Larry Ellison Story, Girlfriend Nikita Kahn, Education, Oracle, Career & Net Worth in 2022

Celebrated Name: Larry Ellison
Real Name/Full Name: Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison
Parents: Louis Ellison – Father
Lillian Ellison, Florence Spellman – Mother
Age: 76 years old
Birth Date: 17 August 1944
Dead or Alive: He is Alive and Kicking, Not Dead.
Birthplace: The Bronx, New York, United States
Education: The University of Chicago (1964–1966)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Jewish
Religion: Unclear
Height: In centimeters- 191 cm
In meters- 1.91 m
In Feet Inches- 6? 3?
Weight: In Kilograms – 85 kg
In lbs – 187 lbs
Body Type: Average
Famous For: Co-founder and the executive chairman and chief technology officer (CTO) of Oracle Corporation
Profession: American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
Net Worth: $65 Billion
Last Updated: 28th July 2021

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?urr?ntl?, ?n 2021, L?rr? ?ll???n ?? d?t?ng N?k?t? ??hn, ? m?d?l, ?nd ??tr??? fr?m Ukr??n?. 76-???r?-?ld ?ll???n ?? mu?h ?ld?r th?n h?? g?rlfr??nd, ?nd h?? b??n m?rr??d ?nd d?v?r??d f?ur t?m??.

Larry Ellison Relationship Statistics

What is Larry Ellison marital status? Is he married/divorced/single or in a relationship? Divorced and In Relationship with Nikita Kahn
Does he have any relationship affair? Yes
Who is he Dating in 2021? Name of Girlfriend: Nikita Kahn
Who is his current wife in 2021? (Name) N/A
Who is his Ex-Spouse(s)?? (Name) Adda Quinn(m. 1967–1974), Nancy Wheeler Jenkins(m. 1977–1978), Barbara Boothe(m. 1983–1986), Melanie Craft(m. 2003–2010)
Does he have any children? Yes (Megan Ellison, David Ellison)

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