Why Streaming Services are Not Ready to Replace Cable – Yet!

There are one too many online debates about streaming services vs. cable TV. More than just the fact that streaming services are definitely the more popular option, cable TV providers are slowly integrating streaming into their services.

The reason is simple. Cable TV providers know they have an edge over streaming services when it comes to particular entertainment, such as Live TV. In fact, cable TV providers know that people who enjoy and follow sports will choose them over streaming services.

When talking about cable TV, we highly recommend that you take a look at Xfinity Cable TV. Xfinity is one of the very few cable providers that offer cable TV services in a more innovative and advanced way to be able to compete well with streaming services.

There are many pros and cons for both forms of services, but you are probably here to know why streaming services are not yet ready to replace cable TV. What is it that remains intact about cable TV, and why can’t streaming services provide the very same thing?

Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing reasons why streaming services still have a long way to go before they eventually replace cable TV.

Cable TV Offers a Vast Channel Lineup

Cable TV is known for its wide range of channel lineups. There will always be something you want to watch if you have a channel subscription. Every cable TV provider offers different cable TV packages, with different amounts of channels and types of channels.

This is something you can’t find on streaming services, and even if you do, it will be rather pricey. For instance, you can get the most number of channel plans for a cable TV subscription that probably has some of the premium channels, such as ESPN and Disney, for a much lower cost.

YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers the NBA Sunday Ticket bundle or standalone service but at a much higher cost in comparison to a cable TV subscription. In other words, you are taking $40 – $100 for a cable TV subscription, but you get to enjoy so many channels that you won’t find with a streaming service.

For those frustrated by regional restrictions on their YouTube TV access, employing a VPN to bypass YouTube TV location limitations can open up a broader range of channel options, including coveted bundles like the NBA Sunday Ticket. This allows users to enjoy the convenience of streaming services without sacrificing access to a diverse array of channels typically associated with cable TV subscriptions. Additionally, by using a VPN to alter your virtual location, you can explore different regional offerings, potentially finding more cost-effective plans that align with your channel preferences.

Cable TV Does Not Rely On the Internet

This is probably something you already know. Streaming services rely on the internet in order for you to access them. Cable TV only needs the specific setup box and a compatible TV that allows you to access all the subscribed channels.

If there is an internet outage or bad weather conditions, your cable TV is unlikely to be affected. You can continue watching TV without worrying about losing any sort of connection. Moreover, today, most cable TV providers offer a DVR box with the plans. You can record your favorite TV shows and also tune into them again, as there is a storage space in these boxes.

Although you can also do the same thing when it comes to a streaming service, you probably won’t be downloading every episode of a series you are watching. So, if the internet were to go out, and you were streaming, you wouldn’t be able to continue until the internet stores.

In addition, you need a high-speed internet connection if you want to stream without any buffering. If there are multiple internet users in your house, with most of them relying on a streaming service, you might just need a gig-speed internet.

On-Demand Content

This is where cable TV comes on par with streaming services. Cable TV has started offering on-demand content to compete with streaming services. Cable TV subscribers thoroughly enjoy on-demand content, as there is fresh content each month for them.

On-demand and pay-per-view content is a great option for people who are looking for specific shows that might not be available in their cable TV subscription, and get it as a standalone show.

Some of these shows are usually available on a streaming platform, hence with the option of on-demand content, you don’t have to get a streaming service subscription for one particular show.

All in All

Cable TV and streaming services, both have their own set of pros and cons. But, there are some things that make cable TV superior, such as its channel lineup, the ability to work without having to rely on the internet, and on-demand content.

Streaming is a great alternative, and perhaps a more budget-friendly option, but if you truly want to embrace home entertainment with family, cable TV is the perfect choice.