YO SPENCER! I love my girlfriend, but she walks all over me—she gives me a hard time when I want to hang out with the fellas or spend time alone, she checks up on me all of the time, and is crazy jealous. What should I do?

Obviously if she’s crazy jealous, you’re not making her feel that you love her enough. First off, treat her better, make that jealousy go away. Tell her you need guy time and she needs girl time to maintain a healthy relationship. Also, you should not have any girl walking over you, just like you should not be walking over some girl. This relationship sounds like servitude, so if she doesn’t give you the respect or space you need, it’s time to move on and find a girl that will. Pretty much I would say that you could give it a try. But that’s a relationship I wouldn’t want to be in.

PREVIOUSLY: “It’s time for you to move on… or at least have an open relationship.”


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