7 Important Rules For Removing Pubic Hair

You’re a modern man. You get it. Your pubic hair, when left unkempt, is a problem. It hurts your social life. It can even impact your confidence. Overcoming this problem is one of the easiest things in the world. All you have to do is practice removing pubic hair. But, before you dive in with a razor and go crazy downtown, you should learn a few things. These seven rules will help you avoid the worst mistakes and protect your manhood.

Rules For Removing Pubic Hair

1. Start By Trimming As Much As Possible

Are you new to shaving? That’s ok. Everyone starts at the same place. Here’s the best advice you are ever going to get. The longer your hair is when you shave, the harder it is on the razor blade. Long hair clogs the razor and dulls the blade very quickly.

If you trim before you shave, you eliminate those problems. Shaving becomes substantially easier, and the risk of cutting yourself goes down considerably. Considering that a large portion of men injure themselves when they shave, this seems like an important tip. Considering we’re talking about shaving your balls, this might be the most important thing you learn in your entire life.

2. Never Use the Same Razor for Your Face

There’s an ancient bit of wisdom. Don’t shit where you eat. It’s pretty basic, right? The things that come out of your butt are not safe for human consumption.

Knowing that, why on God’s green earth would you use the same razor for both your ass and face?! Why would you use the same razor for your groin and your face?! Is this not obvious?

Don’t mix up your razors like that. It’s gross. It’s unhealthy. It’s asking for trouble. You can have a different razor for the top and bottom half of your body. It’s not hard to do, and it avoids serious infection risks.

3. Soften the Hair Before You Shave

We all know that shaving has its drawbacks. You can get ingrown hairs. You can get razor burn. You can cut yourself. None of it is fun, and when it happens to your precious testicles, it’s the actual worst.

You can mitigate all of these problems by taking a simple step in your process. Take a warm shower before you shave. This softens the hair follicles. When you do that, you reduce the resistance against your razor blade. That means you get less irritation. It means your risk of ingrown hair drops. It also means you won’t cut yourself as much. You don’t have to be in that 20 percent statistic you read about earlier.

4. Change Your Blades Every Time You Shave

There are two reasons to pay attention to this rule. The first is that changing blades every time you shave will keep them sharp. Dull blades lead to cuts, irritation and misery in general. We don’t want that for you, so change the blades.

The second thing this does is improve cleanliness. Microbes can grow on your blade. If you are not sterilizing the razor after use, then you have a dirty blade. Changing the blade puts a clean instrument in your hands and reduces the chance that you will get an infection from shaving.

If the idea of an infection on your private parts wasn’t motivating enough, then pay attention to this next part. Staph infections can kill. It’s not a joke, so please practice hygiene when you groom.

5. Make Sure You Moisturize Before, During, and After

Moisturizing is more important than grooming. Do we need to say that again? Moisturizing is more important than grooming. Moisturizing softens your hair follicles, which you already learned is a good thing. It helps your skin stay strong and healthy. It’s probably good to have strong, healthy skin before you attack it with a razor blade, no?

Moisturizing also helps your skin recover after a shave. Shaving puts all of those tiny cuts in your skin (even if they don’t bleed, they’re present). Moisturizer helps to cover the cuts and promotes healthy skin growth that repairs the damage.

It’s difficult to moisturize too much. Take good care of your tenders and moisturize like you mean it. It will change your life.

6. Avoid Ingrown Hairs By Not Shaving the Same Place Multiple Times

Ingrown hairs are always a pain, but when they happen below the belt, they’re a nightmare. Hopefully, you can take our word on that without experiencing it firsthand.

Ingrown hairs happen when the hair is cut below the surface and can’t poke back out where it’s supposed to. A lot of times, this happens because the blade cuts the hair unevenly and makes it sharp. Here’s the catch. Every time you cut a hair with a blade, you increase the risk of that sharpening action and the ensuing ingrown hair.

The simple solution is to reduce the number of passes you make when you shave. First, this means that you should ditch the multi-blade razor heads. Those dramatically increase the risk of ingrowns. Second, you should keep your razor sharp and fresh so that you can cut the hair in one pass. That’s the key to avoiding the ingrown nightmare and enjoying the benefits of your fresh shave.

7. You Don’t Have to Use a Razor

It’s such a misconception that you have to shave to get smooth skin. This notion is antiquated. There are a lot of viable alternatives to shaving. Waxing, using depilatories and dermatologist intervention are all viable.

Of course, if you’re going to wax, prepare for discomfort. If you want to use a depilatory, be sure you get specialized hair removal cream for private parts. Test it on a non-sensitive part of your body first too.

Most of all, you can get a close shave with your trimmer. Remove the cutting guard and get up in there. It’s the safest, least painful way to attack your hair. It’s super cheap, and it’s easy to do yourself. You don’t need a specialist. You don’t have to worry about a bad reaction. Let your trimmer be your best friend.

Those are your seven rules. They don’t cover absolutely everything pertaining to removing pubic hair, but they’re a great start. We hope they keep you out of trouble.