10 Best Cartridge Razors in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Apart from the current trend of electric clippers, cartridge razors have never been out of trend. They are most-sought for their lightweight, promising better control while shaving and can be used on any part of the body. Besides, unlike the traditional razors, the cartridge razors have a shallow learning curve.

All these qualities attract both men and women to avail the cartridge razor. What’s more? Well, you get the product at a reasonable cost as cartridges are occasionally required to change based on the number of uses. Lastly, these razors are really suited to people who have daily time constraints to deal with personal grooming.  

But, which brand model would be the best for your purpose and skin? This is a time taking task to ensure what factors to check on and which brand to stick to. So, we did that part for you and added a list of 10 best cartridge razors followed by a buyer’s guide. We also added top three recommendations in the end to simplify your selection and buying procedure.  

Review of 10 Best Cartridge Razors 2022

1. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor

Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor

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Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor features a sturdy blade refill which stays sharp and does not get blunt easily even after a couple of shaves. The package comes with an added refill and each razor blade can last up to 15 uses. This razor promises irritation free shaving without causing red patches on your skin. The lubricating strip lets you easily glide across the skin contours, thereby avoiding nicks and cuts. 

Apart from that, the pre-built skin guard of this razor stretches the skin to make smoother shaving without any hindrance. Overall, it is a comfortable lightweight razor.


  • Comes with an added blade refill
  • Gillette Mach3 is comparatively better than other disposable razors
  • Lubricating strips ensure comfortable and smooth shaving results without any unexpected nicks
  • Advanced skin guard is another added benefit


  • The only drawback is that you might not get a close shave.

2. Solimo 5blade motion sphere razor

Solimo 5blade motion sphere razor

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Solimo 5blade motion sphere razor package comes with a set of 16 5blades followed by a razor holder. This device acts like a beard trimmer, can be used to shave sideburns and moustacheIt has a multi-movement pivotal joint which can bend as per your shaving requirement. The lubricating strips contain vitamin E extracts. Unlike the previous model, you can expect a close shave with Solimo. Overall, it is one of the affordable cartridge razor on the list.


  • One of the best for close shave.
  • Reduces irritation of the skin after the shave.
  • Contains a multi-movement pivotal end for flexible shaving
  • It doesn’t get clogged with hairs between the blade gaps


  • This razor cartridge is not compatible to be used with razors of other brands.

3. Gillette ProGlide men’s razor

Gillette ProGlide men's razor

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Gillette ProGlide men’s razor, as the name suggests, contains a 5 bladed anti-frictional refill which ensures smooth and cut-free shaving. The package comes with 8 additional cartridges. The sensitive gel technology followed by flexball design makes the razor ideal to be used on any hairy part of the   body. 

You can expect irritation-free shaving as promised by its lubricating strip along the edge of the cartridge. Next, the product is money saving as each razor cartridge lasts for about a month. This cartridge razor can fit in all the Fusion5 and Fusion5 power razor cartridges.


  • Superfine razor blades reduce friction while shaving, thereby preventing skin irritation
  • The enhanced lubrastrip makes shaving comfortable and quicker
  • Each of the 9 blades (8 additional and 1 with the razor holder) lasts up to a month


  • Some users reported that the skin starts to irritate after a couple of shaves.

4. Personna Men’s Blade razor system

Personna Men's Blade razor system

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Personna Men’s Blade Razor comes with a pack of 12 extra cartridges and each of them contains 5 blades. You can expect the smoothest shave with this razor option. Its lubricating strips are filled with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extracts, both of which nourishes the skin and makes shaving feel comfortable due to which we consider it the best cartridge razor for sensitive skin.

The special guard of the razor is designed keeping the sensitive contours of a man’s face and neck in mind. You can do wet shaving with Personna during shower and can be rinsed well after each shave. The ergonomic handle gives a comfortable grip and control over the razor. You can expect a deeper shaving, to get a silky smooth skin, with this shaver.


  • Contains a 5blade razor cartridge
  • Ergonomic razor design is perfect to fit all the lines and curves of the face
  • Anti-clog blades with ceramic coating to reduce skin-irritation and friction


  • Blades may rust after a couple of usage.

5. Super safety Razors

Super safety Razors

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If you are looking for a non-pivotal head, then go for the Super Safety Razors. The metal handle with a rubber grip gives you a tight grip on the razor handle to avoid slipping from the hand, which may otherwise cause unexpected cuts. This razor is compatible with both the Gillette’s trac2 and Personna’s twin 2 blades. 

You can expect a smooth cum close shave with this option. The package comes with a pack of ten twin blade cartridges. The lubricating strips fulfills the shaving comfort.


  • Quite solid and hefty razor; durable
  • Deliver close and smooth shave
  • The lubricating strip makes shaving comfortable and skin-friendly


  • Could be bulkier to the users who are not accustomed to using a metal razor.

6. Made for You Razor

Made for You Razor

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Made for You Razor is the best suited option for both men and women along with 2 additional razor cartridges. The blades are free to be used even on the reserved parts of the body without the fear of getting unexpected cuts. Each cartridge contains 5 flexible blades which deliver cleaner and super close shaves.  

The razor blades are easy to clean under a running spout. The blade cartridges are enriched with Vitamin E to make shaving irritation-free. The precision trimming feature of this razor helps anyone to access hard-to-reach areas of the body including  sideburns, bikini areas, and nose.


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable glide along razor blades
  • Unisexual razor with precision trimming features


  • One may feel that some blades (of a cartridge)  are not that sharp.

7. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Men's Razor

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Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor features the  flexball technology to give you a close and fine shave without leaving any stubble or hair on the skin after each stroke. This razor cartridge  contains 5 anti-frictional blades which reduces pressure on skin and prevents skin irritation. 

The precision trimming feature lets you reach the hard-to-access areas of the body without the worry of getting accidental cuts. The lubricating strips facilitate skin smoothening while shaving. The blades are fine and do not give a shaving feel, but makes one feel more relaxed with zero tug or pull at every use.


  • Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide delivers precision trimmer with its advanced flexball technology
  • Package comes with an extra cartridge replacement
  • The blades are super fine and guarded by an enhanced lubricating strip to make super-close shaving


  • One must be careful while using the cartridge as some of its blades might be too sharp to handle.

8. Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor

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Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor is best suitable for men with delicate skin texture. The soft rubber handle for easy gripping makes the overall shaving comfortable. The ultra glide 5 blades cartridge gives a cleaner finish without giving you a shaving feeling on skin. The flipping feature of the razor head lets you reach the difficult to reach parts of the face. The ergonomic razor handle is made of high gloss premium quality colored chrome.


  • Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor is dermatologically examined to be safe for using on sensitive skin
  • Ergonomic handle give good grip and control over the razor
  • Best for using on hard to reach areas


  • Might not get a close shave.

9. Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor

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Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor has got a German precision engineered blade system which renders a clean, smooth cum comfortable shaving. The razor blades of this model can last 4 times longer than the other regular cartridge razors. Its 3 blades cartridge is also quite durable because of the blades being super fine with a non-sticky coating on those stainless steel blades. 

The razor is fit to be used on delicate skin and the razor head flexible enough to be turned at any angle as per the shaving requirement. The entire package includes 12 extra cartridges, where each cartridge can last for about a month. So, you get a full year package of shaving, that too within a budget-friendly price. Lastly, you get irritation-free shaving experience with Micro Touch Triple-Blade razor.


  • Durable and stainless steel blades
  • Non-sticky coating on the blade surface on the blades.
  • Perfect for delicate skin
  • Flexible razor head allows shaving at any angle.


  • Poor quality handle and gets easily broken.

10. Siam Razor

Siam Razor

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Siam Razor is another lightweight shaver and comes with an extra cartridge replacement. The product is entirely made of plastic, however, it is sturdy enough. The thinnest handle gives better grip and control over the shaver. Unlike the regular disposable razors, a single Siam razor can last for several decades. The soft microfins hold the skin while shaving to avoid slipping over and causing accidental nicks or cuts.


  • Fit for both men and women
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly choice


  • Poor quality handle.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider While Buying a Cartridge Razor

After a lot of research we found that the ones which function smoothly are the best quality cartridge razors. That does not necessarily mean that the razor has to last longer. Perhaps that’s why it has been named so: “cartridge ” razor. 

However, every such razor model varies based on certain factors. Checking those factors is important to ensure a successful product selection and purchase. So, we have enumerated the same below: 

1. Blade Count and Blade Space

Blade count has significantly increased in the new conventional cartridge razors in the last few years. Where some brands are offering the maximum blade count of six blades per razor, there has been a dissension among the dermatologists who questioned if an increased blade count is really needed, or it’s a simple selling strategy.  

Most wet shavers have claimed that an increased number of blades will subsequently increase the skin inflammation. As per the New York Times journal regarding cartridge razor blades, they said that it may cause “hysteresis effect”. That means the first blade will smoothly pull out the stubbles followed by the other subsequent blades cutting gradually lower. With all that being said, the last blade will smoothly cut the hair close to your skin, thereby leaving a buttery soft skin texture. 

Talking about the space between the blades, the smaller/thinner the gap the better. This will decrease the amount of friction on the skin, thereby delivering a smooth shave. However, if you have a delicate skin texture, it is better to avoid 5 or more blades combination. Try a 2 blade cartridge razor instead, for safer results. 

2. Lubricating Strips

The lubricating strips makes the shaving of rough areas easier and cut-free. So, you are not required to apply added lubricating cream on your face or other parts before shaving. However, frequent use of the same razor might gradually wear away the lubricating strips.  

This lubricating shield protects your skin from irritation even if the razor has 4 to 5 blades combination on it. These lubricating strips are made of methanol (to give a cool relaxing sensation to the skin), coconut oil (for smooth cut through), and herbal extracts (to reduce skin inflammation) while retaining skin moisture.  

Note: Make sure to change your razor blades regularly to avoid rough shaving. 

3. Cost for Razor Refills

Although the cartridge razor refills are a bit pricey as they promise long-term ownership, the large brands have come up with smarter refills, that too at an affordable cost. Irrespective of the companies offering multi-count shave clubs that they sell through online stores, the   ownership cost of the razor refills is substantially affordable these days.

So, check the price well and remember that a cheaper/affordable model is not always unworthy of buying. Compare the products well while deciding which would be the best value for money. 

4. Area of Application 

While some cartridge razors have a quite flexible pivot to slide across your facial contours, some are stiff and can be used only in the limited areas where there is the least curve. So, if you are looking for the one that allows shaving in the reserved body parts as well, go for the flexball model. This mechanism is simple and provides nicks-and-cuts-less performance irrespective of where you use it on the body. 

For regular shaving, go for the simple cartridge razor with limited pivot movement as it will be sufficient enough to shave your  whiskers.

5. Brand

Just like an expensive product is not necessarily the best of its kind, sticking to a big brand is not enough to get a promising cartridge razor. Never go for a brand product by simply looking at the celebrity figure endorsing it. Instead, compare your chosen products among themselves in terms of the above mentioned factors. This will hopefully make your search for the right product successful.  


We have profiled the best ones on the above list in terms of their easy functioning, optimal price range, etc. However, if you go for any other brand model, make sure to satisfy the buyer’s guide. 

Here are our top picks from the list of Best Cartridge Razors on the market:

Fit for those who are looking for a 5blade cartridge razor with multi-angle razor head movement to get close and clean shave.

Fit for those who are looking for a sensitive skin-friendly, irritation-free cartridge razor.

Fit for those who are looking for the most durable as well lightweight cartridge razor, that too within a budget.