Facebook buys Unit 2 Games, a studio behind Roblox-like Crayta game platform, says it will integrate Crayta’s toolset into Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform (Lucas Matney/TechCrunch)

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Facebook has recently acquired a number of standalone virtual reality studios, but now the corporation revealed that it is purchasing a platform for creating games similar to Roblox.

Facebook announced that they are purchasing Unit 2 Games, which creates the Crayta platform. It utilises the Unreal Engine, like several other platforms, and provides users with a simpler creative interface along with community and discovery tools. Crayta has carved out a market for itself by promoting revenue strategies like Battle Pass seasons, which also give the platform a more Fortnite-like feel.

Crayta only debuted in July of last year, while Unit 2 has been around for a little over three years. Although it’s also accessible on the Epic Games Store as of March, its audience has probably been constrained by the studio’s agreement to only launch on Google’s cloud-streaming platform Stadia.

Facebook is eager to utilise Crayta to forward its own gaming initiatives. The game feels tailored for the lightweight nature of cloud-gaming platforms, allowing players to share access to games by just connecting to other users.

“To make game production more accessible and simple to use, Crayta has made the most of existing cloud-streaming technologies. Facebook Gaming VP Vivek Sharma stated in an official post, “We want to integrate Crayta’s development toolset into Facebook Gaming’s cloud infrastructure to immediately provide new experiences on Facebook.

Despite the fact that the acquisition’s financial details were kept a secret, the entire team will join.