iToroStocks Review – Safe and Low-Cost Broker

iToroStocks Overview

iToroStocks is a trusted broker founded in 2009. The broker covers a wide range of products and markets while providing excellent research tools for traders. Apart from the low fees and commissions, here are some of the other vital features of the broker.

Available in Select Countries

iToroStocks is only available in select countries, including the US. And this is a strategic choice meant to maximize the broker’s effectiveness and efficiency in these markets. Usually, brokers would want to access many markets, but this has its drawback. Being present in multiple markets makes the broker lose focus and grasp of each market. Therefore, by only targeting a few markets, this broker guarantees a proper understanding of each market.

 Wide Range of Products

With iToroStocks, you can access a wide range of products for trading. The products include bonds, CFDs, forex, funds, options, ETFs, futures, stocks, and crypto. And this is one of the brokers with the widest variety of products. It is also important to note that under each product category, there are multiple alternatives. Below are examples.

Regarding stocks, iToroStocks offers access to multiple stock markets, including major ones like the NYSE, NASDAQ, and LSE. Regarding forex, the platform provides over 100 currency pairs featuring main global currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, and GBP. Finally, in terms of cryptos, the platform only offers four cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Convenient Customer Service

iToroStocks has very convenient customer service. The platform has incorporated various customer support tools, including a dedicated customer service line, email address, and, more importantly, a live chat feature. And this ensures it addresses customers’ queries and issues appropriately. Moreover, the platform doesn’t just incorporate these for marketing purposes. From our experience, they all work perfectly. You can use either tool to get customer support quickly and very fast. It was impressive.

iToroStocks Positives and Negatives

No broker is perfect. And this means that even iToroStocks has positive and negative elements. Understanding both sides is essential in understanding a broker’s position and suitability. Below are some of the key positive and negative aspects of the broker.

Positives Negatives
Wide product variety Not available in some countries
A better understanding of markets
Convenient trading platforms
Low fees and commissions
Good research tools

 Research Tools

iToroStocks has various tools and an excellent research support system. The platform has a great interactive chart with trading ideas and data on multiple assets to help traders in their trading. You can also access news, multiple economic calendars, and daily summaries through the news feed.

You can get free daily trading ideas and email communication with analyst recommendations. However, the platform also supports third parties. You can subscribe for third-party research support on the platform for a fee. Third-party research tools provide additional research support that you may find very helpful.

 Trading Platforms

You can use the web or mobile trading platform on iToroStocks. Having two trading platforms provides convenience for traders because some may not have access to mobile phones so that they can use the web trading platform. On the other hand, traders who prefer mobile trading can use the mobile trading platform. Both trading platforms are easy-to-use, user-friendly, and provide different functionalities.


iToroStocks offers low trading fees and excellent margin rates. Additionally, the platform provides free ETF and stock trading. Providing low trading fees and margin rates greatly benefits traders, especially those who trade frequently. It means that trading on the platform is cheaper and cost-effective. If you invest well via this venue, you can realize tremendous gains because of the low costs.

 Who Can Use iToroStocks?

Anyone who has attained the age of 18 can use iToroStocks. And this includes both experienced and first-time traders. The platform is set such that anyone interested in online trading can use and benefit from it. But you may need to conduct your research first. Also, contact this broker for more information or guidelines before signing up to start trading or investing with it.