Dune buggy in Dubai: how to spend time with maximum benefit?

The Big Red Adventure Tours company has been helping its customers get the most out of life for many years. We know how important it is to appreciate every moment, how important emotions and new impressions are. Only moments of happiness, adrenaline rush and extraordinary sensations make life interesting and exciting. Allow yourself something big, give yourself and your loved ones wonderful moments, visit dune buggy in Dubai.

Dune buggy tours – what is it?

What could be more interesting and exciting than dune buggies? This is a modern type of recreation combined with unusual sports. This is the beauty of nature, a lot of emotions and constant movement. If you do not stop there and always go ahead, then this type of vacation is designed just for you.

The tour is an extreme ATV ride through the vast expanses of the desert. But it’s not just riding, buggy ride is a comprehensive vacation, including an exciting excursion, snacks and cooling drinks. Try yourself in a new role and capture happy moments for memory.

Features of the Dune Buggy Tour

The company’s management pays great attention not only to the interests of customers, but also to their safety. The tour takes place in compliance with all safety requirements. The transport is equipped with seat belts, everyone can handle the control of the ATV. The route is negotiated in advance. The instructor tells about all the services, offers to relax on the sand, quench your thirst with delicious drinks and have a snack. You will be able to take an interesting photo and remember these pleasant moments for a long time.

Is the tour suitable for those who have never ridden a buggy?

If you’ve never ridden a buggy, don’t worry. You will quickly master this transport, and an experienced instructor will help you with this. The instructor will accompany you throughout the tour, monitor your safety and give valuable advice and recommendations.


What types of buggy tours are there?

The buggy tour is intended for a wide audience. You can choose a solo ride and fully enjoy the solitude with nature. The option of pair skating is possible. Choose a transport for two and arrange a romantic date for your companion. If you like large companies or prefer to spend time with your family, quad quad bikes are available for you. The only restriction is that people under the age of 16 are not allowed to manage transport. Choose your type of tour and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

  • The best way to relax, get a lot of emotions, be filled with energy and vitality.
  • Completely safe rest.
  • The opportunity to relax with your family or with a fun company.
  • Full range of services: skiing, relaxing on the sand, food and drinks.
  • A unique opportunity to spend time with loved ones or to be alone with yourself.

Spend the weekend with benefits and give your loved ones pleasant memories and indescribable feelings.