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Your office is a place to be productive and focused. It should also be a space that makes you feel comfortable and inspired. To achieve this balance, it’s important to have the right storage options in your office. This can often mean making some changes and cleaning up, but it’ll be worth it when you see how much more organised everything becomes. Here are some tips for getting your office storage game on point:

Clear the desk.

You can’t see clutter, and you definitely can’t find what you need when it’s over your desk. That’s why we’ve got this tip: Clear the desk!

Clutter makes it harder to find what you need, which leads to more stress.

Clutter is distracting, meaning employees are less likely to be productive in a cluttered environment.

Clutter can be a safety hazard and fire risk—or even worse, an expensive liability for your company if someone trips over something on their way to work in the morning (or at night). It’s also bad for the environment!

Don’t underestimate containers.

If you’re looking for a way to organise your desk, don’t underestimate containers. They’re the perfect tool for keeping small items in one place.

Containers are great for organising your desk. You can use boxes and bins to store pens, clips and other office supplies that tend to get lost in piles of paper.

Use containers to organise your shelves. If you have many files on hand or bookshelves filled with reference material, consider putting them into labelled boxes so they’re easy to find and retrieve when needed—and remember: labelling things also helps prevent clutter!

Containers work well in drawers as well: whether it’s a tray full of office knick knacks or an empty shoebox used as a catchall container (ahem), it’ll keep everything organised without taking up too much space on its own until you need it later on down the road again!

Let go of your stuff.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need. There’s no point in keeping things you never use, so get rid of them.

Get rid of stuff you don’t use. If it’s been at least a year since the last time you used something, consider getting rid of it.

Get rid of stuff you don’t like or want anymore but can’t bear to throw away because it might come in handy someday (you know what I mean). The odds are slim that any item will be useful later on, so once that time period has passed, and nothing ever comes up again, let go!

Get rid of stuff that doesn’t bring joy into your life or make your space feel more positive and inviting—even if it cost a lot or took some time for you to collect together when purchased from an online retailer.

Replace shelves with wall-mounted racks and cabinets.

Wall-mounted racks and cabinets are great for storing items that are not used every day. For example, you can use them to store your printer, scanner and other electronic devices. You can also use them to store copies of important documents such as contracts or agreements.

Use wall-mounted racks for frequently used items: If you need to access some items daily, then you should consider installing a rack or cabinet on the wall near your desk instead of using shelves. This will give you quick access to these items when needed without having to get up from your seat or move around too much to retrieve them from another location within the office space.


These tips have helped you gain insight into your office storage situation! Remember, all it takes is creativity and organisation to turn your office into an organised space that is easy on the eyes.