7 Easiest Ways to Get Unlimited COC Gems!

Love mining Gems in COC games? There is a way to get unlimited COC Gems that users can know to make it easier to get. Here are some ways you can do this, including:

1. Get Rid of Obstacles

The first way to get unlimited COC Gems can be done by getting rid of the Obstacle which is the mission of the game. Obstacles are objects that cannot be moved in the game. Examples such as stone or wood that is required to pay when trimming it.

Interestingly, in every obstacle there is sometimes a hidden Gem, so its existence cannot be predicted. In general, in every 2 obstacles there is 1 Gem in it that can be found. This is certainly the easiest and most profitable way.

2. Complete Mission Achievements

Furthermore, the easy way to get unlimited COC Gems is to complete the Achievements mission. Because there are various prizes and Gems obtained by completing these missions. Not only that, in every achievement there are 3 tiers that can be offered.

This means that there are 3 Gems that COC players can choose from. But for those who are trying it for the first time, of course there is no need to worry, because achievements will always appear when playing. For those who are confused, there are several easy ways that can be done, namely:

  • Doing building updates with a better style and style.
  • Complete various single player missions .
  • Clear all obstacles.
  • Lock some teams.

3. Mining Gems

When it comes to the base builder, users can certainly get time to use the boat at the bottom of the village. For example, when a user successfully uses this method, it will certainly provide a way to reach the Builder Camp. Allows the achievement that can be done more quickly.

The presence of the Camp is certainly surrounded by stones and trees that can provide Gems to be mined. Users can mine it to the maximum so that they can get a lot of Gems. Also make sure to take advantage of any damaged buildings to get them.

4. Sell Magic Items

Being in a clan, then be diligent to be involved and participate in the wars that occur in it. If the user wins, a reward will be obtained. In the form of magic items that can later be exchanged.

Magic items that can be obtained are of course shaped like potions and boons. Well, some of these items are very useful for getting Gems, how do you do that? Of course, by selling these items, not only that, there are many other functions that can be obtained from magic items.

The most prominent use of these items is that they can increase resource regeneration and even speed builders. Not only that, the acceleration of updating various elements in the village can also be done. This includes the development process and unit resources.

5. Join the Event

Almost similar to games in general which often hold various events. This also applies to COC which often holds events with various rewards. But usually the reward is given last when the user successfully completes a mission or challenge.

In general, the rewards issued are part of interesting elements such as extra extras, discounts and others. Rewards also depend on the event being held. But the most frequent are Magic items.

Well, by joining users in the event, it will certainly open up opportunities to get abundant Gems. But don’t expect too much from it. Because in some events, it is very rare to give rewards in the form of Gems.

6. Fighting the Enemy

The next way to get unlimited COC Gems can be done by fighting enemies from other players. This of course can be done by focusing on fighting each other from enemies who want to expand and develop the village. The reason is from the resistance that Gems can be obtained.

The way to beat other opponents or clans is actually very easy. The user only needs to focus on fighting and remembering the victory. If this is achieved, there will be 450 Gems that users can get of course.

7. Complete Daily Missions

Every COC player must have received missions very often, right? Because every mission that is done will get a reward or reward. Enabling the mission is the target that needs to be completed.

Users can take daily missions as a chance to get Gems. This is due to the amount and number of Gems given according to the difficulty level of each mission received. Usually these missions will be obtained through Achievements.

However, the user also needs to perform the mission checks given earlier. Because the mission can change at any time or change. Therefore every user is expected to check it, so that his work is not in vain.

Well, that’s the explanation regarding how to get unlimited COC Gems which can be done in several ways. In accordance with the explanation above, to get Gems is not too difficult. Because some of the methods described are very easy to do.