What is Kacmun ? The KAC Model United Nations Program


A cutting-edge after-school initiative based in Koreatown has transformed the lives of numerous low-income high school pupils. The Korean American Coalition’s (KAC) Model United Nations (MUN) curriculum is a brilliant illustration of the value of education, leadership, and volunteerism. Let’s examine the ways in which the KACMUN programme shapes young minds, promotes reflection, and positions them for future success.

Unveiling the KACMUN Program

KAC MUN is an after-school club that aims to teach students about international politics, geography, and diplomacy. This programme extends the reach of education far beyond the classroom to help the youngsters of Koreatown who would otherwise go without. Students have the option of attending once weekly on either Tuesday or Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. for Model United Nations sessions.

Nurturing Global Perspectives

The primary goal of the KAC MUN programme is to expose at-risk children to new experiences and perspectives. Students act as representatives from different member nations of the United Nations in a simulated meeting setting. This one-of-a-kind opportunity sends them to conferences all around the United States, where they engage in thoughtful discourse on a wide range of historical and contemporary international concerns. The program’s emphasis on thorough study and speech preparation helps participants develop their analytical and oratorical abilities.

Bridging the Gap

Schools in affluent suburbs are commonly connected with Model United Nations programmes. Students from low-income households in urban schools rarely have access to this chance. KAC saw this gap and decided to do something about it by founding a community organisation that introduces Model United Nations to Koreatown. This cutting-edge method makes sure that students from all walks of life have equal access to these enlightening opportunities.

Eligibility and Benefits

High school juniors and seniors who have participated in the KAC MUN programme previously are welcome to apply as well. Financial aid and scholarships are available for field trips to the Mission Viejo and Berkeley MUN pools, further illustrating the program’s commitment to accessibility. A student’s dedication to learning and leadership is highlighted through their MUN participation.

Transformative Impact

The influence of the KAC MUN programme is extensive and far-reaching. Improvements in participants’ abilities to give speeches, debate, and analyse arguments are striking. These abilities are transferable beyond the scope of the programme and may be applied in a wide range of academic and professional contexts. As evidence of the success of KAC MUN in developing well-rounded individuals, several programme alums have gained admission to highly competitive universities including Harvard, Amherst, Boston University, Duke, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

Application and Academic Year

The KAC MUN application period is August/September, and the programme itself is September/October through May. For example, the 2015-2016 school year at MUN ran from September 2, 2015 to April 30, 2016. This methodical schedule guarantees a well-rounded adventure that fits well within the academic year.


KACMUN Model United Nations programme is a triumph of youth empowerment via the intersection of learning, leadership, and service. KACMUN is helping to raise the next generation of leaders by breaking down geographical and financial boundaries. The program’s continued impact supports the idea that greater autonomy, compassion, and literacy may lead to greater possibilities for everyone.