World of Warcraft: how to control aggression in combat

World of Warcraft is a game rich in interesting game mechanics, non-standard solutions, and a lot of content. For 20 years, developers have managed to come up with so many missions and quests that it’s easy to get confused about everything.

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In the article, we will talk about a very important thing. Aggression – determines the level of hatred of the mob towards you and if it goes beyond a certain line, then the mob starts attacking you.

Mob attack conditions

– You are 10 meters away from the boss or closer – 110% aggro is needed for the mob to start attacking you.

– You are more than 10 meters away from the boss – 130% aggro is needed to get the mob to attack you.

Thus, it is clear that melee fighters have a hard time, as their frequent deaths prove. Aggro increases everything that harms the mob in some way: damage dealt, character healing, use of special abilities, mana gain, and so on. It should be noted that some abilities generate more aggro and others less. The percentage of aggro generation can be both reduced and increased with the help of talents, symbols, and so on.

Mob battle stages

Aggro on the pool

Initially, aggro should be on the tank, as many bosses are immune to taunting. Note that the pool itself does not give any aggression unless you throw a hatchet, shield, or magic fire at the boss. On the pool, it is not recommended to damage, or heal too intensively and generally risk breaking the mob from the tank.

Aggro in combat

Mob spooled and put in place. The main task of the tank is to give out maximum aggro and at the same time live. The main task of DPS is not to disrupt the mob from the tank. In WotLK, almost all tank classes do not experience problems with aggro generation and it can be very difficult to thwart the boss from them, but still, it is worth keeping an eye on. The main reasons why they can disrupt the boss:

  • Periodic decrease in aggro – usually after the tank is knocked back, the boss reduces the level of aggro on it. Accordingly, there is a risk of disrupting it.
  • Fear – if the tank runs in fear/control, then the mob loses all interest in it and goes to kill the raid. The solution is simple – dispel, Tremor Totem, class abilities
  • Dashing – from time to time the tank will have to run, and if he does it not very competently, then there is a great chance to rip the boss off the tank. This change is especially great if the boss goes through the ranks of casters – they already need to gain not 130%, but only 110% aggro.
  • Failure is especially critical on the pool, luck takes place in WoW and if the tank is unlucky and the boss parries and dodges all his blows during the pool, then even the healer can break the aggro.
  • The presence of buffs – on many bosses for DPS buffs are hung on damage (for example, Hodir: pillars of light), the tank does not receive these buffs.

So, we figured everything out – the tank tanks, the DPS attacks, and the healer heals. But still, there comes a moment when someone rests on aggro. In such cases, it is very important to competently approach the issue, and not just fight at full strength – you might be lucky. If you hit aggro and feel like you’re about to take down the boss, stop the DPS.

If you die, you won’t be able to deal damage. This immortal truth is confirmed by many deaths in all stages of the game in WoW. Of course, resetting the aggro is the ideal solution, especially if you have something to do with it.

  • Invisibility or mirror image for mages
  • Disappearance or feint from rogues
  • Hiding in the shadows of the priests
  • Play dead with hunters
  • Move back at the druids
  • Soul Cleave or Soul Stone for warlocks
  • Wind Shock or Shaman Reincarnation

If you can reset the aggro, do it! There may not be another opportunity (especially for shamans).

In addition, it makes sense to raise the aggro of the tank in all available ways if your raid constantly rests on the ceiling and cannot properly damage:

  • Redirect hunters
  • Little tricks of the robbers

All you need to master tanking is to collect the right equipment and walk like heroes. You can try these tricks in the newest Dragonlight, released in November 2022, or on the elder versions of the game. Good luck!