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A well-defined beard always looks great and requires a reasonable amount of care to keep it in shape. Whenever it is about keeping it tidy and trimmed, a beard trimmer is an important tool that comes to your rescue. It certainly is worth investing in a high quality corded beard trimmer. With many brands available in the market, it becomes important to choose the finest of all. 

To pick the best corded beard trimmer from the huge range, we have assembled a list of top 10 corded beard trimmers here. Additionally, we included a precisely detailed buyer’s guide to make the product selection and purchase even easier. Lastly, three top picks are suggested to make the selection process more precise. 

Top Rated Corded Beard Trimmers 2022


Wahl Pro Corded Beard Trimmer

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Wahl Pro Corded Beard Trimmer is a one-stop kit for men’s grooming. This clipper is actively trending on the market for its multiple set of features and low budget. The package comes with every possible equipment that you might require while trimming.

The kit includes a  9686 Power Pro hair trimmer, detail trimmer, a blade made of stainless steel, three beard combs (a stubble comb, a medium comb, and full beard comb), 8 guides combs for trimming cum haircutting, 6-position guides for trimming beard, blade oil, a brush to clean the trimmer, a leaflet to follow the user instruction (in both Spanish and English) all assembled within a compact storage box. Additional comb attachments range within (? to 1) inch for the smallest to biggest comb guide.

The Wahl corded beard trimmer can last longer even after extensive rough use. The trimmer cord is lengthy, however, does not get enmeshed during use. So, you can move the trimmer comfortably from one side to another while trimming your beard or hair. Overall, Wahl’s pro model is handy for detailed grooming; and is considered the best beard trimmer under 50.


  • Sturdy cum compact corded trimmer that is easy to hold and control during use
  • Couple of additional comb attachment guides available within the package
  • Stainless steel blade is durable and doesn’t blunt out even after several use
  • Powerful and sound device
  • Cost-effective


  • Only for US market as this trimmer model is only supported in countries with 120 Volt power outlets.
  • The gaps between the blades may get blocked with beards or hairs easily; so it needs thorough cleaning after each use.



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Conair Mustache Trimmer is another handy alternative grooming kit for men. The trimmer blade is removable and is made of stainless steel and it is simple to use just like philips beard trimmer. The package includes a couple of adjustable combs; each is for 5 different positions that can cover every angle you may require during grooming.

The two jawline combs facilitate detailed trimming while maintaining precision. You get plenty of styling options to groom yourself as you wish. 

The clipper ensures a pleasant trimming experience at every use. The compact size gives the user a better grip and control over the device. The cord is long and can be flexibly managed during use without getting it entangled (usually).


  • Fine quality trimmer available at amazingly low price
  • Additional coms attachment available for different hair and beard stylings
  • Handy due to its compact size
  • Low to no noise during its application


  • The closely placed blade heads make trimming difficult at a single stroke
  • Poor comb locking mechanism
  • Is only for 120 V ranged power outlets



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Remington HC5855 Trimmer offers professional finish as it pays more attention to details and precision, unlike the regular trimmers. Remington utilizes the “POWERCUT” system, thereby delivering ideal hair trimming each time. The super magnetic motor delivers enough power to the device to cut through any hair or beard style at a single stroke, irrespective of the length or thickness of the hair. 

The high precision ground blades render soft and smooth trimming of both beard and hair. and cutting. This handy clipper is best for daily beard trimming.


  • Sturdy model and delivers premium trimming finish
  • The magnet motor contrasted with the precision ground blades makes trimming process quite smooth with least effort.
  • The kit includes a durable cord of 8 feet in length
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee


  • Only applicable to power outlets ranging 110 V
  • Needs continuous cleaning during use
  • The motor gets hotter if used for hours without a break
  • Non-adjustable blade head



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Wahl 8655-200 Clipper is most-sought, typically for hair grooming. It is compact in size and therefore handy enough. The sleek look of this trimmer has caught much attention on the current market, who are looking for a top hair trimmer. Not just the looks, but this model is also well-functioned in terms of precise hair cum beard trimming. 

This pro-grade trimmer pack comes with a couple of comb guides, which are specifically of: ½ inch, ¼ inch, ? inch, and ? inch. Other than that, the package contains a cleaning brush, blade oil, a blade guard, and an instruction manual. The cord is 7 feet in length and is available at a reasonable price on the market.


  • Sleek looking, handy trimmer model
  • Pro-grade trimming finish with finer precision
  • Convenient to use
  • Delivers A-class grooming of any type of beard or hair style without much effort


  • The kit contains only the primary accessories
  • Very noisy during the use
  • Cord often gets entangled
  • Restricted to power outlets of 120 V only



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Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer is a fine quality model with an amazing design. The device is convenient to use and the rubber handle allows a firm grip during the operation. It is a lightweight alternative and the charge drains quite slowly. So, you can use it continuously for prolonged hours without a pause. The trimmer body is easily washable and the water drain feature lets easier cleaning and maintenance of the blades. The package includes 3 comb guides along with a precision clipper.

The trimmer blades can trim down to 0.5 mm up to 20 mm maximum, that too without any discomfort and hair pulling. The removable clipper cord allows the tool to be used as a cordless trimmer. The battery is rechargeable and can power the tool for nearly one hour (while used in cordless mode).

The battery takes only an hour to fully recharge a trimmer when it is totally zero. The good part is you can use the trimmer even when it is charging. These cordless cum fast charging features of ER-GB80-S make it an all-purpose  grooming clipper for everyone. Overall, this one stroke perfect trimmer can cut through any length or thickness with least effort.


  • Pro-grade quality model
  • Easy to washable and maintain
  • 39 flexible trimming options
  • Harm-free for delicate skin
  • Universally accepted model as it works for power outlets at two specific potential ratings; 110V and 240 V
  • Inbuilt Ni-MH rechargeable battery enables it to be used as a cordless clipper


  • Costlier compared to its features

6. Conair Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

Conair Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

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Conair GMT900N Flexhead Trimmer is designed with advanced blade feature to facilitate comfortable trimming of stubble, moustache, and beards while maintaining accuracy. 15 different trimming length settings enable you to achieve custom beard styles. The ergonomic clipper holder gives you a firm grip on the device during the application. This clipper can be used both in corded and cordless mode.

This innovative grooming kit not only does the trimming work, but is also used as an epilator, or shaver, or home haircutter. This versatile trimmer is also suitable for women for doing depilation tasks. Overall, this model ensures precision and cleaner cut if that’s what you are looking  for.


  • Budget-friendly clipper
  • Easily washable
  • Considerable battery life (Li-ion battery) if used in cordless mode


  • Some users reported about the poor quality functioning and durability of the product.
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7. Remington HC5850 Beard Trimmer

Remington HC5850 Beard Trimmer

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Remington HC5850 Beard Trimmer casing is made of durable polycarbonate that keeps the trimmer interior intact. The product is backed by  lifetime guarantee. The magnetic motor drives the trimmer blades at a speed four times faster compared to other regular trimmer tools. You can expect a smooth cum clean cut at every use. The rubber grip ensures full control over the device while self-trimming, thereby avoiding accidental cuts. 

The package includes 8 comb attachments, blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, barber scissors, and a storage unit to store all the trimmer accessories at a single spot. It’s relatively low in price and very handy which makes it the best corded beard trimmer for money.


  • Noiseless functioning during use
  • Ergonomic design and durable build
  • Quality product within a reasonable budget
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  • Can get water damage very easily
  • Gets hot quick so one has to be careful while using for the first time

8. Wahl Beret Beard Trimmer

Wahl Beret Beard Trimmer

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Wahl Beret Beard Trimmer is a cord cum cordless trimmer, typically meant for pro-grade application. The model is designed to ensure superior trimming performance that experts look for while using the clipper in cordless mode.

The product comes with a recharging stand so you won’t have to connect and hang the cable from the wall plug-in. The high precision clipper blades are perfect for tight trimming. The super-sound trimmer motor makes it the most-sought salon tool for its high  efficiency and luxury. 


  • Typically designed for pro-grade users and hence, deliver superior performance
  • Can provide 2 hours of uninterrupted run time trimming


  • Length settings are only few
  • Some users reported about the poor battery life

9. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper

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Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper is designed with a modern setup, ensuring simplicity in its operation. The taper lever can be switched from 0.5 mm to 2.4 mm trimming length with a click of a button. The steel build blades ensure sharp and precise cuts.

The pivot motor includes a number of movable parts and generates optimal vibrations during use. You can use the trimmer continuously for a prolonged period as the motor doesn’t produce intense heat. The pivoting feature ensures zero tugging or pulling of hair during trimming.

The package comes with 4 comb guide attachments, out of which, one is solely meant for blend trimming. The trimmer is perfect for  those having lighter beards and who prefer doing close trimming or edging to get a unique beard layout. The ergonomic build with grooved housing ensures comfortable hold on the device during use.


  • High quality USA-manufactured trimmer
  • Noiseless model


  • Blades get hotter at times, if used continuously for hours.

10. Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

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Wahl Professional #8355-400 Clipper is yet another professional beard trimmer for barbers, designed to render sharp and precise performance that experts generally look for. The trimmer build offers maximum control and makes trimming comfortable.

The powerful electromagnetic motor with a flexible lever  facilitates easy fading and blending. The device is applicable for both well and dry use and so, it has wider demand in the barber shops and for the hair experts.  

The package contains six comb guides, cleaning brush, oil, red blade guard followed by the clipper.


  • Easy to handle, use and clean
  • Value for money
  • Best for beginners
  • Durable build


  • Some buyers complained that the trimmer blades get rusted only after a few times of use.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider While Buying a Corded Beard Trimmer

You will come across several trimmers that are produced by well-known brands and available on the market, just as above. So, before investing on a trimmer, always make sure to consider the factors mentioned below. We hope you will certainly be able to experience a comfortable beard trimming if these factors are taken into consideration.

This handy table includes seven important factors. Although this selection procedure might appear a little daunting to a lot of you, do not worry as we made this process far easier and quicker for you. So, let’s begin:

1. Precision

In these recent times, the popular beard trimmers have been improved a lot in terms of the in-cut length. This has significantly increased the flexibility of these trimmers, enabling them to deliver better results. It has been seen that there are different lengths of the trimmer, as given below:

  • 1 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 5 mm

Also, some beard trimmers can be extended to several millimeters in length. These make sure to provide the best results and you can get a well-shaped bear every day.

2. Cordless vs. Corded

Before you purchase the beard trimmer, we need to decide whether to buy a corded or cordless beard trimmer. Their mobility is a very noticeable difference, which is visible very clearly between these two trimmers. However, we want to take you through a vast explanation of how these are further different from each other. 


The corded beard trimmers are much more powerful than the cordless ones. They can cut the hair very quickly and can give a very neat look to the user. This is all because these corded beard trimmers wholly rely on the electric source of power.

We recommend the professional barbers choose these corded beard trimmers to guarantee high performance in a very little time. However, there are also certain downsides of using this one, such as time-taking cleaning process, mobility, and voltage differences. 


The majority of the users prefer buying the cordless beard trimmers as this one is easy to use and portable. One of the main differences between the corded and cordless is their power source. A Li-on battery being the source of power for this beard trimmer, we can say that it is a bit weaker in function.

Hence, the trimming time taken by it can be quite long. However, the best thing about the cordless beard trimmer is that they can be used anywhere, be it in the dressing room or the garden at your house.

3. Number of Length Settings

The latest beard trimmers have an in-built dial which is present at the handle of the machine. With this dial, you can tune the trimmer as per the length of your beard. For all those men who tend to shape their beards every day and keep them in the same length, this is a fantastic feature. The beard trimmer dials come in two different varieties, which are manual and digital.


With the help of a manual dial, beard trimmers offer a tactile mechanical feel that men always appreciate. As there is no motor used in the manual dial, the trimmer becomes affordable and also has a longer life. The manual dials cannot fine-tune to any length settings. Hence, you can find that they can go up to the increments of 0.2 mm.


The beard trimmers with a digital dial can store the user’s preferred length setting whenever you shave. The display of this beard trimmer is very easy to read. However, if a motor is included in these trimmers, it makes the fine-tuning easier for a particular setting. Some trimmers are also able to make precise length modifications (of up to 0.1 mm).

4. Voltage

There are very few buyers who have ever focused on the trimmer’s actual voltage capacity while planning to buy it. Henceforth, we would like to ensure that the beard trimmer you buy should handle higher voltage requirements. This will be of great help if you are carrying them with you when traveling internationally or nationally.

To make sure that you choose the right corded beard trimmer, always prefer reading the technical information given on the product packaging or online website. You should always look for a beard trimmer that can be used on either 120V or 240V outlets. This will also save your trimmer from getting damaged due to voltage fluctuations.

5. Quality of Blade

This is the most significant factor which helps in differentiating a good trimmer from a bad one. The blade of the corded beard trimmer must be water-resistant, firm and efficient enough, so that you can use it any number of times. However, some models come with taper levers, yet it is better to check for the blade quality before buying.

You can do this by checking if the blade teeth are positioned close enough to each other or not. Next, you will get enough options for the blades, such as self-sharpening blades, chromium steel blades, carbon steel blades, or double sharpened blades. You need to choose one out that is right for you.

6. Comb Sizes

All the corded beard trimmers have combs attached to the top. This attachment will create a connection between the surface of the trimmer and hair to keep it straight for proper trimming. When you’re about to cut longer bits of hair, this comb feature works the best. A product is always nice when it provides a huge range of comb options and lengths.

7. Price

One will surely not consider spending hundreds of dollars to get a well-shaped beard every day. We found that the majority of the beard trimmers considered buying a product that falls between fifty to hundred dollars. All the trimmers that fall under the $50 category had drawbacks such as hindered performance due to the battery, restricted length settings, and many more. They also did not give better performance when compared to those that were priced higher than $100.


All the aforementioned are the best corded beard trimmer models that are unique with their own set of benefits and setbacks. However, we have picked top three recommendations out of those ten, as follows:

Best for those who are looking for a sound, easy to handle and durable trimmer within a low budget. 

If cost is not an issue for you but looking for pro-grade skin-friendly trimmer, then ER-GB80-S is the one. 

This is the most versatile trimmer model on the list, in terms of noise level, budget, and precision cut. However, the product has received a couple of negative feedbacks in terms of its poor functionality and durability, and so we made it the third pick on the list.