High-register crooner James Blunt‘s “sensitive guy” shtick is nothing new, but he has outdone himself this time, selling his sister on eBay to help her out of a bind (and into a helicopter).

Blunt admits in a new British GQ article to having a raging eBay addiction three years ago (before his album came out and every rom-com trailer used “You’re Beautiful”). The 27-year-old sib of Blunt had her travel plans to a Southern Ireland funeral thwarted by transit strikes, so James did what any upstanding 21st century brother would do: He begged online for a rich dude to chopper her in. Sure, it broke all of the cardinal rules of safety, strangers, and transportation. “Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor! Desperate to get to a funeral in Southern Ireland, please help!” the ad begged.

Though it is unclear what bidders actually planned to get out of this other than spending time and money on a stranger for no reason, the sale was competitive. And the winning bidder was a wealthy London resident with a chopper. This summer, the two are scheduled to be married.