History of acupuncture techniques and benefits to the body

The treatment method called acupuncture has been very popular in China for many years. It can cure many diseases, improve health, relax and tone. In order to undergo treatment, you need to find an acupuncture clinic that can perform its services well. Cross-Up Chiro is one such clinic.

History of acupuncture

The birthplace of acupuncture is considered to be China. Ancient manuscripts from this country contained references to acupuncture as early as 5000 years ago, which means that the technique came to us from before Christ. In 221 B.C., a treatise was created that described various needles and methods of inserting them into the body. The Chinese constantly studied this method of treatment and passed the knowledge from father to son. There used to be no such thing as an acupuncture clinic. All the procedures were done at home. The development of acupuncture in China has never lost its relevance and remains one of the main methods of treatment until today.

Acupuncture also gradually reached other countries. Europe first heard about it in the 13th century, but began to study it in detail only in the 17th century. And the method gained worldwide recognition only in the middle of the 20th century. Today the centers of acupuncture are Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. In Korea and Japan, this method is indispensable for treatment, too.

Why does acupuncture work?

The Chinese explain acupuncture in their own way. They talk about Qi energy and how it is activated by needles. But people want more practical knowledge. So now there are two theories on how the technique works:

  1. The needle action on the biologically active points improves blood circulation and stimulates the nerve endings. Because of this, endorphins and enkephalins (analgesics) are produced. As a result, these hormones are able to relieve and blunt pain, and thus relieve illnesses (e.g. migraines).
  2. This theory is called the “wedge with a wedge. The needle triggers nerve endings that are close to the surface of the skin. The pain signals come from there faster than the pain from the organs. The result is self-medication.

Then they even involved ultrasound to understand what was going on in the body during the needle puncture. It turned out that acupuncture has an excellent effect on the subcutaneous layer of the brain. As a result, different parts of the central nervous system are stimulated, and it is already connected to the organs.

How to choose an acupuncture clinic?

There are many places where you can get acupuncture treatment. But not all specialists really know how to do it professionally. Before choosing a clinic, you need to pay attention to several things:

  • licenses and official registration;
  • pleasant atmosphere inside;
  • qualified doctors;
  • availability of all the necessary tools.

Before starting a session, acupuncture clinic specialists should perform a detailed diagnosis of the body to see if there are any contraindications. Only after that can we prescribe needle therapy.

The Cross-Up Chiro Clinic meets all the criteria and is able to provide effective acupuncture sessions.