10 Best Wahl Beard Trimmers For Men in 2022

A well-trimmed beard in men is always better than the uneven and messy beard. What would you do if we say that you have a chance to trim your beard on your own with amazing accessories? Stunned, aren’t we? Yes, you got it right. Gone were those days we needed to wait at a barbershop or salon shop to trim your beard every weekend.  

What is Wahl beard trimmer?

It may sound good to have an overgrown beard, but it’s the best to trim your facial hair, it’s quite easy to maintain your ‘gentleman look’ by using Wahl Beard Trimmer. If you are a beginner, then you will be hesitant at first. But once you make use of the Wahl beard trimmer, you may never feel to revisit the barbershop. Also, who would like to miss a chance to have a rough masculine look?

Why should I use the Wahl beard trimmer?

We know this will be your next question and we have a researched answer for that. According to the reviews from the customers and experts, we can maintain the same professional quality touch while using the Wahl beard trimmer. It is far better than other brands with its cost, innovation, technology, durability, design, motor, quality and other features.

How could I find the best? 

Well, it is the tricky part.Among the numerous products being flooded in the online market, how could you start at a certain point to find the Best Wahl Beard Trimmer? It would be hard to find the perfect one. Now, you don’t need to waste your valuable time in the shop as we are here to share the top-most Wahl beard trimmers along with its key features.

Top 10 Wahl Beard Trimmers of 2020

1. Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

Wahl Stainless steel beard trimmer tops the list due to its advanced rechargeable Lithium-ion 2.0 technology. The blades are ultra-durable which doesn’t often require lubrication. It has T-blade to trim your beard and moustache correctly, two decorative trimmers for retouching purposes and a rotary trimmer to trim behind the ears and on the nose. It could function for four hours if you charged it for an hour alone. 

Key features

  • The trimmer is manufactured with self-sharpening blades.
  • It has complete grooming technology with four multifunctional attachments.
  • The product can be used according to our wish with the 12 different kinds of attachable combs.


  • Can be easily used to trim behind the ears nose and back neck due to its lightweight.
  • Guaranteed product with five years.
  • Provide international dual voltage of 220 volts and 110 volts


  • Some customers had reported for the poor quality of the guide
  • Not for wet use

2. Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Trimmer 

Wahl Professional Peanut Classic trimmer is one of the best commercial products with elegant design. The lightweight product helps you to move it with ease along with your beard and is 4 cm long. The trimmer has also been packed with a durable motor which offers 120 volts / 60 hertz. It has a hair clipper which offers smooth and perfect trim.

Key features

  • The convenient comb attached in the trimmer would give a perfect look to the men.
  • The trimmer is made with four amazing accessories such as attachment comb cutting guides, red blade guard, cleaning brush and blade oil.
  • It has a 7-foot cord which is chemical resistant and could be flexible while trimming the back of your neck.


  • Affordable price with warranty
  • Light and easy to move
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Easy maintenance due to removable blades


  • Could be only used with 110-watt outlets

3. Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer (#2215)

Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer is highly recommended by the customers. It is known for its precise trimming with extremely advanced technological design. 

The trimmer is perfect for long and thick facial hair.You can find three attached guide coms with sizes as 1/16, 1/8 and ¼. As its weight is just 6.9 ounces, it will be easy for you to ride it in the tricky areas.

Key features

  • The trimmer has an extra-wide and adjustable T steel blade with adjustable settings.
  • The high-quality blade of the product would give its best work for thick edges.
  • It is also equipped with an industrial quality of chemical resistant eight-foot cord to trim in ease.


  • Packed with blade lubricant, cleaning brush, red blade guard and manual instruction.
  • Stylish design and lightweight of 5 inches
  • Powerful rotary motor with multitasking efficiency


  • Can’t work as cordless and is fixed with cord.

4. Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer 

Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer is known for its ultimate precision delivery trimming to offer the manly look. The rubberized texture handle provides a firm grip to the trimmer. The trimmer is equipped with all the essential parts including blade oil, red blade guard, cleaning brush, instruction manual along with four guide combs of different length between 1/8 and ½ inches.

Key features

  • It has an extraordinary Snap-On blade which could provide you with the excellent outline shape to the beard. 
  • The robust and robust motor in the trimmer makes the process faster when compared with others.
  • You can use it with a cordless option for about two hours due to the lithium-ion battery.


  • Lightweight (4 ounces) and accurate size (5.5 inches)
  • Smooth runs to the sensitive areas.
  • Excellent battery life


  • No advantage of dual voltage system.

5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless T-Cut Trimmer (#8412)

Wahl Professional 5-star T-Cut trimmer is suitable for the professional hairstylists as the name indicates. It could deliver a neat and perfect look to your stubble. They can function for one hour straight without any hindrance. It is produced with a cleaning brush, red blade guard, automatic charging blade and three guide combs with lengths from 1/16 to ¼ inches.

Key features

  • The trimmer has been specifically designed to make the perfect cut to the edges.
  • The product could also go for cordless operation as it is packed with a Ni-MH battery.
  • It is manufactured with the necessary accessories including automatic charging stand, blade lubricant, cleaning brush and red blade guard.


  • Professional trimming experience
  • Available with cordless option
  • Durable and travel-friendly


  • No resistance to water and no advanced features than other Wahl beard trimmers.

6. Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Haircutting and Trimming Combo Kit 

This Wahl beard trimmer primarily used for personal home use and can freely roam around the sensitive areas. The product could function for a long time once you charged it for an hour. It could run for two hours without ceasing its function and can be used in an emergency once you powered it for only ten minutes. It is operated at 120 V/ 60 Hz with the presence of a powerful electromagnetic motor.

Key features

  • It is entirely natural to trim both the thick and thin beards.
  • If the trimmer is left unused for a long time, its lifespan can be extended for a year with a fully charged 2AA battery.
  • The sleek design of the product gives excellent flexibility.


  • Self-sharpening blades for precise cutting
  • Heavy-duty motor for the excellent function
  • Available in affordable price
  • Adjustable taper
  • 40% faster than the regular Wahl blade


  • Not suitable for the wet shave

7. Wahl Power Pro Corded Trimmer (#9686)

Wahl Power Pro Corded Trimmer could be useful for all types of the grooming process. Although it’s a corded beard trimmer, the code in this trimmer is made with industrial-grade chemical resistant quality. It also provides impressive flexibility through the movement behind the ears and neck. The pack contains almost all the needed accessories including 17 guide combs, six-position guides, beard comb, cleaning brush, lubricant, a storage pouch, manual instructions along with either long hair guide combs with different length from 1/8 to 1 inch.

Key features

  • The trimmer has self-sharpening stainless T blade steel which suits to trim any beard type.
  • The product is also designed with a high torque rotary motor delivering clean trimming.
  • It also has three types of detachable blades in which we could experience and unparalleled precise cutting.


  • An extra-long cord with excellent speed
  • Ultimate accurate process
  • Precise cutting of thickest facial hair despite the length and density


  • Not equipped with the cordless facility

8. Wahl Beard Trimmer (#5537-1801)

Wahl Beard Trimmer is a pure product available at an affordable price. The trimmer is guaranteed by the manufacturer with a three years warranty. It is made with premium carbon steel blades of small width which could be used to handle all types of beard and body hair. It needs only a single AA power battery for proper function.The personal trimmer could reach the sensitive areas which are even hard to trim with the use of standard clippers.

Key features

  • The trimmer has five types of position guide combs, where all of those are perfect for grooming.
  • The product is also equipped with a bonus trimmer for personal use including trimming hair on your eyebrows, nosing and behind the ear.


  • Lightweight and can be packed for travelling
  • Could be used along with the cream
  • Waterproof trimmer
  • Convenient and cordless


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • AA batteries required frequent replacement

9. Wahl Cord/Cordless Beard Trimmer (#9918-6171)

Wahl Cord/cordless beard trimmer is preferred by most of the customers. The combo kit is available with necessary pieces of equipment including a travel pouch, hair styling accessories, blade oil, cleaning brush, three attachment guide combs and standing charge. The trimmer has an ultra-powerful motor which is suitable for precise and unparallel cutting. Once you charge it, the trimmer could go for two months. You can use this clipper without removing the charger.

Key features

  • The trimmer is designed in a conventional manner which could give an excellent grip to the handle.
  • The high carbon steel blades are fitted which could provide super-close up trim to your beard.
  • It has an Acculock six-position bear length guide clipper which is perfect for beard trimming.


  • Available with three years warranty
  • Secure grip and sharp blade
  • Equipped with six positions bearded length guide


  • Could be a bit noisy and have no coloured attached combs

10. Wahl Beard Trimmers, Lithium Ion All in One Grooming Kit (#9854-600)

Wahl Beard Trimmers Grooming Kit is a heavy one with efficient double features than others. 

It is also used from common purpose to professional use. The grooming kit is packed with three t-blade guides, three trimmer guides, dual shaver head, six positions, T-blade and trimmer head.  Once you charge it for 1.5 hours and it could run for 3.5 hours which is three times better than others.

Key features

  • The trimmer has been equipped with the accessories required to shave different body parts.
  • The clipper is made double powerful even more significant than the trimmers with the cordless option.
  • The blades in the trimmer can be easily detachable and are quite simple to replace them.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Available with a five-year warranty
  • Removable blade system
  • Cost-effective product


  • Not equipped with the cordless option.

Buying Guide for Wahl Beard Trimmer

Although we had shortlisted a few best recommended Wahl beard trimmers, don’t you think it’s essential to learn about the buying guide? It would be helpful to select the perfect one for yourself. Here we had listed out the specified features to look out in every beard trimmer before getting it.

  • Check your beard type

It all depends where your beard belongs among the stubble, light beard, long beard, moustache, goatee or any other styles. You should select the appropriate trimmer according to the type of beard you had decided to grow. The trimmer should have the binding attached guide combs and length settings. For example, if you had decided to grow a longer type beard, then you should go for a trimmer with a bigger guide comb.

  • Check the length options

If the length of the trimmer doesn’t match with your beard type, then it would be completely useless. Most of the trimmers had been made with the adjustable comb settings which could be used based on your type. Some of the types have precision trimmers or with extra blades or smaller/concealed to attach to the main blade.

While looking for those guide combs, Wahl trimmers have different types suitable for short beards to long ones with various adjustable settings.

  • Check your preference

Either a trimmer with cord or cordless is entirely your preference. It depends on whether your bathroom wall has a power socket or not. However, you should also go for cordless trimmer if you are a person with an often travelling history.

  • Check the blade quality

Quality defines the brand, and don’t you want your trimmer to function for a long time? So, it’s always better to prefer the trimmers which come with excellent blade quality. You can do a close trim or just lining if you opt for our 0.5 mm Wahl blades.

Sharper the blade, higher will be the chance to achieve a good look. It is also beneficial in the case to avoid any accidents if the trimmer had a good grip.

  • Check the battery life

How does it feel when your trimmer runs out of battery in the middle of trimming and especially at the time of your busy schedule? It would be frustrating, and the battery should be efficient so that you could use the trimmer at any time and anywhere.

Wahl trimmers could go from 45 minutes to 240 minutes if you powered it for an hour. On emergency occasions, you can use the ‘quick charge function’ where you can charge the trimmer for a minute to run it for three minutes straight. Doesn’t it sound incredible?

  • Check the Maintenance

Apart from the excellent features, the trimmer should also have an easy maintenance routine. The blades should require simple maintenance things such as oiling the comb before and after use, getting rid of the excess hair and preventing the rust formation. The blades should also have a self-sharpening quality which could extend their lifespan.

  • Check the price and your budget

Don’t be fooled with others saying that good quality comes only with a high price. It’s not at all true. If you search for the proper one, it is possible to find a trimmer with high professional quality whose price would be affordable and also come under your budget. It Won’t hurt if it exceeds a little much as you are going to save the money by not paying for your hairstylist. 


Always remember, if you need to get the Wahl beard trimmer which suits you, then you need to make sure the product fulfil your needs and expectations.Moreover, people are still frightened to visit the barbershops or grooming salon due to the recent pandemic situation.

Hence, nothing would be better when you decided to do a home-grooming for yourself by using any one of the Best Wahl Beard trimmers, as mentioned above.We can assure you that these products would give you the professional experience in your home. Happy grooming!!!