You should keep this in mind when buying a console

What is the difference between the various Playstation and Xbox consoles? On which device can you play the new “Back 4 Blood”? Nine tips to help beginners find the right game console.

Christmas is coming soon. So maybe now is the right time to buy or gift a game console to while away the holidays or challenge family visits.

Deciding on a device is not easy at all. You can also do some things wrong: for example, buy a Playstation VR system for the Playstation 4 that doesn’t work at all without an additional camera. Or get a Nintendo console that you might regret buying after a couple of months. However, you can make a more informed decision by checking out websites like Top10 that would provide you with top features and reviews about different consoles. Take a look at Dif Mark Digital Marketplace to buy Console Games, Charge Card, Game Points, Game Keys e.g Back 4 Blood Key and many more.

Here are some things to watch out for:

1. Find out which console is running which game.

Before you buy a console, you should first of all be clear about which games you would like to play. Some blockbusters are exclusive titles for certain consoles, i.e. they only work on a Sony Playstation 4, only on a Microsoft Xbox One or only on a Nintendo Wii U. If you don’t have the right console for your favorite games, you simply can’t play them. 

2. Ask what friends and acquaintances play with.

If you like online multiplayer games, you should find out which platform the circle of friends plays on. Even few years back it is not possible – because the console manufacturers are opposed – for example as an Xbox One owner to play a game against someone who owns the same game on the Playstation 4.

You still have the best chances if the platforms are an Xbox One and a Windows 10 computer: Microsoft is trying to integrate cross-system multiplayer modes into new games. On the other hand, it is rare for a Playstation 4 player to compete against a PC player.

3. Buy the right device variant.

The console market has become more complicated. The Playstation 4 got a more powerful variant with the Playstation 4 Pro, and the Xbox One has also been revised with the Xbox One S. The console is smaller in the S variant and has a 4K Blu-ray drive, which no other console offers.

4. The television is also important.

If you don’t already have a Full HD television or only play games from time to time, you should be happy with a normal Playstation 4 or the standard Xbox One. Both are cheaper than the improved models. You should know that the Xbox One will get another makeover next winter. However, the device with the project name “Scorpio” is likely to be more expensive and is more likely to be aimed at hardcore gamers than at beginners.

5. Maybe you should wait before buying a Nintendo console.

A special case arises this year for players who enjoy Nintendo games – or for people who consider the console to be suitable for their children because of games like “Super Mario”. With the Wii U and the 2DS and 3DS, both home consoles and mobile devices from the Japanese manufacturer are currently on the market. But soon, Nintendo will launch a new console with the Switch, a mix of handheld and home device.

6. Consider a gaming PC as an alternative.

With the exception of a few console exclusive titles, many well-known games are also released for computers – sometimes even at lower prices. So if you want to play a lot, it might make sense to buy a gaming computer, even if it seems expensive at first glance. We summarized tips for buying a gaming computer in an article last winter.