8 Best Balding Clippers For Shaving Head in 2022 [TESTED]

Is your bald look making you look boring? Now you can even make baldness look badass. We are here to help you out. With growing age, baldness is not a choice for many people, and this makes them uncomfortable now and then. We can feel your pain. So we bring you some of the best balding clippers which will help you get a classy look and will turn your balding issues to a fashion sensation overnight. So gear yourself up for we are taking you on tour to find what you want for yourself

8 Best Balding Clippers of 2022

1. ANDIS Master Hair & Balding Clipper

ANDIS Master Hair & Balding Clipper

ANDIS Clipper gives a very tough competition to its contemporary namely WAHL and OSTER. It consists of so many hand-held grooming tools like shavers, clippers, and the trimmer. The cutting blade of this product is made out of carbon steel which is powered by an electromagnetic motor. So when you make this deal, you get a clipper styling your hair with an incredible speed of 14000strokes staggering every minute. Wow, that’s quite fast!!! That’s some 6,800 more strokes per minute compared to the other clippers available in the market like ANDIS or OSTER.

For a professional, it is something good to go. Fast work is highly demanded when styling is done on a professional level. Though it is more expensive than the other model of the same brand, the attachments along make it all worth spending. The weight may disappoint you, but “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”. So many features and thereby so many components included in it makes it heavier.


  • Highest strokes per minute among other products in the market.
  • Craftsmanship quality is adorable – extensive lifespan
  • You can even use separately purchased modern magnetic attachment combs with it


  • It’s heavy; barbers in their initial days of usage may face fatigue.

2. OSTER Classic 76 Hair & Balding Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Hair & Balding Clipper

If a stunningly great cut is something you look up to, OSTER Classic 76 Hair is all that you need. The ergonomic feature may not be as useful as Wahl5-Star Professional Clippers, but still it would help you in a quick styling for your scalp. This product is massive, and it seems as if using this for professional work would need you some workout at the gym. There are perks that you enjoy with this product -cutting combs. 

The product is compatible to be used with multiple types of cutting blades, be it 00000 detachable blades for surgically close output or any other model for your desired output. It is famous for its versatility. With this product, cutting hair gets more luxurious than ever before. You may even use the clippers for back, chest for armpits. Beware not to be used across your groin region!


  • Compatible with multiple cutting blades.
  • A quick and close-cut powered by a robust electromagnetic motor
  • Aesthetic design


  • Heavy

3. WAHL Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

WAHL Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

If you are a WAHL fan and your pocket does not entertain its product, the brand has heard your dilemma. It brings you a cheap hair trimmer, which helps you set the length of your haircut. The brand has made the process a bundle of joy for you with the set of colour-coded guards it provides. You would love its painless snag or pull free efficient shaving.

WAHL signature heavy-duty motor gives the product exceptional cutting power. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of its power and additional control over length features without any irritation. It is a cordless rechargeable model and thereby is highly mobile and convenient in use. It has 60 minutes run time, so charge once and enjoy your trimming.


  • Guided combs – colour coded
  • Easy and smooth haircuts
  • Grooming kit – 20 in number!!!


  • Bit noisy 

 4. WAHL Super Taper II Hair & Balding Clipper

WAHL Super Taper II Hair & Balding Clipper

If the previous model of WAHL is not “your cup of tea”, WAHL takes care of your longings. It has the motor similar to that inside WAHL Balding Clippers, WAHL Super Taper II Hair & Balding Clipper is not only a balding clipper but can also be used for hair cutting in general. Not only this, but you have also got 8 attachments comb cutting guides. 

Now, this is something that you can spend your pence on. For men fond of Super Taper’s clipping closeness, it gives you adjustable side lever and surprisingly, you can cut the hair of any length between 1 mm to 3mm. That’s not it, its 8′ chemical resistant power cord clipper is long-lasting. The ergonomic design of the clipper gives comfortable experience.


  • Cheap
  • Eight attachment combs
  • A very ergonomic design


  • Cuts are surgically not close.

5.  ANDIS Pro Foil Shaver For Bald Heads

ANDIS Pro Foil Shaver For Bald Heads

This product has made a place both in barbershops and in commoners’ bathrooms. It provides you with more accessibility for shaving or styling hair of your scalp.80-minutes battery time is too good for a balding hair clipper. When the battery completely drains out, this clipper emerges as the “champion” among all others as it can still be operated when you plug in unlike foil-based shavers like Panasonic and Braun.

Even if the head of the razor is damaged, a cheap replacement clipper is available. The experience of using this clipper is excellent since it’s irritation-free. Close cuts may seem fearful for few of you as some may suffer from ingrown hair or razor bumps. But users who have thick and coarse hair will find it just right for themselves. You can also use it for the clean shaven look on the face.


  • Perfectly fits your budget.
  • Small compact shaver
  • Better battery life
  • Great Flexibility


  • You will get only one size cut.
  • The expert rating for this product is 4.

6. REMINGTON HC4250 Personal Balding Clipper

REMINGTON HC4250 Personal Balding Clipper

Ease of use along with the satisfying output is something you prioritize,thenREMINGTON this model is all set to woo you. It just fits in the palm rightly, and you can easily reach around your ears, neckline or back of your head. If you are worried about your hair being thick and thereby pulling or snagging while removing hair, then stop stressing about it since Remington makes sure that user experience is good enough.

The head of the clipper is curved, which makes it different from others. It gives a great closer cut to your hair since the head is 57% more wide than the usual hair clippers. Enjoy greater control over your preferred style with 9 blade settings ranging between 1.5mm and 15mm.

You no need to freak out if in between of your party prep your clipper ditches you!!! You can also quickly power up the device with the corded connection if the battery suddenly drains out. But the charging speed is a bit disappointing because it has a lithium-ion battery. It’s easy to wash quality is another perk that its user enjoys.


  • Designed especially for head use
  • Gives you exactly a look you desire
  • Process of styling is swift


  • Charging  is time-consuming

7. WAHL Lithium Ion Clippers – Cordless & Rechargeable 

WAHL Lithium Ion Clippers - Cordless & Rechargeable

It is a product which is both efficient yet very powerful, has 2 hours of non-stop service on one charge. The premium option of this appliance even has got more to offer – a 10-minute quick charge option. If you are one among the fashion freak, then this has a lot to offer you, not only your hair you may style your sideburns, neck, beard, moustache. For girls, you can also remove your hair from your face, armpit and upper lips with it. Its precision blade helps the razor keep sharp for a longer time.

Now, let us know how WAHL Lithium Ion Clippers is different? It is paired with a heavy duty motor which is 50% more potent than other clippers in the market. The product’s kit has 14 guide combs, styling and barber combs, cleaning brush, and a detail trimmer. So let’s get to know what it got to offer us all and what are the things we need to cope up.


  • Cordless Convenience
  • Quick Recharging
  • Clipping and Trimming Combo


  • Noise may irritate.

8. WAHL Balding Clippers 

WAHL Balding Clippers

WAHL is not just a brand; it’s experts and users’ choice. You can even use it daily since its electromagnetic motor is very promising. It has an electromagnetic motor which can cut the hair no matter what thickness very smoothly and effectively. Even after using it so many times, this clipper works excellent. It offers something that none of its contemporaries does- an option to change cutting blade to either of the many blade models they have.

It is something that needs no mention as the cutting blade that comes with the #8110balding clipper is just excellent!!! The cutting blade (#2105) is a surgical-grade titanium product. Just imagine the 2S factor of it: Sharpness and Safety.

When you use it over the scalp, the cutter makes sure that it just trims your hair to your skin level so NO CUTS, NO HURTS. Be it used in your bathroom or a professional barber shop, and it will last long equally. It’s worth every penny for it stays the same with time, all thanks to its chemical-resistant finish.

For personal use, a single unit kit is preferred as it comes with attachments such as blade oil, combs, brushes and special styling combs for clipper maintenance. The single unit is suitable for professionals as they already have many of these attachments on-hand.

It’s time to get to know is it worth investing in this clipper?


  • A perfect close cut
  • Reasonable control due to ergonomic grip
  • User-friendly and stylish construction 


  • You can’t take it when travelling abroad.
  • Cord may annoy you.

Things to consider while buying balding clippers: Buying Guide

1) Cutting length

Planning to get faded for tonight’s party and bald look for your DJ tomorrow? So how many would you purchase? Buy an all in one clipper which gives you both fades and a bald look perfectly.

Fades also have its shades!!! How much fade do you want for an event is also something that keeps on changing? While purchasing, keep in mind if the clipper allows a wide range of length adjustment.

2) Motor power

One would never like it if their expensive purchasing lasts very soon. “Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, be wise with your choice.

3) Magnetic Motor

“Ouch! It hurts” – you would never like to spell these words every time you use the clippers. To ensure a vigorous magnetic motor get rid of tugging or pulling.

4) Pivot Motor

If you have thick hairs, ensure a pivot motor. On the other hand, users having thin hair should make sure the absence of a pivot motor in the clipper. Pivot motors are specially made for users with thick hairs.

5) Rotary motors

If you are purchasing the product for business purposes, a great rotary motor is like the “trump card”. It ensures high blade speed.

6) Blade Width

If you don’t find a perfect blade width, you would have to compromise with both being able to navigate the surface as well as efficiency. A wrong blade width may also trouble you in using the trimmer around the neck area or ears.

7) Blade Teeth

If you are Mr Perfectionist, then blade teeth are something you must check on. For a close cut or cut that you desire to look at the distance between two teeth of a blade. If it is too far it would be suitable for fades, so you need to figure out what exactly you want.

8) Corded vs cordless

Cutting performance comes best with a corded pair of clippers since corded clippers offer a strong electromagnetic motor which is found beneficial for consistent results, if you are a travel lover then cordless clippers are what you should go for.

9) Price

If money doesn’t bother you, then don’t compromise with the quality and go with what you want, you can further purchase attachments for it. But if you are little money concerned, then I would suggest weighing all the options and go with your priority instead of multiple features.


The answer to what’s the best balding clipper is dependent on the user’s perspective since the term “best” has its definition for different individuals. We tried our best to unveil all the information about the balding clippers creating buzz in the market these days. We tried our best to let you know about the product from pros, cons to experts’ and users’ review. Now it’s your turn, be sure of what you desire and just stick to it and then start exploring your “best hair clippers for balding”.