Why You Might Need To Start Using Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units

Ball transfer units hold great importance when it comes to the packaging and manufacturing industries. Shifting heavy loads from one place to another was never easy. These industries rely heavily on these small pieces of equipment and expect them to work smoothly.

Before getting into the importance of heavy duty ball transfer units, let us first understand what ball transfer unit means, their advantages and why there was a need to invent them.

What do you mean by the ball transfer units?

These units are omnidirectional spherical balls that are surrounded by several other small spherical balls. All these balls are enveloped by a structure where they move in any direction to support the movement. A typical example of this unit is the mouse trackball, which all people use every day.

In simple words, you get a giant ball that moves with the help of small balls in any direction you want. These units are used in transfer tables at airports, manufacturing, and packaging plants. They make the manual transfer of things relatively easy.



  1. Can be used individually and in combination to increase the performance of the structure
  2. No need for a power source to support the movement
  3. Reduce the overall maintenance cost
  4. No need for any alignment
  5. Use the momentum of the items to support the movement

What are the different types of ball transfer units?

Generally, there are three types of units. Let us get into their details.


These units are light in weight and come in handy where you don’t have to tackle heavy loads. Also, they come in wooden and plastic variants. The plastic variants are relatively light in weight as compared to other options. They are rust-resistant, non-magnetic, and serves properly in food industries.

However, these units need proper lubrication to work smoothly. Many lubricants are available in the market to serve this purpose.


The medium-duty ball transfer units work best with heavy loads. They are hardened with the machine and lubricated to move heavy loads smoothly. They come with reinforced steel tops, which give them a high threshold against the wear ad tear of the heavy loads.

No matter if the items are misaligned, these units will work smoothly and never hinder the movement.

Heavy Duty

When it comes to utmost precision and performance, you have to opt for heavy duty ball transfer units. They come with mechanically hardened solid steel, which has a high threshold against the brutal wear and tear of heavy loads.

These units are lubricated for life, which means you don’t need to service them with lubricants after a period of time.

They provide the maximum load capacity to use them without even stressing about the performance and service life under heavy load.


Why was there a need to invent the ball transfer units?

Before the dawn of these units, inverted casters were used in industries to move the items. However, they required a lot of manual power for alignment to move together as they presented a trail. This elevated the cost and reduced the output.

So an easy solution was required to tackle the problem and increase the output. With ball transfer units, the issue was resolved in no time. They are cheap and do not require any alignment. You just need to fit them, and they are ready to cater to your needs.

Why do you need to use heavy ball transfer units?

These units present the best service life. You don’t need to lubricate them often, and they can tackle any load smoothly. They reduce maintenance costs drastically. Moreover, they can serve the purpose for a long time with their high threshold against regular wear and tear.