Why You Should Use JavaScript for Web Development

JavaScript has built its reputation as the most reliable and widely used programming language for web development. Millions of developers use JavaScript making it the “language of the web.” This wide popularity of JavaScript as the preferred language for web development begs the question of why use JavaScript for web development. By the end of this post, you will have an answer to the question.

What is JavaScript

Most websites use JavaScript, which has gradually become the most widely used for anything web-related. JavaScript is a server-side language that supports web app development and interactive and dynamic web page creation.

JavaScript is used as a scripting language used for the web. The programming language has multiple frameworks that can be used on the client and server sides conveniently. Whether you want to create dynamic web pages or web applications, JavaScript is the language for you. 

Reasons Why You Should Use JavaScript for Web Development

JavaScript has been dabbed as the language for the web, and there are different reasons for this. If you are unsure why you should consider using JavaScript for web development, the following reasons will guide your decision-making.

  • Multipurpose Use

There is plenty you can do with JavaScript. First, you can use it for your front-end functionality in your web application. JavaScript can help create dynamic web pages to ensure a usable and interactive UI. Still, you can use JavaScript to create a working web application using various front-end and back-end frameworks. Again, JavaScript is used as a back-end language. You can use it for scripting and handling server-side applications.

Lastly, you can use JavaScript to create browser games. As a game developer, you can quickly create a browser game using JavaScript, making it a multipurpose language.

  • API Integrations

When working with web development, one feature that you will largely use is APIs. With APIs, you fetch and work with data across different interfaces. Luckily, JavaScript supports high modularity thanks to its large and simple API use. Again, you can quickly create APIs and use them to interact with other sites when working with JavaScript. So, when you want to hire JavaScript developers, ensure they are comfortable with working with APIs.

  • User Interface Interactivity

One key functionality of JavaScript is creating interactive web pages. Hence, using JavaScript, you can quickly create interactive and friendly interfaces when handling a web development project. 

Still, JavaScript has various front-end frameworks to support designing and creating interactive user interfaces that are cross-platform and mobile responsive. The result is that you will have a nice-looking and usable interface for your web development project.

  • It Runs on the Browser

JavaScript is very fast, and that’s because it can run code on the client side directly on the web browser. Hence, it reduces server loading and makes tasks like data validation faster. Besides, these client-side operations save on system resources and time.

Ideally, JavaScript is asynchronous; it can interact with the back-end without affecting the client side.

  • Interoperability

One thing you will appreciate about JavaScript is how well it blends in with other programming languages. When working on a large project, you can incorporate other programming languages and invoke APIs for communication. For instance, if working on creating a web app, you can use a JavaScript framework, such as ReactJS, for the front-end and use Java for the back-end. 

  • Easy to Learn

Learning JavaScript is easy. Its syntax is clear, and anyone can quickly get started with JavaScript. Furthermore, the many JavaScript frameworks mean you can ease your learning curve. JavaScript has various plugins and libraries. Once you get comfortable using them, you will easily find your way into JavaScript and use it for your web development.

  • Multiple Frameworks

No programming language has as many frameworks as JavaScript does. JavaScript has frameworks that support front-end web development, such as ReactJS. Moreover, it has numerous back-end frameworks, such as NodeJS. These many frameworks allow anyone to quickly get comfortable using JavaScript and scale their web development using a framework of their choice.

  • Large Community

JavaScript is the most popular and widely used language for building web developments. Thus, you are guaranteed to get support from its many JavaScript developers and forums. Still, it has neat documentation, ensuring you don’t get stuck in your web development. Moreover, the language keeps growing, and new functionality keeps being added.


JavaScript is the most popular language for web development. It has plenty of features that make it a perfect option for web development, from its multiple frameworks to multipurpose use. We’ve discussed what JavaScript is and offered eight reasons why you should consider using JavaScript for your web development project.