The higher authorities have allowed the sale of medicinal products that are classified in the OTC category on the Internet, the sites working in this field have continued to grow considerably. Many sites are engaged and offering the services such as Canada Drugs. However, as in the majority of activities, the creation of an online pharmacy must comply with a certain number of rules in order to have the guarantee of the reliability as well as the authenticity of the products which will be offered.

According to the regulations in force, in particular with regard to Canada, online pharmacies must be a virtual extension of an authorized physical pharmacy. As a result, patients should normally find on the online pharmacy page the same services and drugs /medicines that are offered in pharmacies.


Also called web pharmacies , online pharmacies are virtual firms that operate on the Web and ship orders to the patients concerned. Nevertheless, this activity conceals a good number of categories, to mention only the legal e-pharmacy which is established in the country where the customer places his order, but also the legal online pharmacy which is in a country other than that of the consumer who will place an order.

Despite the fact that they are quite discreet, illegal or unethical online pharmacies exist in the digital world. These sites most often disseminate misleading statements about their country of origin, their procedures for issuing pharmaceutical products or their certifications. In this context, it is not uncommon that these illegal virtual pharmacies are likely to offer counterfeit, expired or ineffective drugs that must be considered at the highest level.

If we consult the majority of legal online pharmacies , at least one or more doctors can assess the request in relation to the prescription and have the power to write a prescription in this direction. However, some sites do not really assume their role and offer treatments without a prescription or clinical analysis through a sworn doctor. However, it is worth mentioning that this practice can be considered dangerous and quite criticized by many patients. These include those who believe that only the opinion of a doctor can effectively and convincingly assess the benefits of a treatment, but also the risks, contraindications and adequacy of treatment with relation to the state of health of the patient in question.

Note that most online pharmacies that offer treatments without requiring prescriptions or without thinking about their role in resorting to clinical evaluation or medical follow-up often act fraudulently.

WHAT medicines/drugs CAN YOU BUY from ONLINE pharmacy?

Since the announcement of decree 2012-1562 dated December 31, 2012,  the online sale of drugs, but the law also provides some crucial conditions not to be taken lightly. Thus, each online pharmacy that will be able to assume its role must be linked with a single physical pharmacy that has obtained authorization from the responsible Regional Health Agency. In addition, it is only drugs which are directly accessible that can be sold on the Internet, in particular those which are registered in the list of drugs with direct access defined by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and health products.

Clearly, these are drugs without a prescription, which can be offered and used independently by the customer, especially in the context of responsible self-medication.


Just like in a physical pharmacy, a virtual pharmacy must be able to assume their role so that each consumer can benefit from it for his well-being. Thus, through their online pharmacy , each pharmacist must offer their patients all the essential information concerning the medicines or parapharmacy products requested, including a complete description of the product, the role of these active substances, the dosages, the precautions and the compositions.

On their platform, they must imperatively distinguish drugs from other parapharmaceutical products, in particular by presenting them in different tabs. The role of an online pharmacy and its holder is also to ensure that the site is open to the various requests of the customer, especially with regard to requests that are considered to be intimate. Thus, an online pharmacy is required to have at least one private space that will allow its customer to request or obtain advice and information on a more or less confidential subject.

Due to their role, online pharmacies are also called upon to participate in public health education and information. They must actively contribute to the fight against drug addiction, STDs and doping. In addition, an online pharmacy must offer reliable, non-counterfeit and also quality drugs and parapharmaceuticals. Moreover, the role of the articles stipulated in the code of ethics of pharmacists is to ensure that the list of products available and offered in virtual pharmacies must be accessible and updated by the Ministry of Health and the Order National Pharmacists.


It is obvious that everything that has been said about the role of the online pharmacy gives it positive points to be adopted in everyday life. However, it is still useful to specify a few arguments that make this new form of virtual pharmacy a trend that is both practical and beneficial. Indeed, even if all the services offered in pharmacies must be the same as those found online, it turns out that on the Internet, the availability and flexibility of schedules are really necessary and advantageous. In a way, thanks to online pharmacies and their subsequent role , it is easier to obtain medicines without a prescription.