World of Warcraft: Dragonflight — Mythic+ Healer Rankings Season 3

Mythic+ dungeons give champions a chance to master strategic skills and teamwork. Among the key roles are the healers, who take a crucial role in ensuring the survival of their comrades. We’ve taken factors like DPS and HPS, utility, external cooldowns, mobility, and durability into account to determine which healer specializations are dominant in Season 3. For those who do not follow the meta, there is a Mythic boost service that will help you pass instances of any keystone level playing on any even B-tier healer. Either way, check out our Mythic+ healer list ranking each specialization from B-tier to S-tier to understand the potential of every option. 

Restoration Shaman (B-Tier)

Restoration Shamans faced challenges in Season 3 as their tier set primarily emphasized healing, rendering them more advantageous in Raiding than Mythic+. In the lead-up to Season 3, minor adjustments to the Restoration Shaman were made, including the introduction of a new tier set. The 2-piece bonus now enables Chain Heal, Healing Surge, and Healing Wave to designate their initial target with Tidal Reservoir, resulting in the target receiving 15% of all Riptide healing for 15 seconds. 

Furthermore, the 4-piece bonus enhances Riptide’s healing by 25%. And if Riptide is concurrently active on the same target as Tidal Reservoir, there’s a 6% chance of generating a new Riptide on a nearby ally. Despite having an excellent overall utility package, Restoration Shamans have one of the lowest DPS contributions among all healing specializations, even with the most recent buffs.

Preservation Evoker (A-Tier)

Preservation Evoker received some changes going forward to Season 3, as well as a brand new tier set along with it. Preservation Evokers have one of the strongest 2-piece bonuses, which allows for the empowerment of spells, casting up to 3 Living Flames at enemies or allies struck with 40% effectiveness. Furthermore, the 4-piece bonus introduces the opportunity for Living Flame to potentially apply Echo at 70% effectiveness to healed allies or nearby comrades who currently lack Echo. This enhancement aims to boost damage output while keeping the overall utility package unchanged.

In addition, the current melee meta is favorable to Preservation Evoker, as it is easier to manage their healing with a stacked group and limited yards of healing. Overall, they are a solid healer going forward and are one step away from entering the “overpowered” bracket.

Holy Priest (A-Tier)

In the current Mythic+ season, the Holy Priest’s playstyle hasn’t seen any major changes, but the tweaks made have significantly boosted their standing compared to the previous tier. This improvement is particularly notable following recent buffs to their healing and damage profile. The 2-piece bonus now allows Holy Word: Serenity to apply a 14-second Renew to its target, while Holy Word: Sanctify applies a 5-second Renew to allies it heals. Moreover, the 4-piece effect gives Renew’s healing a chance to make your next Holy Word: Serenity or Holy Word: Sanctify not consume a charge when cast, costing 50% less Mana and accumulating up to 2 charges. Overall, the specialization feels impressive and holds potential across various key levels. However, its popularity might not soar due to the dominance of its sibling spec, Discipline Priest.

Mistweaver Monk (A+ Tier)

The Mistweaver Monk has shown remarkable performance since the onset of Season 3, positioning it as a potential pinnacle of its specialization throughout the entire expansion. Numerous rounds of enhancements have notably elevated its overall effectiveness. With the 2-piece bonus, Renewing Mist now applies Chi Harmony to its initial target, augmenting the healing received by 50% for 8 seconds. Furthermore, the 4-piece effect introduces a mechanism where 20% of all healing to targets with Chi Harmony is stored and subsequently evenly distributed among allies with Renewing Mist upon the fading or refreshing of Chi Harmony.

What additionally sets them apart is their unique ability to provide the ‘Mystic Touch’ buff, a feature that can significantly boost damage output, especially in a melee-centric meta. Overall, we’re pleased with the current state of the Mistweaver Monk and how well-positioned they are for Season 3.

Holy Paladin (A+ Tier)

The Holy Paladin underwent some changes leading into Season 3, along with the introduction of a new tier set. The 2-piece bonus comes into play when Glimmer of Light dissipates or is refreshed, creating a Holy Reverberation on its target that heals an ally or damages an enemy over 8 seconds. Multiple Holy Reverberations can overlap, stacking up to 3 times. Additionally, the 4-piece effect allows Daybreak to boost Haste by 25% for 6 seconds, while its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.

With their solid healing output and competitive damage profile, Holy Paladins emerge as a potential metaclass. Notably, they excel in mob control from a healer’s perspective, possess the ability to battle-resurrect, and stand out as the only healer with immunity.

Restoration Druid (S-Tier)

Restoration Druids hold a strong position with their impressive healing abilities and competitive damage output. They have always been celebrated for their exceptional utility and remarkable resilience, qualities that will continue to be their strengths in Season 3. The 2-piece bonus permits both you and your Grove Guardians’ Nourishes to heal an extra 2 allies within a 45-yard range at 40% effectiveness. 

Moreover, the 4-piece bonus is triggered upon the consumption of Clearcasting, initiating your next Regrowth to cast Nourish onto a nearby injured ally at 200% effectiveness, with a preference for those under the influence of your heal-over-time effects. All in all, the S-tier recognition is well-deserved, and we are confident that Restoration Druid stands as one of the strongest choices for a Healer in Mythic+ instances.

Discipline Priest (S-Tier)

Following the recent rework of the Discipline Priest specialization, their performance has seen a significant improvement, especially in Mythic+. With a heightened damage output, it becomes clear that most healing specializations struggle to match up in terms of damage against Discipline Priests, particularly when Power Infusion is factored in. The 2-piece bonus boosts the damage of Smite and Penance by 20%, with Smite extending the duration of an active Atonement by 2 seconds. Additionally, the 4-piece effect allows Smite to cast an additional time during Shadow Covenant, dealing Shadow damage.

Moreover, this specialization boasts one of the most robust dungeon utility toolkits for Mythic+, coupled with excellent HPS. In Season 3, this specialization stands as one of the first “S-tier” specs, offering a compelling combination of damage and utility.

Let’s Summarize

In this Mythic+ Healer Rankings guide for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 3, we’ve highlighted top-performing specs such as Restoration Druid and Discipline Priest. While these are considered strong choices, we encourage players to prioritize their preferences and go for the specs they like. WoW is a game designed for joy, so find the healer that resonates with your play style.