7 Best Heated Eyelash Curler in 2022: Reviews and Usage Tips

An eyelash curler is a perfect and an ideal tool to curl your lashes the way you want. But the heated versions are even better with greater benefits and are quite different from the regular eye lash curler. A heated lash curler is a small and battery-operated tool that generates heat to twist and curl your lashes.There are plenty of reasons that the heated eyelash curler is awesome and is very much in demand. 

The heated curlers are loaded with extra features and benefits like curling the lashes more quickly, efficiently and with much care. Heated lash curlers provide the result you want and have to be used with greater safety and care.

With heated curler, the level of sensitivity is higher in regards to safety and precautions. However, the results with heated eyelash curler are more effective, desired, quick and long-lasting. Well, all what we say comes down to choosing the right and the best heated eyelash curler.

So, before we present you our handy buying guide and the favourites, here is some information that would help you to choose yours.

Choosing parameters

Before zeroing on the best here are a few choosing parameters that would make it easier for you to select your favourite. Look for the following when you buy one.Size- The right size will simply ease the way you hold it.Heat setting- It can be mild, dual or different types of settings for your ease.Ready alert- The indicator is a must for you to know when to startLED light- To reveal the tiniest of hair

7 Best Heated Eyelash Curler to get Beautiful Curls

1. Panasonic EH2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler

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Panasonic EH2351AC is like a perfect remedy to tame and separate each lash perfectly and very similar to acavado heated eyelash curler. It’s a pain-free device with no pulls and tugs and comes with a heat indicator to let you know when it is ready to use for your unruly eyelashes. It creates natural-looking and long-lasting curl in seconds.

Panasonic heated eyelash curler comes in attractive design and has sleek and modern look. It features a separate comb, a double heating element, a good holding design and 1 AAA battery that lasts around 40 minutes for your usage.

Panasonic EH2351AC can be rinsed clean under warm or running water. Panasonic EH2351AC styles and beautifies your lashes even without mascara on it. The dainty and elegant eyelash curler is made of non-stick silicon.

USP: Panasonic EH2351AC Heated lash Curler has loads of positive points but the best is its versatility. It enables you to achieve different styles of curls as per your taste and needs. The device is user-friendly especially for beginners.


  • Dual heated pads quickly relax and separate lashes.
  • Creates long-lasting curls in seconds
  • Easy to use
  • No pinching, tugging or pulling
  • Doesn’t require a lot of technique
  • Gives your lashes an extra lift
  • Mascara is not a must
  • Smart heat indicator


  • Not perfect for bent lash look
  • Not recommended for people with contact lenses.
  • You may burn your skin if comb guard is not attached.
  • It doesn’t come with battery in a package

2. Remington All-in-One Reveal Lash & Brow Kit

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Remington All-in-One Reveal Lash and Brow Curler lifts, separates and lengthens the look of your lashes. Inshort, it is your safest bet when it comes to your eyelash care. The product also multi-tasks and pluck your brows as well. The combo pack defines and does your lashes and brows to perfection. It applies the heat gently and evenly along the full length of each individual lash. 

The first thing you will notice about the device is that it’s an all-in-one kit that delivers classic and perfectly curled lashes and beautiful brows. The Remington curler is based on simple yet effective technology. It comes with easy-grip tweezers that are perfect for shaping and defining your brows.

A temperature indicator light is there that turns red when the curler is ready to use. The product also comes with a protective slide-on cap for head. The tweezers’ detail light is there to illuminate your brow area to reveal even the finest hairs.

USP: Remington All-in-One Reveal Curler truly makes a world of difference and is really lovely as it comes with an extra tool for your brows. Dual benefits of doing your lashes as well as brows make it a preferred pick. 


  • It heats up faster
  • Gives gorgeous results whether you use it with mascara or not.
  • Perfect travel companion due to compact design
  • Improves your arches
  • Catches stray hairs
  • The comb teeth separate lashes for easy styling


  • There is no shut off feature
  • Might work better on very long lashes

3. Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

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This is the best eyelash curler for big eyes. With Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler, you will have high impact eyes that everyone will notice. The handy product is quite fascinating for your lashes to instantly get curlier in just a few seconds, giving your brighter and bigger looking eyes. Unlike traditional ones, it doesn’t pinch or break your hair with pressure. Also, it strokes your eyelashes well rather than clumping them all.

Mini-sized for portability and powered by triple AAA battery, Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler is like an expert for your eyelashes. It’s a safe beauty tool where you can put the cap back to turn off the curler so that the battery is not wasted. Also the little curler heats up quickly and gives you the lush and fluttery look you have always desired. The mini version comes with temperature option and ready alert. It can be used both, before or after applying the mascara.

USP: The mini size is a unique stand out of this model and the 15-20 seconds is all that is needed to heat the curler up. The product is like a Godsend as the risk of your lashes falling out is lower as compared to using other heated lash curlers. Just a few strokes up and you have the tight and pretty curls. 


  • Great for separating clumping lashes
  • Gives an extra life to lashes
  • Does Not pinch or break
  • Great curl longevity.


  • Works better with mascara on
  • Does Not come with a battery
  • Does Not come with good instructions
  • Battery goes off quickly

4. Blinc Innovative Heated Lash Curler

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Include the Blinc Innovative Heated Eyelash Curler to your wish list right away. It’s safe, effective and promises long lasting results. Blinc helps you to tame any unruly eyelashes that are pointing the wrong way. Your lashes are in for a great treat with this amazing and handy tool.

The device features a comb with heated teeth and works on a variety of eye and lash shapes and sizes. The Blinc Heated Eyelashes Curler is equipped with temperature control mechanism and protective contact guard that ensures immense safety and protection. 

The heat indicator is there to deliver just the right amount of heat. The wand design means there won’t be any pinching. Innovative Heated Curler evenly heats all types of lashes, especially unruly strands.

USP: The highly-rated Blinc Innovative Heated Curler can be a game changer for your eyes beauty and effect. It’s innovative in design and delivers a precise amount of heat, while making it easy to reach even the tiniest lashes.


  • Good for stubborn, straighten eyelashes
  • Safe design to prevent burns
  • Effective insulation
  • Ideal in getting every lash at every corner
  • Gentler approach
  • Gets closer to the roots


  • Not a very affordable option

5. Dr. Splendid Lash Heated Eyelash Curler

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The doctor device keeps your lashes nice and curly all day long and the beauty obsessive just consider this for the magical lashes.

Quick and gentle on the lashes, it gives your eyelashes the curls and beauty they deserve.

Performance, ease of use and comfort is superb with this cool and handy tool. It’s quite a fascinating eye accessory we must say. It has all the great features you crave for.

You will honestly have no complaints about this one. The device comes with a petite comb that helps to lift, separate and curl the unmanageable lashes.It will never pull, tug, pinch or burn your lashes if handled with care. Dr Splendid Heated Eyelash Curler is designed to work effectively with any mascara of your choice. The curler is created to be aesthetically perfect and functionally exceptional.

USP: Dr. Splendid Eyelash Curler is an instant wake up call for those who are looking for a best eyelash curler for great length and volume. It’s by far the best in terms of safety and precautions. It is extremely safe to use around eyes. 


  • Curls are in place for hours
  • Small and light weighted
  • It catches those hard-to-reach little inner corner hairs


  • Handle with care
  • It’s safe till you control the heat

6. Heated lash Curler by Zlime

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Indeed a beauty to behold! For big, bold and beautiful eyes, you just can’t go wrong with this comb design curler. It helps you create wonderfully extended lashes in just a matter of seconds. There is so much of scope with this curler by Zlime. It curls your natural lashes, false lashes, mink eyelashes and is even meant for eye lash extensions.

Using eyelash curlers is not very common for people who like to wear DIY lash extensions or false lashes, as they have ample curls. However, if worn for a long time, you might need a way to curl them as well. Lash extensions/false lashes can become straight if they get damp or wet because of humidity, for example, or if not taken care of as needed. Not all heated curlers are safe and allowed for extensions, as you use glue to apply them, so you better choose the right one to not ruin your lashes.

The Zlime heated curler is a hit with consumers for its amazing features. Made of high thermal conductivity of nickel-chromium alloy, the Zlime stands out as the best in quality. It has a temperature sensor silicone indicator to let you know when it’s ready to use.

The eyelash curler comes with 2 temperature settings, the low temperature 60-65°C for thinner lashes, high temperature 80-85°C for thicker lashes. The concave comb follows the shape of your lashes to gently curl them without any safety issues. 

USP: The temperature control mechanism with 2 different settings and protective contact guard make sure that this curler is safe to use and won’t risk burning you. This curler has also been encompassed with special safety features in terms of heat management. 


  • Gently warms the lashes
  • Resulting in stronger, longer-lasting curl in just seconds
  • Protective contact guard
  • No dealing with batteries
  • Evenly distribute heat through the lashes
  • For desired heat and desired effect.


  • Few of the accessories does not come in the package
  • May be awkward to handle at first

7. Hitachi HR-550-P Eye Crie Heated EyeLash Curler

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The Hitachi HR-550-P curler works amazingly on people with almond-shaped eyes and for the lashes that don’t show up well.

Hitachi HR-550-P is not as harsh as its counterparts and does not use a lot of force. You can easily rely on this to make your eyes look defined and pop.

Done in good finish and solid construction, the Hitachi HR-550-P is feminine, appealing and non-traditional in design. It comes with a convenient on-off switch and has premium performance.

USP: Hitachi is a proven name when it comes to small devices and appliances. And so is this cute version of eyelash curler- Hitachi HR-550-P . The deluxe model gets your job done quickly and effectively. Also, it’s small enough to be very portable.


  • Best to deal with fragile lashes
  • Preheat in around 10 seconds
  • Gentle and effective
  • High quality and safe material for skin
  • Perfect for achieving lashes with a small bend


  • Does not get to the very base of lashes
  • Might break on falling
  • Bit pricey

How to use a heated Eyelash Curler?

You may have the best of the heated eyelash curlers with you but that does not make the job complete. Using the tool the right way is equally important for the beautiful and defined eyelashes. Here we go:

  • Remove the old makeup or mascara before you start.
  • Check the sensors or indicators for right heat setting.
  • Start the curling session with right heat setting.
  • Place the heated comb on the roots of upper eyelashes and hold it for a second or 2.
  • Slowly move in upward direction till you reach the tip of the eye lash.
  • Apply a layer of mascara to add a dramatic look. (For those who use mascara)

How does Heated Eyelash Curler work?

It’s the same heating technology in eyelash curlers that is used for curling the hair on your head with iron rods. The challenge is to deliver the precise amount of heat in a proper way.

Pros of Using Heated Eyelash Curler:

Using heated eyelash curler has added advantages as compared to traditional ones. Here are the noted ones:

  • Curves stay for long
  • Does not make the lashes dry
  • High temperature locks lashes in place
  • Skips the clamping step
  • Reduces the chances of eyelashes to be pulled or pinched
  • Saves your time and unnecessary process

Cons Of Using Heated Eyelash Curler:

Too much heat can dry out the lashes. Also, if not handled properly, you may end up burning your skin around the eyes, especially the metal ones. Also, the heated curlers require battery to run.


1. Do heated eyelash curlers work?

The thought of putting a heated thing close to eyes is definitely scary, but it’s absolutely safe if you handle the device with proper care and right temperature settings. You also need to know how long you need to press the device on to your lashes.2. Can I use a heated eyelash curler if I have lash extensions?

Go for it if you want extremely curvy lashes but we recommend not to use the heated lash curlers as the extensions are anyways curvier.

3. Should I curl my lashes before or after I apply mascara?

There are a few models in the market which works better if you put the mascara first and then use the heated eyelash curler over it. However, it differs from product to product.


The traditional eyelash curlers can damage and pull out fragile lashes but the battery-operated heated lash curlers are a much better choice if you want to curl your lashes and keep them healthy as well. We’ve listed down the best heated eyelash curlers from amongst the top rated ones.

Remington All-in-One Reveal Lash & Brow Kit– Evenly distributed heat, extremely simple to use, a compact design, two-in one for lashes as well as brows makes Remington one of our absolute favourites. 

Heated Eyelash Curler by Zlime– This product is going strong in the market for its dual temperature setting. This eyelash curler has two temperature options so that you can adjust the curler heat as per your needs.