Never let it be said that Nick Denton doesn’t have an eye for the ladies. The Gawker Media mini-mogul is readying a new site devoted to covering women’s magazines and products. To edit it, he’s hired Geraldine “Delly” Hayward, a former Star magazine staffer and the semi-anonymous blogger behind Eurotrash. On Friday, Hayward, who has been living in London, published what appears to be a cryptic announcement of the gig: “Despite the sobs and emotional blackmail of a ten-year-old, New York beckons again next week.” Denton, via IM, declined to confirm the hire or the existence of the site, saying, “We’re talking to something like 30 journalists about ten different positions at the moment. We have a bunch of sites in the pipeline, but nothing imminent.” (Try telling that to the Young Manhattanite.)

Denton’s effort will roughly coincide with the arrival of four new subject-specific women’s sites from Condé Nast, home to various glossy guides to getting pretty, chic, or laid. Conceived on the model of fellow Condé sites and, the new sites will each be devoted to a single, female-friendly topic (e.g. fitness, skin) and overseen by the editors of GlamourAllureSelf, and Jane. Though nominally competitors to Gawker’s offering, you can bet the only douchebags they’ll be writing about are the feminine hygiene kind.