11 Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil For Hair Growth in 2022

Are you eagerly looking for the best Jamaican black castor oil for your hair? It is time to put an end to the damage caused to hair. Here we bring a different category of castor oil that nourishes and moisturizes your hair from inside. Jamaican Black Castor oil benefits include hair growth, skin care and many more. Knowing about the benefits Jamaican oil brings to your hair; you are sure to fall for it and hope to invest for the same.

However, to make the task of choosing the correct quality of Jamaican oil, we have made the top-rated ones that can be worthy of the money you spent. Besides, it promises to offer a plethora of health benefits for your hair. 

Best Brands of Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

1. African Pride Black Castor 


To retain the moisturized nature of hair and keep hair from getting hydrated, the above said oil is suitable. It prevents problems of dryness and itchiness of the scalp. With ingredients like tea tree oil, it is the perfect treatment for your scalp. Each of the items is formulated without the use of any harmful items.


  • Supports excellent hydration
  • Prevents itching problem
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients
  • It is in the affordable range 


  • May not have lasting impact
  • Tends to have strong odor 

2. Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Original Castor Oil 


Are you looking for castor oil to boost hair growth? Well, this Jamaican hair oil would be the perfect pick to give the best treatment to hair and scalp. It soothes your scalp and keeps away from itchiness. With an excellent moisturizing effect, it softens your hair and prevents damage. For the ultimate relief, this oil can be used for any oil treatment.


  • Gives a soft finish to hair
  • Comes in travel-friendly packaging
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Good product for dry skin
  • Gives soothing fragrance


  • Overuse results in sticky texture of hair 

3. OKAY | Extra Dark 100% Natural Black Jamaican Castor Oil 


The combination of castor oil with coconut is sure to boost hair growth, keeping from dry scalp and itchiness problems. Irrespective of seasonal changes, hair fall, dandruff, and the like problems are bothering. To keep away from these, the above said Jamaican oil is the perfect one to choose from. As manufactured with vital nutrient contents, it gives the much-required nourishment to your dry hair. It also gives lustrous shine to the hair.


  • Leaves a soothing effect on the scalp
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Suitable to make dehydrated skin soft
  • Promotes long hair
  • Perfect oil for different hair types
  • Enriched with vitamin E content
  • Contains castor oil and coconut oil 


  • It is bit on the pricey range 

4. Jamaican Black Castor Oil USDA Certified Organic 


When looking for the perfect hair product to deal with your hair damage issues, it is none other than the above said one. This Jamaican hair oil is among the affordable ones that promote suitable hair growth when used routinely. By repairing the damage, it boosts blood circulation and makes hair thick and longer. To soothe your dry skin, this is the one. 


  • It hydrates skin 
  • Made from pure ingredients 
  • Helps prevent scalp dandruff issues
  • Keeps hair moisturized
  •  Promotes better hair


  • It leaves a strong smell 

5. 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Jamaican Black Castor Oil 


Made from castor beans, these are carefully formulated to retain the benefits of natural ingredients in the oil product. It helps maintain quality of hair along with its natural balance making it perfect for your hair to grow. In addition, it nourishes the hair, stimulating it from inside the follicles and thus, makes it strong and long. Additionally, it can be used on eyebrows and eyelash for the required growth. This is the best jamaican black castor oil for eyelash growth.


  • Helps in hair growth
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Boosts circulation from scalp
  • Perfect to be used on eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Prevents dandruff and scalp issues


  • It has a strong smell

6. Organic Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil


When having different hair problems, finding the correct hair oil may be a challenging one. Moreover, the oil is manufactured from natural ingredients and it will provide the best nutritional value when used regularly. It offers impressive results like it copes with itchiness, dandruff problems, breakage, and the like. Apply it to get strong, thick and shiny hair.


  • Suits in all hair types
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Prevents from hair breakage
  • Hexane-free product
  • Manufactured from natural items
  • No salt and preservatives


  • It is bit on the pricey range 

7. Fountain Mighty Roots with Jamaican Pimento Black Castor Oil


If you are looking for a quality option that can help deal with different hair problems, it is none other than Fountain Mighty Roots with Jamaican castor oil. Besides stimulating the scalp, it helps boost better blood circulation, keeping away from dandruff, itchiness, and dryness of your scalp. It prevents hair fall and deals with bald spots without the use of any chemical ingredients in the oil. The easy to use applicator is perfect for applying the oil. Moreover, the product is free from wheat germ and contains only well-processed items to offer quality results when using it daily.   


  • It helps in better hair growth
  • Does not contain salt and additives
  • Organic processing retains good properties
  • It has organic wheat free germ
  • Manufactured from natural items 


  • It is an expensive oil 

8. Sunny Isle Lavender Jamaican Castor Oil, Black, 8 oz


Are looking for a hair oil product that helps stimulate your hair from within? Well, for this, the above said Jamaican castor oil is perfect to use. Made from traditional castor oil, it offers a plethora of benefits for healthy hair. Apart from promoting hair growth, it helps deal with thinning edges and bald spots problems. With a beautiful fragrance, it is the perfect pick for hair oil treatments. Nourishing your scalp from within, it prevents breakage issues and others. So, pick this and promote better hair growth.


  • Perfect for different hair texture
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Helps in perfect hydration
  • Gives good fragrance
  • Suitable for pre-shampoo oil treatment
  • Does not contain salt ingredients


  • Applicator is not easy to use

9. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil


When looking for a one that helps deal with damaged hair issues, this Shea butter product would be the perfect one to use. This oil is suitable for different types of hair texture. Even when you are trying for hairstyling, this oil product is a suitable one. When used in the correct amount and daily, it promotes better hair growth and keeps away from breakage and dryness of scalp issues.


  • Perfect oil treatment for natural shiny hair
  • It contains Shea butter and peppermint oil
  • Helps deal with damaged hair from breakage


  • Tends to make hair dry
  • Applicator is not secured to use

10. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Glass Bottle (4 oz)


If you have colored hair and has been subjected to chemicals, this oil product will be the perfect pick at a reasonable rate. For healthy, moisturized, and fuller in volume, it is none other than the above said one. It boosts the hair follicle from inside and gives the fullness to the hair. For perfect hair massage, this is the one that boosts hair growth. To deal with hair damage problems, and condition your hair from within, this is the one. Massage hair scalp with the oil routinely to get the desired results.


  • Perfect to be used for color hair
  • Moisturizes your hair skin
  • Adds strength and prevent skin dryness


  • It gives a strong smell
  • It tends to stain fabrics

11. Jamaican Black Castor Seed Oil


Are you in search of hair oil made from organic ingredients? The above mentioned one is the suitable one to try. This one is also the best jamaican black castor oil for beard. It is free from hexane and contains naturally picked items that can have suitable benefits on your hair. From booting hair growth, to taking care of your scalp, it is the perfect one to invest. Treating your damaged hair with perfection and making it strong and long, these are some of the special features of this Jamaican castor oil. For the perfect skin care routine and hydrate your skin, this pick is the correct one.


  • Manufactured from pure ingredients
  • Helps maintain moisturized skin
  • Restores hair strength
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Cruelty free product
  • Free from hexane


  • Quality could have been better

What are the benefits that Jamaican oil offers?

  • Excellent scalp nourishment 

Jamaican castor oil boosts scalp health as it helps in better blood circulation. Working around hair follicles, it helps in hair growth. It keeps away from dry scalp issues, prevents itchiness, and gets rid of dandruff and the like problems. This is one of the prime benefits of best jamaican black castor oil.

  • Promotes growth of hair 

For the perfect growth of hair in fuller volume, Jamaican castor oil is the perfect pick. Thinning of hair edges, making the hair healthy and thick, this oil is the one. It is also perfect for intense hydration and promotes quick hair damage and prevents dryness. 

  • Takes care of skin health 

Jamaican Castor Oil is prepared with carefully chosen natural ingredients, and each of these is beneficial for healthy hair and its growth. It is the perfect hydration for scalp and hair due to its anti-aging ingredients. Make sure that you massage it perfectly to get the desired result in a quick time. 

How to apply the oil?

The Jamaican castor oil is a simple one to use as it comes with an easy applicator. Use it both on the scalp and length of hair. Leave it for some time before you wash it. To get the desired result, try to use it two to three times a week and leave it for some time to get it absorbed on the hair scalp. If the hair has regained the strength, you can reduce the times of using it in a week. Most of the products mentioned above come in an easy-to-use applicator that makes the product a travel friendly one. It also does not spill off when using.  

Buyer’s guide for Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • Purity of the oil 

When buying the product, it is important to check for the purity of each of its ingredients. It should be free from toxins, synthetic items and other chemical items. Without these, it ensures that it is suitable for your hair and scalp treatment.  

  • Oil free from hexane 

Though hexane is used at the time of processing the oil, it may leave impurities that affect the product quality. 

  • Get certified products 

Make sure that you invest in certified products. The label of the oil states that it contains naturally chosen ingredients free from pesticides or any fertilizers. Along with this, it requires taking the product from an authorized seller that ensures the Jamaican oil’s quality.  


Now that you have gone through the best jamaican black castor oil reviews, you can take help from our buying guide. The process of application will help better in applying the oil correctly and get suitable hair growth results. Do not make the mistake of choosing any random hair oil products as the results can be irrecoverable. So, make wise investments and pick from quality brands that assure better results.