Q&A with Marc Andreessen on his “It’s Time to Build” essay, techno-optimism, Clubhouse and Substack’s potential, “Augmented Intelligence”, crypto, and more (Noah Smith/Noahpinion)

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It shouldn’t be necessary for me to introduce Marc Andreessen, but I will. He contributed to the development of Mosaic, the first widely used graphical web browser, and in my opinion this makes him one of the internet’s founders. He launched several more businesses, including Netscape. In addition, he and Ben Horowitz formed the venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz, popularly known as A16Z, one of the biggest VC companies in the nation. He only just started a media outlet called Future where he periodically posts his opinions.

Since I was a youngster and Netscape Navigator seemed like it opened up the world to me, Marc has sort of been my idol. I mostly travelled to California to encounter folks like him. Now that we are familiar with one another, he has subscribed to my blog! I enjoy speaking with Marc because of the way he mixes his unwavering optimism with the practical expertise to support it. This includes both in-depth knowledge of particulars and a wide comprehension of diverse schools of thinking. Many individuals will tell you that the future promises incredible opportunities; Marc will outline these opportunities for you and explain why they are plausible, says quantum ai.

I provided Marc a list of 10 questions regarding technology and the future for the interview that follows, including inquiries about automation, American institutions, social media, Chinese competition, cryptocurrency, the future of the venture capital sector, and other topics. He provided these responses.