories attached to it
  • Multiple modes- corded or cordless
  • Pro graded
  • Taper lever – adjust the length of cuts to the size you desire


  • Expensive



If you are a brand lover, WAHL got you another model which is a value- for-money product. The various accessories that come with it make barbing fun and a moment of leisure. The guide attached to the product is a perfect way for combing and shaving heads.

The wide-range out of box attachments would just leave you tongue tie. So, no extra investment on any additional accessories. Now, that sounds great! If you love changing style so often, its four new heads namely detail trimmer, detail shaver, T-blade, nose/ear/brow trimmer is a bundle of joy for you. Its battery life is implausible for it offers 4 hours non-stop service once charged. It has a one-minute charge technology if your battery ever runs down.


  • 4-hour non-stop service in one charge
  • Several accessories as attachments
  • Standard American Model
  • Warranty- A relief of 5 years for any sort of further expenditure
  • A solid structure


  • The power switch is a little less responsive.
  • The designed guide won’t help a lot.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Clippers: Buying Guide

Durability: I don’t see a point of investing so many pence over something that even does not last long. Durability is a factor you should check upon this. Remember clippers are one of those things that you use now and then, so high durability is desirable.

Brand: Brand speaks for itself. A brand is built out of excellent customer experience and wonderful expert review. So when it comes to significant investment, one should always go with brands.

Motor Power: It is like your brain. The performance of trimmer is directly proportional to its motor power, be it efficiency or all the services associated. Experts suggest that electromagnetic motor versions should be preferred.

Versatility: We are the generation who would change our hairstyle on every dress we pick up. One would love to have chic hair at the party while a classy look in the office. Trimmer should be chosen such that it does well for sideburns, behind the neck or beard ear.

Corded Vs Cordless: Dual-mode clippers are preferable for we all love to travel. A corded clipper may ruin your “Mother’s Cousin’s Daughter’s wedding.” Just kidding!!! The essence of it is you may not be able to carry it far from your home.

Blade Quality: The blade quality largely determines your look. The quality of trims you will get has to do a lot with the material used in the blade. For say, if the blade is of stainless steel, it reduces the risk of you cutting or hurting yourself. Would you like ending up getting cut marks when you are trying to look cool? Not at all!!!

Appearance and Design: If I am investing so much on something, I would surely care about the design factor. An analysis says that “Anything you do putting your heart and soul yields you a far better result than you get out of something you are compelled to do”. The appearance of a device undoubtedly adds to your heart and soul factor and your willingness to use it.

Additional Accessories: It’s nothing but a cherry on the cake if you get attachments along with your shaver pack. In additional accessories, you should look for the exact hair level setter that you want after trimming.

Warranty: We have already seen that clippers are not so pocket friendly for commoners and it would be very disheartening if it malfunctions after a few days or few months. So “BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY”, go for a product which gives you a warranty.

Maintenance: Styling is part and parcel of both our personal and professional life. So a clipper which is easy to maintain has better functionality and a promising lifespan. Some shavers come with a maintenance kit which includes oil lubricants, blades brush and much more, you may go for one of those.


The answer to what’s the best clippers for lineups differs from individual to individual. If you are one among the party kids, you may not like a classical trimmer, and the same applies to individual longing for the opposite. 

There are a few points that you may keep in your mind to ensure a better long lasting shaving experience:

1) Regular Blade Cleaning

2) Blade Alignment

3) Clipper Sprays- to disinfect clipper’s blades

4) Blade replacement

5) Oiling

So we presented you both the edges of each clipper, now it’s your time to choose what makes you happy.