Double the Piercings, Double the Fun: Creative Ways to Style and Accessorize Your Double Nose Piercing

Did you know that 36% of Americans have a body piercing somewhere other than the earlobe?

Ear piercings may be the most common, but nose piercings are quickly gaining popularity. Double nose piercings, in particular, have become a popular trend among body modification enthusiasts. If you’re considering getting a nose piercing or already have one and want inspiration to style and accessorize it, this guide is for you!

Read on as we review some creative ways to make the most of your double nose piercing and show you how versatile this type can be.

Mix and Match Jewelry

One of the best ways to style a nose piercing is by mixing and matching different types of jewelry. For example, you can wear a hoop in one nostril and a stud in the other or mix metals by wearing a gold stud with a silver hoop.

You can also play around with different styles, such as a dainty stud paired with a statement piece. This allows you to add more personality and uniqueness to your overall look.

Try Different Placement

Double nose piercings don’t always have to be symmetrical. You can mix it up by getting one piercing higher up on the nostril and one lower down. This creative accessorizing creates a unique and unexpected look that will turn heads.

You can also opt for a vertical double piercing, where the two piercings are placed on the other. This gives a more elongated and dramatic effect to your nose. 

Create a Themed Look

This can be anything from matching dainty stud earrings with your piercings to incorporating charms or symbols of personal significance. Get inspired by your favorite colors, patterns, TV shows, and movies to create a unique look with your double nose piercing.

For example, if you love the ocean, you can opt for shell-shaped studs or tiny pearl accents to give off a beachy vibe. If you’re a fan of astrology, you can try out zodiac-inspired nose rings. The options are endless, so have fun and let your creativity shine.

Layer Different Types of Jewelry

Layering jewelry is a significant trend in body jewelry fashion, and it can also be applied to your nose piercing. Mix and match different types of nose rings, such as hoops, studs, and rings, for a layered effect. This allows for even more versatility and adds depth to your overall look.

You can layer other facial piercings, such as lip or eyebrow piercings, with your nose piercing for a more edgy and daring look. Just remember to be mindful of the size and placement of your piercings for a cohesive and balanced look.

Also, use cutting-edge piercing innovations when you get your nose poked with the needle. This is to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Enhancing the Charm of Double Nose Piercing

As you can see, there are countless ways to style and accessorize your double nose piercing. Whether you prefer a minimalistic look or a bold and statement-making one, there is something for everyone with this type of piercing.

Remember to take proper care of your piercings by cleaning them and avoiding harsh chemicals in the area. With creativity and maintenance, you can rock your nose piercing in style and make it your own.

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