Laptop Keyboard Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix It

Often laptop users immediately take their devices to the service center if there is a problem, or even buy a new one. However, the keyboard is indeed the part that is quite prone to problems. To provide immediate treatment, let’s look at some of the ways you can do the following:

1. Checking Num Lock

Check the key named num lock. This key is related to a problem that occurs with the keyboard. If this key is accidentally activated, the keyboard will malfunction. The function of num lock is to convert the main keyboard to its role as a numeric keypad.

If you enable num lock, most of the keys on the keyboard will not function normally. In order to disable this button, tap “Fn” then combined with “NumLk” together.

2. Restart Laptop

Do a restart if the num lock is not the cause of the keyboard experiencing problems. Restarting is a powerful way to solve various problems experienced by laptops, including errors on the keyboard. If the laptop fails to respond when restarted, press the power button for a few seconds.

3. Cleaning Dirt and Dust

Clean the laptop keyboard using a cloth that has been sprayed with a special electronic liquid. How to fix this error laptop keyboard seems simple, but it’s actually important. Clean by tilting the laptop 45 to 75 degrees while moving it.

Dust and dirt tucked into the keyboard keys can cover the components inside, so they don’t emit letters when pressed. The older a laptop is, generally more dirt is left behind.

4. Changing the Keyboard Layout

Change the layout settings on the keyboard, because there is a possibility that the cause of the damage is caused by the layout. Users can improve their settings through the “Start” menu, followed by searching for “Language” in the search field.

Here the user can select the language to be used, then go to “Options”, make sure if the words “US QWERTY” are under the keyboard on the next page. Remove certain unneeded keyboard layouts.

5. Removing the Battery

Remove the battery on the laptop. This includes the easiest and most effective alternative way of fixing keyboard errors for many similar cases. The trick is to turn off the laptop, remove the battery and wait two to three minutes.

After that, with the battery still off, click the power button within a minute. Then insert the battery back into place, then restart it. A faulty battery can cause interference with the keyboard.

6. Checking the Connector

Check the connector section on the keyboard component. How to fix this error laptop keyboard needs to be tried because there is a possibility that the connector is loose, loose, or bent. This of course can result in the keyboard not working properly.

To be sure of this, users can disassemble the keyboard by viewing tutorials from YouTube or leave it to an expert if unsure.

7. Fix Driver

Check the “Device manager” section in the keyboard section. Problems that can cause keyboard glitches are faulty drivers. This is because there is a problem when installing software, for example there is a virus.

To be sure of this, see if in the “Device manager” there is a yellow triangle-shaped mark. If so, it’s a sign that the keyboard driver is having a problem. The solution is to download and reinstall the new driver through the official website of the laptop brand you are using.

8. Perform a System Restore

Run a system restore if the previous attempts have not been successful. How to fix a laptop keyboard this time can work for Windows 7 and 8. Go to the “Start” menu, type “Recovery”.

Whereas in Windows XP you can select “Start”, then “All programs”, “Accessories”, then “System tools”. Finally select “System restore”. By doing a restore, the system that was disturbed can be repaired.

9. Using On Screen Keyboard

Take advantage of the on-screen version of the keyboard if the methods above have not succeeded in fixing the problem. No need to install the application, just go to “Start”, followed by searching for “Accessories & accessibility”. Finally, select the “On screen keyboard” option.

After following these steps, the user will see the “On screen keyboard” display on the laptop screen. This feature will work like a real keyboard. The difference is that the use of this keyboard is done with a laptop mouse or touchpad.

While it won’t be as comfortable to use as a real keyboard, this feature can be a temporary substitute. This solution can be used for urgent situations if the keyboard cannot be used but the user wants to use it immediately. By getting used to it, it will be more flexible to use this feature.

Thus a discussion of various ways to fix an error laptop keyboard and you can do it yourself. Don’t rush to take it to a service center, because there are ways that you can try first, so that the keyboard which is the main part of the laptop can function as usual.