List Of 10 Best Beard Oil For Black Men in 2022 (TOP PICKS)

Are you in search of versatile beard oil? Well, there are plenty of options for best beard oil for black men available in the market. Not all of them are made from carefully chosen ingredients and maintain quality. It can be challenging for the ones with dusky skin color to take care of their beard for proper growth. 

With a variety of beard oil brands available, it is recommended to pick the one made from natural ingredients that boost hair growth. Other than this, the product should offer additional benefits like preventing itching problems and getting rid of dry skin, prevents dandruff and the like. Below is a list of the best hair oils that can help in better beard grooming sessions. 

1. Mad Viking Beard 


Made from carefully chosen natural ingredients accompanied by a well extraction method, Mad Viking Beard is among the best-picked one for most men. The brand is offering excellent results and therefore, it is among the highly recommended ones. Without faltering in the quality of oil it offers, it has maintained its place in the industry for years. Many of the oils used as the Mad Viking ‘s ingredients are organic, and natural. There is no use of harsh chemicals and hence it does not ruin the beard.

It assures long and healthy hair as it contains 8 nutrient-rich natural ingredients. As the texture of the oil is thick, it is suitable for different styling. It gives pleasure by applying it with an excellent scent. The bottle comes with a dropper which reaches the bottom. When the quantity of oils gets low you won’t have to tip the bottle and fish for oil, as the design is well enough to save you from that. So, when looking for buying a natural oil product, give the above said one a try for satisfactory results.


  • It has a natural scent
  • Made from naturally extracted oil concentration
  • Quality brand oil
  • Works excellent for beards with dry texture
  • Ideal for dry hair


  • Tends to make hair greasy
  • Makes the hair look shiny
  • Tends to spill while applying 

2. Fragrance Free Beard Oil


Fragrance Free Beard Oil is among the top beard oil brands that are perfect for beard grooming. Manufactured from natural items, it is free from chemical ingredients. The oil is well tested before it is out in the market. It helps in beard growth and keeps the skin hydrating when used in the correct amount. For the ones who are allergic to smells, this oil is the perfect pick. 

Enriched with a good amount of nutrients and vitamins, it is perfect and does not cause any discomfort. It prevents problems like dryness and itchiness and therefore, it can be a suitable consideration.       

The jojoba oil is a main ingredient which is a very nice oil that has usually been regarded as the perfect oil for beards. With this jojoba oil, blended is the argan oil, which is a good source of vitamin E to help protect the beards. Using this Fragrance Free beard oil, you can get the desired results of moisturized and shaped beard. It prevents problems like dryness and itchiness and therefore, it can be a suitable consideration.


  • It does not result in allergic problems
  • It keeps beard and skin moisturized
  • Full of nutrients and vitamins
  • It often leaves a shiny texture on beard
  • Blend of two oils which are of superb quality
  • Excellent for styling purposes
  • It often leaves a shiny texture on beard


  • Little extra use of the oil make it sticky

3. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner


When jojoba oil and organic argan are the primary ingredients, the Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner is the suitable pick and the correct option to try. Only natural items are used to prepare this beard oil and thus it offers excellent results on skin and hair. This product is also a certified rockstar as it does excellent conditioning and helps in beard hair styling. It is an excellent, protective, and reasonable item to choose for your beard growth appropriately.   

This beard oil is filled with essential oils, such as Jojoba oil and a wide range of antioxidants. These should affect the appearance, strength, length and general quality of your beard hair. If you have brittle and frizzy beard hair, then this product will not at all disappoint you.


  • It is free from any smells
  • It is free from chemical ingredients
  • It does not result in problem of irritation of dryness
  • High quality conditioning
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Prevents itchy beards
  • Tends to come with a dropper package


  • It tends to become sticky on beard 

4. Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2 Ounce


Honest Amish said is one of the classic items prepared by extracting essential and premium oil combinations. Only organic and natural ingredients are used to prepare the beard oil so that they can have excellent benefits. Some of the essential oils include virgin pumpkin oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, apricot oil, kukui oil, jojoba oil, and the like. Also, the natural ingredients such as that of the Amish Beard Oil can affect your beard by giving relief from irritation caused due to new hair growth.

Apart from boosting beard growth, it keeps your beard moisturized and helps to maintain it better. The ingredients are carefully chosen, and so, the consistency helps in easy penetration of the oil in your skin. Therefore, it is suitable to be used for dry skin. The product does have a very woodish and wonderful peppery scent. It  is suitable for males who would like to pamper their healthy and thick beard.


  • Excellent scent of ingredients
  • Does not cause skin irritation
  • Antioxidants and minerals help in beard growth
  • Does not compromise on the ingredient’s quality
  • Ensures complete refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


  • Tend to become sticky

5. Mad Viking Beard Co. 2 Ounce Premium


Note: Similarly to the one we mentioned, this is a similar product with slight difference in the scent. 

If you are looking for a beard oil that gives excellent pleasure to use, it is none other than Mad Viking that is doing wonders for years. It has successfully maintained the quality of oil it produces and includes quality-based oil that is nutrient-rich. As it has a thick texture, it helps in hair styling when you use the oil in the correct amount. It has a natural scent making it perfect to use. Moreover, the packaging of the oil is great to use easily.  

This fantastic beard oil is made up of eight nutrient-rich base oils that offer a soothing natural scent which wakes up the senses while moisturizing. Its regular use helps in relieving the acne, dandruff beard and also prevents itchiness. Helps in moisturizing the beard, without making it oily, rather helping to keep it soft and healthy. This premium beard oil will efficiently condition and hydrate the beard hair.


  • Made from natural oil
  • It is suitable for dry hair 
  • Excellent brand quality
  • It has a calming scent 


  • Excessive use makes the hair greasy
  • Tends to become oily 

6. Bossman Beard Oil (4oz) – Beard Softener


Bossman Beard Oil is another popular beard oil brand, and this oil kit is perfect for picking for fast beard growth. It helps deal with the messy condition of the hair and makes it well-conditioned when used in the correct amount. The oil has an excellent capacity to stay in the hair for a long time. However, it may not have an excellent scent.  

The ingredients which are perfect for hair nourishment and health while also keeping them soft and smelling great. It also happens that they’re one of the softer consistency due to the ingredients which are commonly used in natural beard oils. This jelly beard oil which is non-greasy is manufactured in the United States and is available in four different scents. The product’s jelly texture bonds with hair follicles that penetrate deep and last for a longer time.


  • Excellent beard care kit
  • It has long lasting impact
  • Oil has conditioning ability
  • It boosts fast growth


  • It is bit pricey

7. Spiced Sandalwood Beard Oil


When in search of an organic oil for your beard growth and nourishment, it is none other than the Spiced Sandalwood Beard Oil. The perfect mixture of essential oil and herbs is suitable to use and can be removed easily. Even though it has a strong hold on hair, it does not leave a glossy finish. 

This beard oil is made up of 100% organic jojoba, sandalwood, rosehip, and argan oils. All these ingredients help in reducing the itchiness, decreases flaky dandruff and softens the hair follicles. This one is also an outstanding, 100 percent vegan option, which is cruelty-free. With this product, you’ll be able to smooth the frizz, minimize the split ends, and also leaves a glistening shine.


  • It gives a cool feeling
  • Easy to wash
  • Offers long-lasting impact
  • Prevent beard itching
  • Reduced dandruff


  • Has a strong scent

8. ZEUS Beard Oil for Men – 1 oz –


If you’re searching for a beard oil with the number of essential oils, then you’ll be pleased with the Zeus Beard Oil for Men. This is certainly among the best beard oils for Black Men. To get hair oil that is perfectly manufactured with the correct choice of essential oils, it is none other than the above said one. It feels light when applied but has good oil concentration. The Moroccan argan oil is one of the primary ingredients that helps prevent dry and frizzy hair. It naturally makes the hair smooth.   

It helps make up a shiny and glossy hair which is fit for grooming black men. Teamed up with a cool and mild scent, which makes this product the best one for all the gentlemen. Everybody will fall in love with the scent. Thanks to the Moroccan Argan oil present in it which saves from the frizzy, dry, and rough beard hair. This specific essential oil version maintains long-term beard-hair quality.


  • Good oil concentration
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Preventing skin itching issues
  • Has quality conditioning nutrients
  • Made from essential oils
  • Protects the skin from itchiness
  • Product package designed ergonomically


  • Bit on the expensive range

9. The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil 


If you do not want scented beard oil, The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil will be the safest bet. With a mild effect, it works great on skin and beard and boosts in its growth. The tool kits available in the package are suitable for beard grooming. As it contains all-natural oil ingredients- that is, it’s 100% natural and organic, has no fillers, genetically modified organisms or additives- you can keep the oil in your hair for two days. But it is not recommended to do so as it can dry up your beard hair. Do not use it on your hair for more than 24 hours. 

The Gentlemen’s Beard Club always makes sure to test their products which ensures that the oil is pure and completely effective. The intense moisturising additives give the hair extra moisture which eliminates the chances of dandruff in the beard. With properly hydrated skin it also removes the annoying itchiness.


  • High protein content boosts hair growth
  • Absorbs hair fast 
  • Contains naturally picked essential oils


  • Does not have conditioning capacity
  • Tends to become bit oily

10. Proraso Beard Oil, Cypress and Vetyver


If you have a long and thick beard, then the Proraso Beard Oil is ideal for grooming. To protect hair from dryness, fizziness or loss, this hair oil would be the suitable pick. It has an effective impact soon after its application. Made from avocado oil extracts, it has natural oil along with macadamia nut content. The oil nutrient coats the hair making it durable. It also makes the beard look lustrous and gives a natural shine.


  • Fast result
  • Gives excellent hair shine
  • Prevents and gives a coating to the hair
  • Made from natural oil ingredients
  • Reduces itching and dry skin
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Smoothes and softens the beard hair
  • Makes the beard look shiny


  • Not suitable if allergic to macadamia and cypress oil

Buyer’s Guide for Beard Oil For Black Men

  • Natural ingredients

The ingredients used in the beard oil determines whether that product  is fit for you or not. It might happen that you are allergic to certain ingredients that are present in your chosen oil. So, make sure to find one that   is free from chemical agents like parabens and formaldehyde preservatives. If you have a sensitive skin texture, then don’t miss out checking this factor. Proper selection of the oil is important as there are many products that are likely to cause skin redness, irritation, and rashes.

According to dermatologists, it is better to go for an oil with natural ingredients as they are least prone to any skin problem and suit every skin type. Also, check the hydrating factor of the oil as the hydration-retaining beard oil keeps your skin non-sticky and moisturized throughout. If the oil has natural essential oil content like avocado and jojoba oil, it is the correct one to buy. Not all oil products containing natural ingredients can boost beard growth. Almond and ginger oils are two such, you may consider buying.

  • Brand

Second is the brand from which you prefer buying the beard oil. Well, every brand follows different criteria while preparing the oil. So, you can’t expect every such product to be healthy for your skin and beard. Always follow the trusted brands in the market which are there in the industry for long years now. The beard oils which have been already attested via user testimonials are undoubtedly the safest bet. Stick to the product with finer ratings and reviews and stay assured using the best from the lot.

  • Scented oil

A plethora of beard oils, available in the  market, comes with soothing and refreshing odor. Plus, it is another strong factor that attracts most customers as we often get blown away by mild fragrance. The smell is usually due to the presence of carrier oil used in the product. If the oil has a balmy impact, it keeps away from irritation. The scent of the oil should not be too strong and instead, have a calming effect. It is one’s personal preference whether or not to buy an aromatic beard oil. You can buy as you like it.

  • Know Your Hair and Skin Texture

The beard oils are composed in a way such that it is fit for a specific hair and skin type only. So, ingredients used in different beard oils may vary and may have varied effects  on one person to another. You have to pick the one that is right for you and your requirement. For instance, argan oil is the best choice for dry skin texture and beard as the oil helps in retaining the moisture for long.

If your skin is prone to acne and frequent skin rashes, it is recommended to use grapeseed or jojoba oil based products. The oil containing all the basic ingredients helps in maintaining a thick beard. However, do not pick the one that has alcohol content as then the oil could severely affect the natural texture of your skin. 

  • Helps in hair growth

The perfect oil will promote hair growth only when it is prepared from refined oil. It makes the beard look perfect. 

  • Conditions and moisturizes hair

The better the oil concentration, the easier it can condition and has a moisturizing impact on bread hair. Beard oil with added extracts is sure to make the oil great in scent. 

  • Easy to Use

A product should be such that it makes life easier. Beard oils ensure amazing facial hair texture beside maintaining the skin health. You must check the product container type as a lot depends on it in making the applying task easier. The bottle with a dropper cap is the ideal one as it ensures applying the right quantity without any wastage.  

  • Makes hair long-lasting

Apart from making the hair long-lasting, the oil is perfect for styling. Make sure that the oil does not have a beard sticky and hardens the texture. 


Now that you have seen the best beard oil for black men. Try to choose from oil that is made from natural ingredients to get the correct impact on beard growth. Therefore, the essential oils are well tested and promote beard growth when used in the right method. Instead of using random oil, it is better to pick from the brands detailed above as it offers suitable benefits.  

Here are our top 3 recommendations:

  • Fragrance Free Beard Oil

 -Enriched with nutrients and Vitamins.                                                                                           -Retains moisture content of hair and skin.                                                                                     -Superb quality blend of two oils

  • Proraso Beard Oil

 -Fast action and excellent hair shining effect.                                                                                  -Pocket-friendly alternative                                                                                                            -Anti-allergic, only if you are not prone to cypress and macadamia oil

  • Bossman Beard Oil

-Ensures fast hair growth.                                                                                                              -Conditioning ability                                                                                                                     -Reliable beard care kit