How to Increase Engagement on YouTube – Quick Tips and Tricks

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Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make some money and climb their way to the top using social media platforms. YouTube is one of those places, and if you can get people engaged and active, then you have major potential to really appeal to the masses. 

But how do you increase engagement? After all, you need viewers in order to become more visible and entice additional viewing parties. With a few simple tips and tricks, you will soon be on your way to stardom, or at least increasing engagement. 

Check these out! 

Do Something Different

There will be ideas all over the place trying to tell you exactly what to do. Many of those tips are going to be helpful, but here’s a tip that is the hardest to grasp and put to fruition. You need to do something different. 

Do you have someone that inspires you on YouTube? Maybe you decided to create a channel because you saw another creator doing something that appealed to you. That’s awesome! You should definitely use inspiration like that to come up with new ideas. 

But what you have to be really careful about is that you aren’t trying to be that person in your work. You need to do something different. Inspiration, style, ideas are all great. But use those to create something uniquely your own. 

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Learn SEO Concepts

How much do you know about SEO? These letters stand for search engine optimization. And search engines have to do with places like Google, Bing, or whatever your favorite one is. But SEO also applies to apps like YouTube, FB, Insta, and others like them. 

How do you use SEO in the world of YouTube? Well the general idea is that you are using things like keywords and other minor tweaks in order to make your YouTube channel that much more desirable to come to. 

Just like any other platform, YT uses an algorithm. It will have a lot of say as to how your content ranks in people’s feeds. There are certain things you will need to do in order to rank higher here, but also in external searches too. 

SEO concepts will help you become more visible, and it won’t just be on YouTube. Put SEO to work in places like your video titles, the video descriptions, and anywhere that you share links to this content as well. 

It will make a difference. 

Custom Thumbnails Make a Huge Difference

Create Thumbnails

Have you ever seen a shared link or a posted video that had an awkward image frame as you scrolled by? Or maybe even a plain black frame or a white screen or something like that. How often do those appeal to you? 

Most of the time, you scroll right on by or you simply aren’t attracted to that post because of the visual. A custom thumbnail gives you the ability to control this visual that other people see. A lot of people think it’s not that important so they just don’t mess with it. 

But it’s actually really simple to create a custom thumbnail and it makes a bigger difference than you think. Some of the experts in the world of marketing say that creating a custom thumbnail could potentially increase your views by up to 150%. That’s an astronomical number. 

Even if you don’t have that big of an increase, the odds are in your favor to at least see some sort of improvement. All you have to do is adjust the thumbnail when you create the video. You can do it right there on YouTube. Choose a frame with a great shot or something that will make people want to know more. 

Avoid blurry shots, screens with just words, or blank screens too. These won’t attract people. 

Engage in Return

People that make it big on YouTube often forget who helped them get there. Without your fans, followers, subscribers, and viewers, you would still be at the bottom. You’re seeking engagement from people, so why not give engagement in return? 

This one little act could be a major anomaly that sets you apart. These people are here to support you. They took time out of their day to watch your content and then to interact with you. Can you return the favor? 

People love it when they feel like they have a voice. So when your audience is commenting, sharing, and making an effort to engage with you, you should return the favor. If you treat them as a valuable partner in your YouTube life, they will continue to support you. 

And did we mention that the engagement of comments, views, shares, etc. are a great way to be seen in other places too. Let the people know they matter and they will keep coming. 

How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

Every channel has a different audience demographic. Who do you envision your audience to be? Have you taken the time to track your analytics and discover who your audience truly is? 

Perhaps in your mind you’re picturing 25-35 year old males as your audience. But when you check the analytics your true audience is 35-45 year old males instead. This is just an example for you. 

Increasing engagement comes with getting to know your audience. You need to learn who they truly are and then pay attention to what really works with them. Look at the data and analytics and see who is watching and when they are watching. 

Compare content and figure out if a certain concept or style is working better for you than another. Your audience isn’t random. If you want to grow and advance, you need to figure out who you are attracting and then continue to build on that. 


These tips and tricks may seem overly simple. But they are the things that we all too often forget to put at the forefront. With these simple practices, you might notice a substantial difference. Try it out and put it to the test to see what happens. 

Whether you focus on thumbnails, decide to buy some views, or you just really hone in on your audience analytics, you’re bound to see improvement. 

Take the little things and put them to work on your YouTube channel. It’s often these little things that we overlook that really help us break through to success.