IPL Hair Removal vs Laser Hair Removal – The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Hair removal treatment has greatly evolved through the years. There are now a ton of options to consider when thinking of removing unwanted hair, to give your skin a fresh new look. From simple razor blades to highly complex devices, hair removal treatment has taken a turn for the better.

Since the introduction of light-based hair removal technology there has been a significant shift of personal choices from traditional methods to tech based methods. This of course is due to the efficiency, effectiveness, convenience, and permanency of results.

Personal grooming processes such as shaving, often takes a lot of time and the most annoying thing about this is the frequency at which you have to carry out this ritual. This brings about the need for some permanent hair removal solutions that would spare you the hassles, save time and give you the best results which is a glowing, hair-free skin.

What Does Laser Have in Common With IPL?


These two treatments have been thought to mean the same thing but are both quite different from one another. They both involve the use of visible light energy to damage hair follicles from its very root, causing a termination of hair growth in the treated area but are quite different in their composition and level of usage. The IPL is a simple device which can be purchased and used anywhere while the Laser treatment is a more complex tool with intricate settings which must be left to the able-hands of a certified professional.

Making a Choice

It is no news that laser technology has taken over the market and is currently the trend in achieving a hairless skin. It is highly efficient and gives the best results. this technology first emerged in the 90’s as regular laser treatment. This method was new and quite intricate, so much so that it required professional support. This meant that anyone who needed laser hair removals had to book an appointment with their dermatologist. And then came the newest innovation in laser technology – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This greatly revolutionized hair removal treatment.

There has been a lot of debate on which hair treatment technique is better; this may vary with people’s opinion as our individual needs vary as well. In order to decide on which technology is best we must look at the necessary requirements that must be met by both hair treatment techniques.

How Safe Are They?


Safety is of utmost priority when it comes to the use of these light based hair treatment techniques. Laser treatments are handled by professionals in order to ensure the safety of the user while IPLs are certified for home use, this means they can be used by non-professionals as they are not as intricate as the regular larger laser machines. People who prefer a less invasive method of conducting hair removal treatment may prefer IPL hair removal as it is easy to use and can be operated in the privacy of your home. Users of IPLs are urged to go through the instructional manual before usage in order to understand the terms and conditions for home use.

Which is More Time Consuming?

Laser hair treatment produces a monochromatic ray, which is a single-color beam of light which is specifically directed on individual hair follicles. It targets melanin which causes hair to constantly regenerate. IPL hair removal does the same thing, only with a polychromatic beam of light which covers a larger area at once. Laser treatments may be slower as it takes its time to focus on a deeper reach than the IPL.

Which is More Expensive?

IPLs are far cheaper and quite portable. Laser treatments are relatively expensive depending on the area of treatment you require. Large areas such as legs and backs would cost a good sum of money. Laser treatment is performed by qualified professionals on appointment; this makes it more expensive unlike the IPL which is open for purchase and use any day anytime

Which is More Effective on Body Parts?

This mean; which one works best obviously. The Laser is monochromatic and provides a deeper concentration which destroys hair follicles from within. The polychromatic nature of IPLs limits it from being absorbed in full intensity into each hair follicle. Most patients experience pronounced results in few weeks on laser treatment. This makes the laser generally more effective.

What Color Tone Do They Work On?

Lasers come with a wider variety of settings and can be adjusted to accommodate just about any skin colour. Lasers are multifunctional while IPLs are only recommended to suit certain skin colors due to their lower functionalities. IPLs are mostly recommended for white and medium skin tones. Dark skins are vulnerable to burns.

IPLs are aimed at providing alternatives for portability, privacy and a cheaper but effective way for hair removal treatments in your own home and at your convenience, without going through the trouble of booking appointments which may not be so convenient. Some people also prefer the privacy of conducting their own hair treatments themselves, depending on the body area. The IPL is also safe for use and this is what makes the IPL a great choice.

Our Take

Laser treatments however, give the best results and in less time as well. It can also be adjusted to be effective on various skin tones, unlike IPL hair removal which only works for specific skin tones. For more information as to which products to choose, we have reviewed the best products for Laser hair removal here. Laser treatments are expensive but completely worth it in the long run.