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What is the default username and password for web interface

For Nessus there is no default username nor password. If you forgot the password use … Try login as admin/admin or wizard/admin on the 8000. Expand Post.

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Create an Initial Administrator User Account (Tenable Core)

The login page appears. In the User name field, type wizard. In the Password field, type admin. Click Log In. The Create New Administrator window appears.

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Default Password ‘admin123’ for ‘admin’ Account | Tenable�

Tenable Core Appliance default credentials

I have installed the new Tenable Core appliance with Nessus to a remote VirtualBox server. I can ssh to the IP, but have no idea what the default username …

Default Password (password) for ‘admin’ Account | Tenable�

“Tenable-Core-Nessus-20220208.ova”, default login fail

What are the plugins that test for default accounts?

Plugins that check for default accounts require the use of credentials other than what is provided in the scan policy. This can result in target hosts …

Default Password ‘adminIWSS85’ for ‘admin’ Account | Tenable�

Create a Password for the Initial Administrator User Account

If you deployed Tenable Core + Nessus in a cloud environment and did not create a password during deployment, you cannot access the Tenable Core interface.

Default Password (admin) for ‘admin’ Account | Tenable�

The remote system can be accessed with a default administrator account. (Nessus Plugin ID 34081)

Web Application Scanning (OVA) default password

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