Top 6 Best Chi Flat Irons Worth Trying in 2022 [BEST PICKS]

Women love brands that perform and Chi as a brand has gained a lot of trust based on their performance for a long time. I have personally recommended Chi flat iron to a lot of friends and staff. Any list that talks about best flat irons will always have a chi product in them. Chi also has a huge range of hair straighteners and no matter what chi product you buy, you are going to see results much better than others. 

In this article we are going to be reviewing the top 6 best chi flat irons of 2022 to get your hair straight. There are multiple options because most of us have many different hair types and it’s important for you to pick the flat iron that suits your hair type. 

Why Should You Choose Chi Over Other Flat Irons? 

Even if you are not the most outgoing person, there are certain occasions when you desire a flawless look. Well, going for a face full of flawless makeup might not be the hardest task for you. But dressing your hair in a way to look admirable might not be as easy as you think it is. To achieve the desired look, you must home in on the ideal hair styling device. 

Chi offers a range of flat irons which users advanced technology to ensure that you get to dress your hair just the way you want to without investing a great deal of effort. 

Chi products have certain benefits over other hair styling devices available in the market. Some of these benefits are elaborated in the points below: 

In the Industry since 1986

Being in the hair industry since 1986, Chi has modeled various hair styling products in sync with the needs of professionals. Chi has made numerous great hair styling devices available for the public. They design every product considering the interest of their present and potential customers. Chi is also endorsed by the working stylist in Miss Universe which justifies the fact that the brand is a reliable industry leader.  

Designed by Hairdressers 

The founding members of Chi were hairdressers and therefore, they could incorporate a culture of ethics and education, making their brand one of the most trusted ones in the United States. On the brand’s website you will find plenty of information about using the product. Therefore, unlike many other hair styling brands in the US, they are not just concerned about making plethora of sales; they continuously ensure user awareness about the product. 

Authentic Ceramic Plates 

There are various brands out in the market which try to build up a customer loyalty for themselves based only on marketing of their products. Often, these brands make false claims which are really hard to detect. For instance, the plates on the flat iron are made out of metal plates with a ceramic coating which are cheaper than authentic ceramic plates. These metal plates with ceramic coating fail to distribute the heat evenly through the plate which might result in pinching or pulling on the hair when you use the device. 

The Chi products stand true to their claim of providing you with authentic ceramic and titanium plates that are infused with tourmaline that makes the experience of hair style all the better. 

Perfect product for every hair type 

The Chi devices are ideal for all hair types, irrespective of whether you own crispy or wavy curls, brittle, kinky or thin hair. You are not discriminated against on the basis of your ethnicity like many other brands. 

6 Best Chi Flat Iron Reviews 2020 

1. Chi Original 1” Flat Iron 

The Chi Original 1” Flat Iron features a clamshell device which is really handy and easy to use. This functional flat iron is all you need to add a touch of glam to your hair every day of the week. The device includes fully ceramic plates that effectively rules out the static build-up, smoothens the frizz and gives your hair a shiny and healthy appearance. 

One of the best things about the Chi Original Flat Iron is that it glides through very easily on the hair and therefore, reduces the risk of burning any hair in the process. The plates of this device are large enough to allow you to work quickly when in a rush. You can also try various other hairstyles such as flips, curls and beachy waves using this flat iron. 

The heat coil used by the Chi Original Flat Iron is patented which is one of the many signs of an authentic and reliable brand. The device enables heating up to a maximum temperature of 392 F. The device uses infrared heating to heat the plates and therefore, it effectively smoothes out even the most thick and frizzy hair. 

Individuals with brittle and thin hair can also use this flat iron to add some moisture and volume. The product also comes with dual voltage feature and a two year warranty. If you are a beginner and have never used hair styling devices before, you must try this Chi Hair Straightener. 

2. Chi G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 ¼” Flat Iron 

This flat iron is known for its durability and therefore, is a great investment for people who use a flat iron on a daily basis. This model comes with features in addition to the features of its original model. The ceramic plates on this flat iron are made more durable by mixing titanium with both the plates. Therefore, the plates are protected from scrapes and cracks. 

The product is also lightweight which also makes it travel-friendly. Thanks to the titanium infused plates, this device heats faster than many of its likes. The heat on the ceramic plates are also spread evenly which minimizes the risks of using this device. The Chi G2 Flat Iron can enhance the temperature to a maximum of 425 F. 

Chi G2 Flat Iron features reinforced plates which makes it smoother than most other products on the list. Not only does the flat iron allows you to get the perfectly straight-hair look but also ensures you get crisp and luscious curls! In addition to all these features, the G2 also has an LCD system installed. You will also find color codes on the temperature ranges which allow you to set the temperature as per your convenience. 

The product comes with a foldable tote, 2-year warranty and a universal voltage card. The only notable limitation of this product is the length of its extension cord. Nevertheless, even a beginner would feel confident using this product.  

3. Chi Pro G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1” Flat Iron 

Designed and used by professional hair stylists, this device is one of the most popular options on the list. The Chi Pro G2 makes use of titanium infused ceramic plates to smoothen out frizzy hair while adding some volume and moisture to the air. If you are looking for a smooth straightening experience, this is the hair straightening device that you must home in on. 

This device is really comfortable to hold and make use of. The titanium infused ceramic plates help the device heat up to the maximum temperature in less than a minute. The fact that Chi Pro G2 can be used by beginners as well as professionals adds an extra edge to the device. This flat iron also includes floating plates which reduce the chances of pulling, or pinching while you straighten your hair. 

If you enjoy products that are friendly to customization, the Chi Pro G2 is the ideal one for you. The device lets you adjust the heat and work your way up to the maximum temperature which is 425 F. The temperature range is color-coded and therefore it lets you avoid the risk of burning your hair. 

The fact that this model has the highest heat setting as compared to any of the other Chi models is a testimony to the authenticity of this device. However, this model is a bit on the pricier side so the buyers might as well look out for similar devices that cost much less. 

4. Chi Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron 

Chi’s Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is a blend of the best features of the device’s original models and other added features that makes it desirable for the beginners as well as the professionals. 

The thing that makes this model stand out is its 1” ceramic plate that is mixed with tourmaline, the mineral compound which is responsible for keeping the surface of the plates smooth even after years at stretch. When combined with silicate the plates do a great job smoothening the hair with little to no effort. 

The device uses infrared heating which allows the heat to penetrate deep into the hair and smooth out the frizz without stealing the moisture of your hair or making it dry.  If you would like to have more control over the temperature of the device, this is the option you must consider. You have a free-hand at setting the temperature of the device as per your convenience. You can start from 180 F and go all the way up to 410 F. 

The device also comes with a LED indicator which indicates whether the device is still hot after the use which makes it a reliable option in terms of user safety. The flat iron also consists of a 9-foot swivel cord which makes it easier for the user to operate by eliminating the risk of travelling. 

The Chi Expert Classic comes in a variety of colors and you can pick one that suits your taste. 

5. Chi Fire Red Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1” Plate 

The Chi Red Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1” Plate utilizes that latest tourmaline technology to make its ceramic plates more effective. Tourmaline is known to most of us as a gemstone but when grinded to the point of being a fine powder, it can be added to enhance the strength of the ceramic plates. Tourmaline infused ceramic plates ensures that the device yields best results by making the hair smooth and free from any damage or frizz. 

The tourmaline surface is the reason that the device effectively spreads the heat evenly throughout its surface. Not only that, this device comes with various other features that were missing in other Chi models before it such as automatic turn-off and customization of temperature. The maximum temperature that you can reach using the Chi Fire Red device is 410 F, which is ideal to straighten up even the crispest or roughest curls. 

This product comes with a two year warranty which makes it a product worth investing in. The Chi Fire Red Flat Iron is also a travel friendly product. It is easy to carry and use wherever you go. However, there are many counterfeits of this same Chi model available on the internet. Therefore, if you are purchasing the product from an e-commerce website, make sure you check the reviews and ratings and inspect the product before making the final purchase. 

6. Chi Miss Universe Style Illuminate Titanium Flat Iron 

The Chi Miss Universe Style Illuminate is designed for those who settle for only the best hair styling product for everyday use. As the name of the product suggests, it is sponsored and recommended by Miss Universe competition. In fact, this device is used extensively by hairdressers to style participants in the contest. 

There is a major area of difference between the other Chi products on the list and THE Chi Miss Universe Model. Unlike other models on the list which feature ceramic plates infused with various other metals, the Chi Miss Universe is designed using solid Titanium plates instead of ceramic ones. These Titanium plates have myriad benefits such as durability and come with better longevity than the ceramic ones. 

The titanium plates also ensure better heating that most other models. The heat is evenly distributed over the surface of the plates which ensures that the device works effectively. One of the many features of this device is flash quick heating which implies that the device will be ready to use, no matter what the heat setting is, in less than 20 seconds. 

The model also comes with various additional features like illuminated LCD screen, and cushioned plates. This flat iron is ideal for all hair types. Like every other Chi hair straightener, this too comes with a 30-days money back guarantee which you can make use in case you are unsatisfied with the results. 

Features of Chi Flat Irons 

Since Chi has a great range of Flat Irons on offer for both beginners and professionals, it is one of the most recommended brands. There is no dearth of exclusive features that Chi products have to offer. Some of the classic features of the Chi Flat Irons are listed below: 

1. Durability of the products 

Considering the feedback and review of real users, Chi products certainly last longer than other hair styling products. The reason for the longevity of Chi products is a testimony to the authenticity of its ceramic and titanium plates. 

2. The Appearance Factor 

To enhance the experience of the users, Chi’s range of products has been made appealing to the users. From hot pink to matte black, you will find a wide range of color options to choose from. 

3. Heating 

Most of the Chi models will allow you to customize the heat you want to work with while styling your hair. Many Chi models use infrared heating to ensure that the heat penetrates deep into the hair and straighten it without any risk of damage. Moreover, the Chi models come with LED indicators for heat settings which make the models very reliable for beginners. 

4. Ease of use

One good thing about Chi products is that they are very user-friendly. Chi hair styling devices are designed to suit the needs of beginners as well as professionals. All of the Chi models are very handy which makes them a great choice for daily users. 

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?Things to Consider When Buying a Chi Flat Iron

Listed below are major things you must consider before buying a Chi Flat Iron. 

Plate Size 

It is essential to take note of the plate size when you are buying a flat iron. If you have short hair, you must go for narrow plates. Wider and larger plates are imperative for people with longer hair. 1” plate is a suitable option for all hair lengths. 

Temperature settings 

Before you zero in on a certain product, make sure the model includes adjustable temperature settings. Products which do not allow us to customize the heat settings often damage the hair in the process of styling it. Therefore, choose models which have heat protection pre-installed in them. 

Price Point 

The price is not necessarily the indicator of quality. Chi models are priced quite moderately but are some of the best products in the market that you can get your hands on. The price of Chi Flat Irons range between $70 to $200. 


It is always wise to get a bit more for the money. Choose a model that allows you to try different styles without using any additional product or device. 


Listed below are some FAQs about Chi Flat Irons: 

1. Do I get color options for Chi Flat Irons? 

Yes, Chi Flat Irons come with plenty of color options. 

2. What is the maximum temperature for Chi Flat Irons? 

The maximum temperature for Chi Flat Irons is 410 F. 

3. What is the price point for Chi Flat Irons? 

Chi Flat Irons start $70 onwards. 

4. Can I buy Chi products online?

Yes, you can buy Chi products online at various e-commerce platforms. 


Products from Chi comply with the industry standards to offer the best hair styling devices to the customers. Chi offers a wide range of products that are suitable for women/ men irrespective of their ethnicity and race. Since Chi offers various products which come in various price points. 

Therefore, you can get a product that suits your budget. Also, the products from Chi are authentic and they come with a warranty which is a surefire sign of their authenticity. However, you may read the review of our list of best chi hair straighteners and take note of the ratings before you buy a product online to make sure that you are making a wise investment.