9 Surprising Benefits of Green Tea For a Healthy Living

Green tea, being one of the healthiest drinks on the globe, comprises a vast amount of essential nutrients and elements that can help cure our body ailment. It is stacked with anti oxidants and many potent nutrients that have great effects on our body. Did you know green tea has been consumed by people for more than 100 years? And why should we not consume it? It improvises our brain function, reduces unwanted fats, and lowers the risk of cancer and many other amazing benefits. By regularly consuming a cup of green tea, you are doing a favor to your skin and body. Below we have listed down some amazing health benefits of green tea which you must follow up for a better and healthy living life.

1. Brain Booster

Green tea is infused with compounds that stimulate the human brain function. Caffeine is an active ingredient which is found in green tea but isn’t harmful as found in coffee. It provides just enough access for your brain to response immediately without making you edgy like a cup of coffee does.

2. Lose Unwanted Fats

Polyphenol, an element usually found in green tea, helps to increase our body metabolism. Obesity, being one of the major health challenges in these days, can take a drastic toll in your wellbeing. It can even result into heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes and hypertension. Therefore it is necessary to curb all these health concerns by taking corrective measures. Green tea builds up the level of fat oxidation and the rate at which our body converts food into calories. Daily consuming green tea can help you to burn fats. Also, green tea reduces the bad cholesterol and develops good cholesterol in our body.

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3. Better Oral Hygiene

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Green tea has anti-bacterial properties into it which can reduce the amount of bacteria and acid in your mouth which forms due to the starch elements present in your food that you consume regularly. Bacteria and acid in your mouth can take a toll in your oral hygiene that may further result into cavities. Green tea keeps cavities at bay. It has even anti-oxidants which are inflammatory that can aid any tooth or gum disease. Also keeping in mind all the oral benefits that a cup of green tea does, it provides us fresh breath and fights stinky bacteria too.

4. Relaxation Therapy

Day to day life schedule can make a person stressed and grumpy. A study carried out by American Botanical Council, has proved the fact that a person is likely to be less depressed if he/she consumes green tea daily than the persons who don’t. Thiamine is a nutrient which is present in green tea has been proved to produce quiet effect to the human brain. Thiamine is a kind of amino acid which is naturally found in tea leaves. This substance helps combat the problem of depression as it offers a relaxing and tranquilizing effect. In addition to drinking green tea, people who suffer from depression can also try magic mushrooms in order to experience a greater sense of consciousness and euphoria. It’s a wonderful natural remedy that will help patients get rid of depressive thoughts.

5. Beneficial For Heart Health

Drinking green tea benefits in lowering down the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the presence of a substance called catechins. A study has shown that this potent drink even lessens LDL cholesterol and triglycerides which is responsible for the drop in the possibility of deaths due to heart illness and stroke.

6. Skincare

Green tea is all packed with high dose of anti oxidants, enzymes, amino acids and phytochemicals like polyphenols, vitamins B, magnesium, folate and potassium which all contributes to give you a healthy looking skin. It swills out every harmful toxin from your body, cures blotches and scars and can even treat to inflammation.

7. Takes Care of Acne

The catechins present in green tea are said to be anti-bacteria agents that can help fight acne causing bacteria. Even we know that a common reason for acnes is hormonal imbalance. Catechins normalize these hormonal imbalances in our body, thus reducing acne problems.

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8. Can Be Used As a Skin Toner

Those who want to go all natural with their skin can definitely use this DIY toner. It helps drag out every dirt and impurities from your skin and make a way into for reducing cell gaps within your skin by giving a hydrated and natural looking skin.

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9. Promotes Hair Growth

Anti oxidants in green tea is one of the reasons that are responsible for the stimulation of hair growth. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) being of the key reasons for excess hair loss, is blocked by 5-alpha-reductase properties present in catechins. It can even resolve the problem of dry scalp and dandruff. Green tea can even soften your hair because of the polyphenols elements found in it which is in charge to give you those lustrous locks. People with psoriasis and dandruff can apply green tea paste on their hair and scalp as it has inflammatory and antiseptic properties that prevents common hair disease.

So these were some of the best health benefits of drinking green tea. This magical potion offered by Mother Nature is truly beneficial for a healthy living.

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