The intelligent cloud is the pillar of Microsoft’s business that currently gives it the most revenue, with 20,345 million euros and a growth of 20%, which reaches up to 22% for its servers and 35% in the case of Azure and other cloud services within its umbrella.

Microsoft business services have also grown across the board between July and September, with an average of 9% and 16,532 million euros. Particularly noteworthy are products such as the professional social network LinkedIn, whose revenues grew by 17% , and Dynamics 365, by 24%.

It only loses revenue in its personal computing division due to falling sales of Windows PCs

Where Microsoft cannot celebrate a higher billing is in its personal computing unit, which made it enter 3% less than a year ago –13,322 million euros.

Within this unit, the drop in income that Microsoft obtains from manufacturers of computers with the Windows system stands out , which fell by 15% due to the drop in PC sales. However, revenue from its own Surface device unit rose 2%.

Iberdrola earns 3,104 million euros until September, 29% more

Another of its products that does not improve either is its Xbox video game division, whose turnover fell by 3% , including both content creation and services.

Despite this, the growth of other sections such as commercial Windows products (+8%) and revenue from searches and advertising (+16%) help to ensure that the fall in this division is not so pronounced in the end.